Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Afternoon Progress ---

These days at home by myself are SO restorative!

Windows are open and a gentle September breeze occassionally finds its way through the screen lifting the fabric that is hanging over the rail of my longarm machine, just waving hello to me as I sit and stitch.

The hard part is not sharing EVERYTHING with everyone ---but just let me say there are many many little units going through my machine as I watch episodes of Bones on Netflix on the laptop on the table right next to where I stitch.

I just think Netflix is the next best thing to sliced bread! It’s there when I want it, there are no commercials – I can fast forward, rewind, skip an episode. It fits my life!

It feels completely decadent being home in the middle of the day with all other errands and worldly issues all caught up for the time being, and I am sewing away on some deadlines ---and at peace with the world!

Here is a view of the latest blocks finished for my Jubilee quilt, as found on Randy’s Barristersblock blog on her Sow-Along!

jubilee 073

Northwind and Four Darting Birds.

Though if you turn the birds on point..they look like Men at Work. Or maybe the Village People..LOL!

Hoping your day is going well….it’s a Wednesday, so we are halfway to the weekend already! Wooowhooo!


  1. Yes, I love putting all those pieces through the machine, too. Very theraputic. I don't do the Netflix thing, instead, I listen to an audiobook. Have to be aware that is only good for chain piecing, not cutting or anything requiring very much attention. I've cut on the wrong mark or sewn some extremely odd bear paws by not paying enough attention.

  2. Anonymous2:06 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie. Loving your quilt cam, but am sending this note to mention a mystery series you might enjoy on Netflix. It's a British series, called "a Touch of Frost" and each episode I've watched so far has definitely held my interest. You might want to check it out.
    I'm really learning some great piecing tips from you on quilt cam, and can now see why piecing takes me so long! Thanks for sharing so much of your knowledge.
    Elaine in MA

  3. you are brave to use that much orange and still live in the carolinas rather than tennessee...love to see what you are into...bones season premier is next week!!!yay

  4. I totally understand the afternoons alone - My husband is away on business and although I have real work to do - my brain is always in my sewing room. Planning my evening in front of my machine. I also have a breeze coming in that is just wonderful. Enjoy your solitary time - it is a wonderful thing! Faith in Maine

  5. Netflix is awesome. DH likes 'Monk' right now. I wish that they'd put some 'Yes, Minister', and 'Yes, Prime Minister' on. That's what I'm in the mood for. Wish your projects weren't private so that we could sew "together" through the quilt cam.

    DD sewed more strips together last night for your 'Strip Twist' quilt pattern. I guess I could dance around while she's not here. She'd never know... Lorinda in MO

  6. I LOVE Bones. Can't wait for the season premier. Don't do Netflix, but DVR them all and watch when I can. No September breezes for me - I'm in the basement with no windows. Sue K

  7. Anonymous2:56 PM EDT

    Netflix is great, so is Amazon Prime Instant movies and series. Doc Martin is a hoot...love to have subsequent episodes while sewing! Great fun!

  8. Sounds like such a peaceful day! In both ways! I really like the way the Northwind block turned out.

  9. Sounds like my kind of day! Enjoy!

  10. OH yeah! except i don't have my window open it is 80+ outside and I shut the house up this morning after the cool sept night temps came into the house. It is a cool 70 upstairs. I've been pinning and sewing my Jared Takes a Wife Ihave about 1/2 of the units sewn together... Had to take a break.

  11. Hi Bonnie! I've just signed up for Netflix free month trial and love it! I too have days and evenings when hubby isn't home so I enjoy watching videos and stitching on my redwork, dresdans or de-boning more shirts. I'm taking my scraps along with me to a hotel I'm staying at this week so I can cut them into your suggested sizes.
    May I suggest the movies that I watched: Listen to Your Heart, Shadows in the Sun and Bride Flight. I totally enjoyed all three of them.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Judy in Northern Alberta

  12. Village People! *LOL*

  13. I have never been outside the United States and probably never will. Thanks for bringing us all these lovely pictures and letting us enjoy Bali through your eyes.

    I too am a huge Bones fan and just love watching Netfix with no commercials! There is an older series called The Guardian, that stars Simon Baker that I think is really good. It ended about 5 years before he started doing The Mentalist, which I also enjoy.

  14. Anonymous7:57 PM EDT

    I could use a good day! My sewing machine needs a tune up. :( I picked up my mom's sewing machine from my brother (Singer 257 from the 70's). I figured out what was wrong YAY! Just need to find someone to replace the vertical gear. And one of the pieces to my hoop disappeared. Sigh. I feel lost.

  15. Is that a sneak peek of Bali batiks in b&W at the top of this post?
    I love days when I can just feed precut parts through the machine. Don't have a TV or computer near my machine, but sounds like a good idea.

  16. Anonymous9:27 PM EDT

    OK, I don't finish (or start) even 1/3 of the pieces you do - how do you do it? I am soooo impressed with all the piecing you do! Guess I should quit reading all these web sites and just go sew, eh? Lovely Sept. weather to sew by, now I'm getting ready to take some applique to my small quilt group. A lovely way to spend the evening.
    Thanks for all your encouragement, and knowledge. Gets my brain bouncing around with possibilities.

  17. Bonnie, I have a question about Batiks. I am making an autumn leaf log cabin quilt, using batiks for the first time. As I was pressing them today, many of the fat quarters had white thread along the selvedge that looked like they had been hand stitched and ripped out. Do you have any idea what this is? It's not a problem, I just pulled the loose threads out, just curious.



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