Thursday, September 13, 2012

Scenes From My Bus Window!

My time home is weaning down and I’m holding on to it and making every day count in “Normality.”

I love to travel and visit quilters everywhere. I know there is a kind of “wanderlust” inside me that loves to go, go, go ---but when I’m home these roots grab on and settle me into a routine and there are so many things that I appreciate.

Number one would be the freedom to go to bed when I want and wake when I want --- those “NO ALARM CLOCK” mornings are precious!

And no, I haven’t seen a single sunrise since I’ve arrived home, but my body appreciates the sleep too!

And I'm starting to rev-up about my trip to Indiana on Saturday--- It's time to repack the bags of quilts and get everything squared away so I don't forget anything.

I thought this morning I would post some simple photos of the things we saw in our new-found “normality” of getting up, getting on the bus and heading out to another destination! This sculpture was at a certain intersection we passed as we were leaving and heading back to the airport. The artwork in Bali is phenomenal. Much of it myth oriented, always showing in one way or another the continual unending fight of good vs evil.

bali2 142

Balinese Architecture

If everything has a blue cast, it’s from the tint on my window. We passed many places that have stone carvings for gardens and shrines for sale --- stacks of Buddhas and other religious icons were everywhere, small and large.

bali2 195

Motorcycles and scooters everywhere!

I can’t believe THIS photo is not blurry! But we saw whole families on cycles…sometimes a mom, a dad and two kids! Or a mom and three kids!

I want you to look at this photo carefully. Notice that the sweater on the mom is backwards. Mawa told us that the women there want their skin to be as white as possible…so they stay OUT of the sun. And here us Westerners want to bask in the sun and get as dark as possible.

It’s just two sides of the fence, isn’t it? Notice that the mom’s hands are even covered ---as are her arms by the sweater. We saw many women walking around with umbrellas to keep the sun off their faces too.

Now the little girl has no protection at all…and is carrying the large basket, in her lap. We saw baskets everywhere, and I love them!

bali2 289

This photo is blurry – and I know it is..the bus was moving. But see the women with baskets on their heads? Look Ma, no hands!

bali3 001

Ganesha, sitting on his Lotus. Genesha is the god of Wisdom among other attributes. Notice the fresh flower ----the simple leaving of a flower everywhere is something that I’ll miss!

bali3 178

Balinese Marketplace

We never stopped to wander these local markets because there was nowhere to park the bus! But I loved the colorful array of goods, clothing and other fabric articles hanging from the beams.

bali3 177

A side street as we passed the market area

Stop and look closely at this photo. NOTICE the number of motorcycles! The lady with the basket on her head wearing traditional sarong. See the motorcycle with the palm decorations? These are the things that are hung from poles for the upcoming holiday..and there are TWO people on that motorcycle!

These are the things I will always remember about Bali, and there more to come as I continue to look through photos and edit them down!

What’s up in your world today?

I’ve got all the blocks done for a project I’m working on --- just gotta clear room to lay them all out and start sewing the center together. I hope to have this top done today, at least that is my goal!

Happy Thursday, Everyone!


  1. I wish I could be sewing today, but it's going to be 'cleaning house' day! Silly me, I invited people over for dinner Saturday.....what was I thinking!?! lol

  2. Anonymous10:04 AM EDT

    I am torn between, after going to town to do banking and stuff, coming back home to sew, or going on a picnic! I finally figured out that I do NOT have enough original fabric to frame my blocks, and found fabric that will substitute and hopefully look better! But it's going to be probably one of the last nice hot days. Decisions, decisions...
    Andrea in Canada

  3. Cindy, The Purple Quilter10:29 AM EDT

    Hi Bonnie, still enjoying all of your Bali posts!! Feels like you are still there in some ways! :) I am on vacation this week, celebrating my 28th anniversary. We are relaxing at the beach. I am spending a little time each evening working on my hexies and reading your daily posts...even snuck in a few minutes of quilt cam one night! LOL :)

  4. trying to get the binding finished on one quilt and would like to get the binding sewn on two others....It has been too hot to hand stitch my binding down.

  5. Just blocked the quilt your friend, Randy, donated for my daughter's big fundraising event this weekend. I left it in the box she mailed it in too long and I needed to get the creases to relax. Lots of things to do to get ready for this fundraiser--that will consume my day.

  6. Thanks for sharing your adventures. I can travel through you and still sleep in my own bed. No alarm clock, just being old, I get up way too early some days. Good Luck getting your top done. Could it possibly be the Mystery that was pictured in B&W in an earlier post?

  7. Its off to work for me in a few minutes. Sewing tonight. I'm also assembling a quilt top, the center is together, now I'm working on pieced borders. The background is cheddar. I'll check to see if you decide to turn on the Quilt Cam tonight. :)

  8. It really is a magical land.
    I've enjoyed all the pictures and
    video's of your demonstrations.
    My favorite is the woman doing the binding with her treadle
    machine.......she sure made it look easy!
    But the batik making is just amazing to see.

    Happy Sewing, safe travels, I'm off to a retreat with
    Gwen Marston

  9. Working on the never ending Jared Takes a Wife. Assembling the squares still, I'm about 3/4 done doing that.
    I still love the Bali pictures.

  10. Loving the Bali photos while I eat my lunch at work... wishing I could be sewing but thankful to be employed! I'm going to have to get a job like Bonnie has, LOL!!

  11. Hi, thanks to you I have finished three UFO's the last couple of weeks. I have a goal for myself to the end of the year, counting doing the mystery quilt in November. Your quilt cam keeps me going. Thanks. Kathy kwqilter@aol.com

  12. You take photos of scenes that I would never think to take and that makes posts like today's so interesting! I hope I can think of more photos with your mind's eye in my mind next time I travel.

  13. Such cool pictures. It is always exciting to travel and just as good to be home again.
    Enjoy your last couple of no alarm clock days.


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