Wednesday, September 05, 2012

iPhone-o-gram! Things that go SLOW!!

I was leaving the post office and heading toward my dentist's office the next town over.

Thinking I could save time by taking backroads--off I went.

What's that up ahead? Oh! No! School is out! I'm stuck behind this bus which is stopping at the end of every other driveway.

I was in plenty of time for my appointment, but none the less I was happy to see that school bus take a right where I was turning left.

Over the hill I go and--oh! No! Another bus!

If you can't beat them--or pass them---slow down and remember what it was like to ride the bus to and from school in my own school years. Other memorable moments sending my own kids off on the bus when they started school.

This is the stuff memories are made of. This is how we gauge the passing of time and easing out of summer and into another school year.

I've enjoyed seeing every one's "first day of school" pics on Facebook. Precious!

The upside of a 4pm dentist appointment? All the busses will be done and gone by the time I am on my way back home!

This is a pic I took while at a stop on my way. The apple effect is thanks to a photoshop iPhone app!


  1. We never took a bus to school....we always walked. And the last time I visited my hometown, I was amazed at the treacherous edge we used to walk everyday to high school. Busy busy road on one side of you, and a drop off into gullies on the other. And we would walk that in those damned 'Candies' heels! Yikes! We're lucky to be alive! lol (It wasn't until my junior year that my friend and I bought a car together.....$100 from her aunt....a Ford Torino! I loved that car....8-track and all!) :o)

  2. Anonymous5:16 PM EDT

    The bus my kids could ride is always late. It shows up at the school after the tardy bell rings. One day we were running late and got stuck behind it. It took another road, and beat the bus, by 10 minutes. LOL!! I judge my day off of beating the bus to school. On the way home, I love being behind the bus. The high schoolers are getting on, and they make me think of high school again.

  3. Anonymous6:07 PM EDT

    Until we moved out to the Burbs, always walked to school. I was around the corner. But out in the Burbs' waiting in the well below freezing temps, always someone on look out cause we were all huddled in someones garage. But miss that bus, 6+ mile walk, now the road is Major Hwy, but the ricketty bridge over the Pen Train line.Wheww!! If someone stopped to offer a lift, you could take it. But you had better not miss that bus, going or coming home. Truant officer waiting at the front door to school. Assigned seats by grade and we laughed and joked but followed the drivers directions. Drivers knowing all your names and smiles.

  4. Cute pic of the bus.Both hubby and I have drove buses for years a total of 75 years between us while we Farm

  5. Anonymous7:11 AM EDT

    Bonnie, I have found ONE thing as slow as being behind a school bus on a country road lolol. And that is hand quilting a Wholecloth White on White quilt for our daughter - Queen sized at that.

    So I do have pity on a slow slow drive. I might live to get this quilt finished. Have a large chunk to go. Never ever again - no matter what. But, you know, when I am quilting along it is a pleasure. Strange!!! ;)

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  6. i remember those days of sending the kids off to school on the big yellow bus. our collie would sit on the couch with his nose up against the window watching as they got on, and the bus drove away with his kids! he was beside himself with joy when the bus came back in the afternoon and let them off again! he took his job of herding our kids seriously indeed!

  7. I've walked to school and ridden the bus, both have their pluses and minuses. I loved having bus buddies and looking out the window at the world going by, but I got home faster when we lived close enough to walk. We had to carry stuff but it seemed like it was less than kids do now. My youngest grand is taking the 'big yellow bus' this year, and she is ecstatic! But I try to leave for work early enough so I don't have to stop at every other corner... thanks for bringing back memories!


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