Saturday, September 22, 2012

Breathing Room!

Well, one thing leads to another as we all know.

I couldn’t move the treadle away from the wall and get it set up without putting something else in its place – and so the shifting and rearranging begins.

Mostly ---I wanted flat surfaces cleared off.  I needed the remains of the last couple of projects I’ve been working on trimmed down and put away – and all this was going to take AWAY from sewing time…but I’m glad I did it.

I’ll never be a neat-freak.  I like my STUFF.  I have LOADS of stuff ---but it all has a purpose as well as being part of a place that feels cozy to me – a place where I want to be free to dream, to imagine, to create.

This is how my studio looks now after spending all day in it.

Take a GOOD LONG LOOK.  Because by tomorrow it will look like a bomb went off in here again!
The first picture is the front of the room.  I’ve got that sort of divided off by the two easy chairs as “Office space”.

The jubilee blocks are hanging on the small design wall behind the door.

The quilt I’ve been spending my one hour of needle and thread time is there on the first chair.  I haven’t sat at in a few days. *SIGH*  Coming back from Indiana threw me into a loop and I haven’t settled back to it yet.

studio 028

Two book cases of quilt books flank the brick fireplace with the lovely wood burning stove --- amazing heat comes out of that thing!  Of course, there are child size sewing machines on top of the book cases, and vintage irons on the stove…

studio 027

The other end of the room boasts my longarm…and my first Dear Jane hangs on the wall behind it.  This “COULD” be better used as design wall space, but I love seeing it there.  See how clean that table surface is?  It won’t stay that way for long, I promise!

studio 026

Sewing Machine Central!

You can see where I’ve set up the treadle…my Janome 6500p is against the wall now in case I need something with a tread cutter, needle position, applique stitch or heaven forbid….built in button holes!  In the corner is the Singer 404 that I’ve been working on ---

And as as you can tell, any quilt on the wall becomes a surface to pin other blocks and parts TO.  Quilted bulletin boards.  But it works!

I do love my space down here.  It’s not gorgeous or glorious by any means, but it is homey and comfy and suits me.

Now – if we can get dinner taken care of I can come back and sew some more this evening!


  1. I love your room - it looks workable! I wish I had that much space.

  2. It's nice to see the room from other angles, Bonnie!! I might have to do a little 'rearranging' and tidying up in my sewing room today too...

  3. Maree mynanamaree@yahoo.com7:39 PM EDT

    Loved the "tour"! Don't worry about keeping everything all neat and perfect ~ creativity is messy, or at least it is for me! LOL ☺

  4. Anonymous7:40 PM EDT

    Your room looks like heaven! That fireplace...Well, I'd never leave.

  5. Anonymous7:40 PM EDT

    Your sewing room looks so comfy - I have threatened my husband on more than one occasion of taking over the "family room". That is where my longarm takes up one end of the room - I told him I could take the other end and turn it into a comfy sewing room with a couple of chairs - he said no - I told him it was just a matter of time - I tempted him with the idea that if I did this, he could have the entire room that he shares with me - I'm still working on him.

    Sue - Aloha, OR

  6. Your place looks much neater and can walk thru it MUCH better than mine, it I loe my basement and wouldn't trade it, unless someone was to build me a separate studio attached to my place...

  7. Oh my goodness! I am so jealous! You have such a lovely place to sew all that love into your quilts. Thanks for inviting us in and giving us a tour. It actually has given me some ideas. Thanks!

  8. I'm so jealous too! lovely space! even messy it would be a nice cozy place to sew.

  9. Your room seems so "you"!
    It looks as if the quilt cam will have a different view tonight!!!

  10. Please COME to my house ... please, please, please ... we just moved in a couple of months ago and I have a 15 x 25 area that will be my quilt studio but right now it is just boxes (of my STUFF) stacked one on top of the other ... 4 or 5 boxes high. I just can't seem to "focus" on getting it organized ... it seems overwhelming ... absolutely overwhelming. Any suggestions for how to get started (because once I get started I know I'll be on a mission) would be most appreciated!

