Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Evening Plans!

I’ve been working on secret project #2 ----and you have to know that there are about 4 different secret projects in progress all in different sizes, with different techniques with different colorways, so these could be for ANY of those projects!

I’ve been sewing on my singer 404 ---She was made in 1958, and her name is Norma Jean.

She does an EXCELLENT Job in all ways that matter to me.  Her stitch is perfect --- She runs like a race car, and the slant needle machines make it really easy to see where you are sewing, bringing  the tip of the needle almost an inch closer to you than machines that sew straight down.

I love that she has a full sized bobbin, where the 301's use the same small bobbin as a featherweight.  It's amazing how much thread a big bobbin holds when you are used to small ones.

I've mentioned before how I like that the 404's needle also threads from the front, not the side.  If you are in the look-out for a vintage machine, you can't go wrong with the Singer 404!

jubilee 082bw

I enhanced what I was doing by using a ruler and a sharpie marker to mark a line directly in front of my needle.  It makes sewing those diagonal corners extremely easy!  However, My time for secret project is about up for today.  I just can’t make myself go onto the next step ---I need a break!

We are headed out to dinner in a bit – and when we come back, I’m turning QuiltCam on.  It should be somewhere close to 9pm eastern, maybe a bit later.

jubilee 083

I’m planning on a night of paper piecing by handcrank!  This is Winston, and he is from 1941.  I love the eagle on his base ---he’s a WWII era boy!

TOTALLY has to be a HE machine! No flowers for this fly boy.

Paper piecing by hand crank is easy because you have a line to sew by, and it’s a great way to accomplish the blocks that Randy gave us to do for her Sow-Along.

Precision is also easy by hand crank because YOU control the stopping, the starting and the speed.

Check for me later ---right now, this girl is raring to get out of the basement and go to dinner!

Back after a bit ---


  1. Wow, can't wait to see you work by hand crank. Just curious Bonnie, how many machines do you have? And how did you come to name them?

    Oh, and you are coming to my guild for a lecture and I can't wait to meet you! I am also on waiting list for your workshop (got to my guild meeting 10 minutes before the meeting start time and the workshop was full!) I am hoping to get in, cuz the workshop is a week after my birthday and I want your workshop to be my birthday present!

    I will be working on a charm quilt while you are on cam. Off to get ready! Enjoy your dinner!
    Valerie (vjm413@gmail.com)

  2. I just bought a treadle head with those decals on it! I am helping a friend convert it to a hand crank. I also learned those decals are called RAF for the Royal Air Force!

  3. Our local quilt shop is closing...do we need to be buying grays for something fun in the offing?

  4. Looking forward to seeing a hand crank in action.

  5. Could you please give us at least ONE color to start collecting from our stash for a Bonnie project in the wings?? Of ALL the aspects of quilting pulling fabrics is my biggest challenge. I can cut, piece, sash, border, back and bind (send mine out to be quilted on a LA) but it's the fabrics choices that throw me ... I need all the advance notice I can get! LOL

  6. Bonnie can you tell me what the accu cuter is used for?

  7. Love the vintage machines. I don't have a 404, but I have a 411G and love to sew on it. I have a small fleet of handcranks and treadles. It is relaxing to sew on them and they are quite quiet.
    Your RAF machine is just lovely. Can't wait to see what you create.

  8. Hey Bonnie, I just wondering how in the world do you remember the ins and outs of all those machines? I love that you save these beauties! Thanks for sharing them!

  9. Love the Hand Crank machine. Sorry I missed Quilt Cam. I was helping my 8 year old Grandson Celebrate again tonight with family. I need to get out my Tombstone Singer and try it out on the last of my Farmer's Wife Blocks. I have a few to Paper-piece there. I finally got one that had the knee lift with it. Do you have any Tombstone machines?

  10. Anonymous9:43 AM EDT

    Where do you get all your stamina? Do you ever slow down or sleep? Please share your secret.

    judyquiltz in S.E.Michigan


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