Sunday, September 09, 2012

Aiken for Smith Mountain Morning!

Do you get it? Aiken…like ACHIN’???? Oh my achin’ bones?! :cD Like----My Aikeny Breakeny Heart?!

It was always a joke when DH asked what I was doing today –and I said "I’m going to Aiken." The response was invariably something like “then why are you going if you’re going to be Achin’??”

Yeah. Funny. Haha! So funny I forgot to laugh! :cP

I got to meet people that I’d only known from email before. Or the Quiltville facebook page!

I had old guild friends meeting friends who came on the Bali trip with me! I had people arrive from Charleston ((Oh Sally, if you read this – I KNEW I knew you and had had you in class before, but I imagined you were in THIS guild, not from further south at another guild I’d been to! At least I pinned you to the right STATE. Funny how you can remember the face and smile, but not remember where from!)) and we had a great time!

We were delivered the most delicious lunch, and after eating we had a show and tell of fabulous quilts…it was just so inspirational.

You might recognize this picture at the top of the post of me and my friend Siobhan who blogs at Scraps & Threadtales. She was leaving last evening and driving toward Florida – they are headed out on a cruise, but you know she had plenty of time to come to class and start a new UFO before going. LOL! I like the way she thinks!

AikenSc2012 086

Sharron was with us on the Bali tour ---and I kept turning around and thinking that the rest of the others should be there too – it’s just not the same without them! Catherine who was also with us is from across the state line in Georgia and she came down at lunch time to see what we had been up to, and to pick up some books. So good to see them again and reminisce.

You know –everywhere I go I see quilters with struggles and obstacles. Quilting is so much like LIFE in general. It doesn’t always go smoothly. But in a group such as this there is always someone to lend a helping hand or lighten the mood with some laughter.

We had quilters of every age and every ability ----

AikenSc2012 085

These are our TWO youngest quilters!

She is a mother of 3 young boys, I think I remember the older boys being 6 and 4 ---this newest little bundle is Cody, and he is 3 weeks old! Daddy took the older boys for the day, but Mama definitely needed a day out. Do you remember feeling that way? I sure do! Quilting was and is my sanity drug of choice.

AikenSc2012 089

Cody barely made a sound and was such a good little guy --- I kept wanting to go over there and tickle his feet to make him squawl so I could pick him up….LOL


He is such a cute little bundle I started referring to him as “Charm Pack!”

He is a charmer, isn’t he?

I nearly forgot to take pictures of everyone’s block progress! We had some gorgeous fabric combinations, which is always so inspirational to me……SO fun! I hope you enjoy seeing them in the slide show below:

Today is a travel home day for me. I’m meeting up with Jason, Charlotte & Jerry in Columbia for lunch, and then I’ll toodle my way back up to NC. I wonder if there is still a yummy treat table at the SC Welcome Center? LOL

Most antique places aren’t open on Sunday ---but I WILL be driving past IKEA – I sure could get myself into some trouble there if I run out of things to entertain me!

It’s been a great trip to Aiken and I hope it isn’t too long before I see these folks again!


  1. Bonnie,

    I love seeing all your slide shows - so inspirational! One of these days this newbie will get started on a quilt from your newest book, which I love! Thank you for being you!

  2. We lived in Aiken when my son was born and I always thought it was appropriate that it was at Aiken Medical Center.

  3. oh so nice!That's a quilt I would like to do... I'll have to check out your locations for next yr see if you will be close enough w that one that I can go and make another UFO! Also glad to see a new generation quilting! WTG Mom!and baby charmer!
    I worked on my jared takes a wife almost daily while you were in Bali.... it's laid out, but not sewn together.

  4. Anonymous8:24 AM EDT

    I remember those days. I'm still there with my 3 boys,ages 3-9. There is something calming about the hum of a sewing machine (and lawn mower). Maybe the noise drowns them out, so they appear quieter.

  5. Several years ago my husband left Kentucky to go help a Baptist congregation in Aiken build a new church. He stayed almost a year and talked the rest of his life about how friendly the people were in Aiken. So I know you were treated royally. When I went to the opening Sunday, my best memory was going by the Augusta golf course, seeing cotton in the fields and the great food the church had. Now go home and rest up!!!!!!!!