    1. Try starting with one box a day-all at once is too overwhelming! Bet you get started and find a project to sew on and the rest sits for a while longer!

  11. Sheila Hebert8:00 PM EDT

    Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your world.
    Sheila in Texas

  12. Joen in Texas8:24 PM EDT

    love your space.. everything a girl needs.. except a frig..lol

  13. A fireplace too?!?! Wow!~ I'd be in heaven! My favorite part of winter is sewing in front of the fireplace. I was looking at my big ole Grace frame today , thinking it won't be long before I'll be wanting to get it out and set it up in the dining room.
    You need a "VANISHING DESIGN WALL". or , have I mentioned this ?!?! lol
    It could go over behind Barbie and you could pull it down when needed. I LOVE mine. LOVE it!~ Money well spent. For you, it would be tax deductible I bet! :)

  14. Your "FIRST" Dear Jane??? Dare I ask how many there are??? :o)

  15. I love your space! I am currently painting my daughter's old room to convert to my quilting studio. Two tan walls painted and two brick red walls to go. I read where red is a color that inspires creativity. I can't wait to move my supplies up from the dungeon (Dark unfinished basement)into a bright room with a west window where the sun shines in.
    Woo Hoo! :)

  16. GREAT SEWING ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Love your sewing room. You could use an even bigger one though. Couldn't we all ??? --grin--

  18. Anonymous9:25 PM EDT

    Your sewing room looks great! Wish I could get mine that organized. I get it semi-organized, but then it doesn't take long for it to get messed up again. My cutting table is the main problem...one huge horizontal surface that always seems to get things piled all over it! LOL Oh, by the way...I think I found that nifty Ikea light you always use behind your machine. Here's the link. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20169658/
    I might have to get me one of them! Thanks for the tour of your room. Can't wait for the next Quilt Cam! Lori in Tennessee

  19. Bonnie, I love your sewing room. I wanted to thank you for the coment about holding the edging of the seam when you are tearing
    the paper off. That is where I have been having problems...opening up the seam. As soon as I get this splint off I am going to put that tip to work. Thanks again for quilt cam.

  20. Anonymous9:30 PM EDT

    Oops...I just noticed on the Ikea lamp, it says it's not available on-line...you need to look for it in your local store. Bummer...we don't have a store in Tennessee! Oh well. Hope the rest of you can find one. -Lori in Tennessee

  21. Great space Bonnie! It must be nice to have everything in one room. I have currently taken over all my children's bedrooms (they have moved out) and the basement for my long arm. I'm not complaining. I'm extremely fortunate to have so much space. But it sure would be nice to have "Annie" out of the unfinished basement and into the light of day.

    Sharyn from NJ

  22. Anonymous9:48 PM EDT

    love love love your room......and quilt cam. thank you for all that you share with us.

  23. I too love your quilting nest! Now you just need a bed and you never have to leave!

  24. I love machine central...but would really love sitting in a comfy chair by the fireplace and hand stitching. (Course I'd probably fall asleep lol).

  25. Wow it looks like you must spend much time in there. It is homely. I too use the quilts that are hanging in my studio as a design wall!

  26. Love your sewing space. I having to constantly reorganize mine as well.

  27. I love seeing where you play! Seeing others sewing space often gives me inspiration for mine. The space often tells so much about a person. My room is a work in progress, being only 20x24 and a new space I was a little overwhelmed on how to make it work for me, slowly but surely it is coming together. Thanks so much for sharing. Now if only we could see your fabric....

    Have a wonderful and Blessed day

  28. What a nice cozy room, thanks for sharing.

  29. Anonymous6:20 PM EDT

    Bonnie, love your quilting space, but WHERE IS ALL THE FABRIC? i have piles for different projects all over my room. I just go from one to the other, completing what I am in the mood for, and pulling more fabric as I get inspired. Not organized, but lots of fun to fondle my fabrics. LOL


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