Monday, September 03, 2012

That was fun!

This is just a follow up to Quilt Cam time while I was machine sewing on a binding!

Someone asked about my machine ---this is Barbie! She is a 1950s Japanese Singer-Clone based on a model 15. LOVE HER! She is straight stitch only, and I love her pinkness!

For everyone else that asked:

The yellow seam guide I use says Sewing Machine Seam Guide on it and has many holes for setting a seam width.

tools 001

Because of so many requests – I’ve added the seam guide to my online store, but it is ONLY going to be available WITH BOOK PURCHASE. It is too small of an item to want to be packaging up 4, 000 of them individually. I sell them at my classes for $3 each. With book purchase including postage, they are $4.00

If you already have all the books…maybe there is a friend who would like one for her birthday, and you can buy a book and order the seam guide at the same time. I just have too many things going to be printing invoices and mailing labels for gobs of $3.00 plus postage items. But I CAN stick them easily into a book order. I hope this makes sense to you and that you understand.

Lynn asked what kind of iron I use ---it’s an older Rowenta that I got at the thrift shop for $3.99 and have been using for years. It gets good and hot, it has no auto shut-off and I never put water in it ever ever ever ever. Water is the one simple ingredient that will kill ANY iron!

Bonnie T from VA asked what size of square I used for my label in the corner of the quilt…..I cut about an 8” square and iron it in half diagonally to make a big triangle, and stitch it in to the back corner as my label.

Theresa, you asked why I do a 3/8” binding on my quilts…..the simple answer is because that is the width of seam my walking foot gives me when I use the edge of it as a guide to sew by! I can use a 2.5” binding strip this way. I like it better than a tiny 1/4” binding..just a bit more color shows!

I still have to get in my hour of hand quilting time ----and then to bed!

Night, Everyone!


  1. Anonymous11:29 PM EDT

    Yep - the yellow outer border and Prussian Blue binding were totally the right call. Pretty!

  2. Wanted to watch quilt cam tonight but my internet would not cooperate. So I did some hand quilting. In two days I have quilted two Appalachian trail markers and two moose on my Delectable mountains wedding quilt. THEN sat back and admired my handiwork, uhoh, the moose are walking on their antlers. Sooooo I took about twenty minutes to remove the upside down moose!!!!! But!!!!! I did about 2 hours of handquilting. The Appalachian trail markers are pointing in the right direction. ramona from Maine

  3. Aren't you thrilled to be so near a finish on this quilt? What an accomplishment! I love it!!

  4. Anonymous12:27 AM EDT

    I spent my hour, or so, of hand sewing appliquing balloons onto a block. I am working from a pattern for an antique quilt at the Latimer Quilt Museum in Tillamook, Oregon. Each block has 23 one inch balloons on it. I have five of them completely finished and the sixth one has 9 more balloons left to applique down and the strings to embroider. I have been getting six or seven done each time I sit down ... I will be able to finish the applique on this block tomorrow and start on the strings.

    I am not sure how many blocks I will make - at least 12 - the original has many more than that - I am thinking about putting some two inch blocks around mine as a sashing - all set on point - just a plan - nothing set in stone yet ... lol

    Sue Monsey in Aloha, Oregon

  5. Anonymous3:55 AM EDT

    Hi Bonnie, what is a seam guide used for? Claire from Canberra Australia

  6. Anonymous9:06 AM EDT

    Enjoyed last night and learned so much. Thank you for taking the time to let us join you in your sewing room.

    I really need to update my quilting tool kit. Do you have a list of all the wonderful tools you can't quilt without? I know you have mentioned some special rulers and scissors in the past.

    Looking forward to the next Evening with Bonnie.


  7. Thanks for the follow-up. I missed some of the live info, as the commercials interrupt at the most inconvenient times.
    I am almost ready for class this coming Saturday! Finally found where I had put my tri-rec's rulers. They were hiding for the last three weeks in another scrap project.

  8. Oh Wow Bonnie the binding is just perfect to frame everything nicely. Somehow I thought the sleeve was sewn into the binding
    so that is what my comment was about last night.
    I enjoyed the video visit but confess to having you on and listening to you while watching tennis too. :0) I love the way you finished off the binding so simply instead of all the marking
    and mess I have been doing for years to connect the beginning and the end. And now I understand what you do when you come to a corner with the binding intersection meeting the corner.....really it isn't a big deal
    is it?? I have always been a visual learner and just watching is learning for me, so thanks for taking the time to do these videos and sharing your knowledge so freely. Your a gem Bonnie.

    Big Hugs and Happy Sewing

  9. Anonymous2:24 PM EDT

    Thanks Bonnie for answering why you use 3/8 in. seam. I REALLY like that I can then use 2 1/2 in strips. I am now cutting them 2 1/4 and what do you do with what is left - it's an odd size. SO, now I'll use your method! Thanks again.
    Teresa in TN

  10. I love the blue binding with the yellow border! Excellent choice!


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