  6. First of all, I didn't know that was Siobhan! I read her blog often! I so enjoyed the workshop! (Got to try to write this without using all exclamations...) Yes, I took 2 workshops in Charleston when you were here 2 years ago. There was no way I expected you to remember me...you've been all over the world teaching since then...so I am quite flattered that you do remember me! Learned so much yesterday! Can't believe someone finished 5 blocks? I really appreciate the Aiken Guild allowing us "outsiders" the opp to fill in their class vacancies. Everyone was so warm, I felt like it was "my" guild. (Have never felt this at my guild, sad to say.) Wish I could have visited the antique warehouse with you. (Have you been to The Tobacco Barn near Ashville? Oh, it's wonderful.) Thanks for a wonderful weekend, Bonnie and Aiken! Sally jspwarren at aol.com

  7. Loving this quilt, is a pattern for Smith Mountain in one of your books please Bonnie.

  8. I keep seeing this pattern around the internet and it is going on my list of quilts to start soon. Still need to finish Smokey Mountain Stars and Scrappy Trips first.

  9. There is only one thing better than swooning over quilts...and thats swooning over babies!

  10. Wonderful to see Sio out and quilting!!! And it warms my heart to see a Mama and Baba out quilting! So proud that she managed to do a class with a 3 week old. Having said that if you were anywhere near me doing this class, I strap them all to my back and get there LOL!

  11. love the pic of you and Sio - so cute.

  12. What a fun blog post! I can just feel the energy of the class, the excitement of the new Mom with a day away, and the inspiration of such beautiful quilts in development!

  13. Thank you for your coolest slideshows of all your workshops. I am always so inspired!

  14. I had a wonderful time. Sally's comments are spot on... this is a great guild. I shared a table with Julie and Cody and he is absolutely the BEST baby. From the barber shop singers at Bobby's BBQ to the wonderful lunch, it was an awesome time in Aiken. Thanks to you and the guild for a fun experience!

  15. I have to agree...this guild is awesome! They are so open and friendly and welcoming. They are also great quilters! Loved the stories and sharing and food. They showcase "southern hospitality" with a great sense of humor. I am inspired by them as much as the wonderful instructions from the workshop.

    Wherever you stop on your journey home, I'm sure you will find something to enjoy and a way to find pleasure...you always do! Life is what you make of it, and you make it fun. Thanks for sharing that with us.

  16. Recognized Sio right off the bat! Cute photo of the two of you. Love "charm baby".
    Lots of lovely colors, but I must say that the red and black is so striking!

  17. Anonymous2:54 PM EDT

    Thanks, Bonnie, for a great day with excellent teaching and techniques. I am inspired to complete this mammoth quilt and use up some fabric. Love the photos of all the blocks. Thanks also to the Aiken group for inviting some outlanders. What a fun group. Wish I lived closer.
    Donna I
    McCormick, SC

  18. Anonymous3:39 PM EDT

    Sounds like a great time was had by all. Love the blocks! Bonnie, I want to thank you for accepting this young mother at the class. With two other young ones at home I'm sure she really did need this quilting day and she looks so happy. Not many teachers would have been glad to see a new baby in their class room. You are the best in so many wonderful ways!

  19. Anonymous4:53 PM EDT

    Today's Bing.com photo will have you wanting to schedule that trip to Ireland! Beautiful!

  20. Gosh, I wish I had known early enough that you would be there, so I could pop over and join the class. Sigh...BUT Lynn has reserved me a spot (right Lynn??) when you go to her shop in 2015.

  21. Anonymous8:14 PM EDT

    Hi, Bonnie
    It is amazing to see the different color combinations everytime you teach this class. Yes, mine is still in the UFO stage, but all the parts and pieces are cut, sorted and waiting. Having a Baonnie ufo waiting is a good thing. Love them babies, are newest is 5 months old. Suzanne in Maine

  22. Those star blocks are great!!

  23. ooh, such a pretty pattern! i will have to put that one on my wish list! on another note, glad i didnt discover quilting until my boys were grown, they may have never seen a large body of water, or a tree...lol

  24. I love seeing your slide shows, they are so inspirational. This quilt has been on my very long list of your quilts I would like to do but seeing the red/black & white colorway may have just bumped it way up the list...................beautiful.

  25. What a fun thing to have a baby and new mom in class. Love that you called him Charm pack. Stitching has always been my personal Stress reliever/Drug of choice too.


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