Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Scratch & Dent Sale!

All the books below have been snatched up!!  Thanks everyone!

Emmy Lou says I have way too much “STUFF” around here.

And I know she is right.  I’d love to minimize my house ---I could deal with getting rid of HALF of everything, until it comes to my quilting stuff, and you know--- I just need ALL of it, it all has a purpose, and I’d rather sew it up than sell it off!

There comes a time, however, like today that I take her advice and move some OUT.

I’ve added some items to my etsy shop ----

I’ve got a handful of books that have small dings, dents or other cover damage that I can’t sell for full price.

These items have been shipped back and forth a bit, got banged up in the process, or in the case of one --- signed to the wrong person while the book table at a lecture was mobbed with quilters!

If you’ve been on a search for my books at a discounted price and you don’t mind a ding or a folded corner – this is the deal for you.

I’m selling these at cost plus shipping.

First come first serve, this is all there is, there are no others to offer at this price, well --- until books get man-handled and signed wrong again!

Here’s what I have available:

Click HERE to purchase!


Currently I am only accepting orders on these from Canada and the US.  The shipping would be more than the cost of each book to go to Europe and Australia – I’m sorry for that!

I want you to know I stayed up late and have been VERY FOCUSED on a special project that is coming together quite nicely!  I’m down to the final borders!  There will be more cutting and sewing today --- but we should be good to go for QuiltCam time tonight.  Randy has two blocks posted for her Sow-Along and it is on my list to get those cut out and kitted up so that I can sew tonight – be looking for that about 9pm Eastern time.

Happy Friday everyone!


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  2. Love the kitty sewing - perfect for you! Sue K

  3. Sold out already?? It's not even 9am yet!! LOL

  4. Anonymous9:02 AM EDT

    I'm having the same problem as Claudia. Are the books all gone? Thanks, Judy 7easystreet@gmail.com

  5. Anonymous9:11 AM EDT


  6. what a cute sewing kittie!

  7. Love the sewing kitty!!! How cute is she!!

  8. Maree in NC mynanamaree@yahoo.com10:34 AM EDT

    wish my cats would sew like that! they could help me finish up some ufos! ;-)

  9. OK, you're not ready to downsize in the studio. So what's stopping you from decluttering the rest of the house? It's not an all or nothing proposition, but this I know for sure:

    Each and every superfluous item you remove from your house will feel like a weight being lifted from your shoulders.

  10. Hmm, you need to price those things higher because it sold out before I even got a chance to look! LOL. :-)

  11. Love love love that kitty sewing. Wish I had gotten up earlier for a book or two. ;)

  12. HA!~ That sewing kitty is cracking me up!~ lol SO darned cute!
    You won't believe it, since I just bought all those books from you in Aiken, but I need more.
    I know... I need to quit giving so many gifts I think. Oh well. I'll be old and broke, but maybe I'll have friends. lol Anyway, my friend in Jersey, Channel Islands does not know of your books and she just sent me the cutest dang pincushions! THey look like baked goods, a donut and a cupcake. She is making the prettiest basket quilt, quilting as you go, all by hand. I am sending her more scraps, as the fabric there is so limited.
    Boy, I just wrote way too much~! That's me...

  13. P.S.
    I've been thinking about what you wrote about in the first part of this post for a while now. I feel like I will eventually use ALL of my sewing "stuff". However, what is going to happen to it if I die? lol Seriously! I think about this!~ I mean, I have purchased a good bit of Aunt Grace fabrics and blocks from a lady on Ebay who bought them at a farm estate auction in rural OK. She bought the all for almost NOTHING. I am so happy that her things are now being enjoyed and finished for others like me. I love buying old tops and rescuing them. I hope this continues as time goes on and that one day my things are distributed to others who will do the same. I PLAN to give away things, I rarely keep things I make, but we can't always plan these things. I wonder if I'm the only one who thinks about this...

    1. Anonymous4:11 PM EDT

      No, Sandra, you are not the only one who thinks about these things. I, too, have way more fabric and sewing machines than one sane person could use in a life time. I have already instructed my hubster to call my two best quilty friends when I die. What isn't designated for my grand daughter is to be bundled up and auctioned off. Of course my friends get first dibs, so there may not be much left to auction. LOL We must plan for these types of things.
      Faye in Maine

  14. Anonymous2:17 PM EDT

    Wish my cat could sew like that, she is always with me at the sewing machine

  15. Oh I am so sorry I missed the sale. would have loved the books

  16. Anonymous10:02 PM EDT

    hi there in NC - I was wondering what are the sizes of the bow tie block pieces? Are there directions somewhere in your website ????????????????????????? thank you anyone!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. My kitty usually has pretty much the same expression as Emmy Lou when I take her picture. Put that camera away, Mom!!!


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