Friday, September 21, 2012

Hexie Insanity!

I love that you all are my eyes and ears and send me things that I would love to see if I could be where you are.

Do you know how cool it is to know that someone “GETS” you?!  You get me!  You know just the thing that is going to bring a smile to my face and inspiration to my soul!

Yesterday Judy D sent me this picture of the most incredible mini-hexie quilt ----and she is right.  I would have LOVED to see this in person, but they probably would have thrown me out only to find myself next in line in the Chain Gang --- for touching and drooling on the quilts at the show!

But take a look at this….could YOU resist the touch? I don’t think so---




Close up…see the fussy cutting going on??


SEE the finger to give you an idea of the SIZE here?!


Do you want to know the story?

((And please note that this is HAND QUILTED..you can see it in the round of pale green hexes ---))

Judy wrote:
Hi Bonnie.
Today we went to a quilt show and this is one of the first quilts I spotted.  Itty bitty teeny tiny hexies.  Evidently this is the quilters first quilt! 
Hand pieced mini hexies, done in the 1990s.  It was amazing and I thought of you-maybe you could do this for your next project. LOL 
If I remember right, the lady said over 12,000 pieces.  Love all the fussy cuts. Pretty fabulous.
Judy D in WA

1990s makes it almost “vintage!”  And some of those 1990s fabrics look pretty fabulous ----cut VERY VERY SMALL! :c) Come to think of it, that sea foam green pathway DOES shout 90s doesn’t it?  I heard it’s a color that is coming back into vogue ---let’s hope not!

But then again -- it might be a way for me to finally use up the original 1990s sea foam greens that are still IN my stash -- along with those peach calicoes!

Thank you for the inspiration, Judy – and for allowing me to share it with all the other hexi-holic quilters.


  1. This is one of the quilts at the Northwest Quilting Expo held in Portland Oregon. Open thru Saturday, Sept 22. If you are local, it's a great quilt show.


    I really wish I would have written down what the ladies told me about this quilt, I know I forgot most of it. It really did take my breath away!

  2. I too have peach and sea foam green in my stash from the 1990s. It was the colors of my master bath. Country blue in the kitchen, too. That quilt is AMAZING!

    1. Anonymous8:48 PM EDT

      I made m y stepdaughter her wedding quilt in those colors!

    2. Anonymous8:50 PM EDT

      I made my stepdaughters wedding quilt in peach and sea foam green! It won't be long until I am making grad quilts for the kids!

  3. I didn't even notice the Seafoam until you mentioned it... I guess it is cut small enough!

  4. Cindy, The Purple Quilter3:50 PM EDT

    Bonnie, your finger looks GIANT next to that hexie!!! LOL!! Glad I am using 1" hexies or I would not live long enough to finish my quilt! Thanks for sharing such an awesome quilt.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Chain Gang!!! :)


  5. My husband walked in while I was looking at that beautiful Hexie quilt and even he was amazed at how small the pieces were and the amount of them! I have put a bid on a hexie punch a couple of times, but haven't gotten one yet. This quilt is definitely an inspiration! Thank you Judy!

  6. Anonymous4:21 PM EDT

    The hexie quilt is amazing!

  7. Love the chain gang picture - with the red paper clips - too cute. And for those hexies?? That lady is just plain insane!!

  8. I would not, could not make those Hexes! But they are remarkable! I woul however LOVE to have a pattern/kit for the chain gang!Any one know where to get it????

  9. SO amazing. I can't even imagine how long that must have taken. The chain gang is just adorable. Those darn quilt police are at it again.

  10. I've jumped on the hexi bandwagon and tracked down a Creative Memories punch (collecting all those annoying flyers & cards all over the house to punch!), picked out my fat quarters, and spent the afternoon starching & cutting. Thought at one point of how silly it is for me to collect all these wonderful pieces of fabric, then cut them all into tiny pieces! Bonnie, you are inspiring SEW many people with your posts. The one in this post is totally amazing (made me drool on my keyboard). I thought 1" hexies were small. If she wasn't insane when she started, she sure HAS to be by now! Thanks again for all you do to help us learn something new every day, and be inspired to give it a try ourselves. :)

  11. Olá !!Sou viciada em e digo com pureza de alma:só é assustador começar,depois vai bem se tiver disciplina.É o seu caso e o meu.Hexágonos são como rir e coçar....é só começar.Obrigada por compartilhar.Beijo grande.

  12. the chain gang quilt is hugely funny - thanks for sharing - the hexies well....words fail don't they???

  13. Oh, someone beat me to it! I saw that today at the Northwest Quilting Expo in Portland, OR. I took photos to share with you LOL. There were a lot of great hexie quilts at the show, but this was one of the most amazing. The whole thing was made of teeny tiny hexies, 1/2" across. I knew you'd be impressed. :)

  14. I bought some of those teeny tiny paper hexagons at the Minnesota Quilt Show this year..I haven't started anything yet, but I don't think I need much fabric to make something. :) Maybe we should do a quilt along...only I think it would need to be about 10 years long. That quilt is beautiful though and definitely inspirational!!!

  15. Wow, that's amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Anonymous10:04 PM EDT

    The "Chain Gang" has been on my desktop for months now, I wish I could remember where I got it from ... the hexi quilt was part of the Latimer Quilt Museum exhibit - they are in Tillamook, Oregon and might be able to provide more information on the quilt if you were to look on their website for their email address. They have been very helpful to me on several occasions with patterns and they have an incredible archive of quilt magazines.

    I spent about five hours at the quilt show - wish I had gotten there at 9am when they opened ... lol ... so much to see ... and such BEAUTIFUL quilts.

    Sue, Aloha, OR

    1. Anonymous8:52 PM EDT

      Sue, thanks for telling us where the exhibit is. That area has so much to offer for traveling. Need a draw to get the family to head in that direction! Lol

  17. Love the chain gang! Those hexies are just amazing. I have made that size for a small bag, not gonna do a whole quilt with them. You have inspired me to do a whole quilt with hexies. Not sure if it will ever get done, but it is started. LOL

  18. Anonymous8:53 PM EDT

    I haven't got into the Hexie craze, but I think I better start!


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