Sunday, September 09, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! Houses, Horses & Hugs!

I left Aiken this morning in time to make it to Columbia and meet up with my friend Charlotte for lunch with Jason.

Olive Garden was very busy and Jason was working the bar area so we sat up at the bar, visiting and chatting with him when he could between customers.

I love watching my son work--how his coworkers like and respect him, and love watching him interact with his customers. Watching grown children finding their place in the universe is an amazing thing!

I can't take credit for how he turned out either---sometimes I think that is in spite of me---

This morning Sally and I took a walk around her pastures so I could say goodbye to the horses. Such gentle magnificent creatures! I love how they love Sally!

She will walk up to them and get close, talking to them with a gentle voice and they will just lay their heads on her shoulder. It is so tender.

I think we learn far more from the animals than they learn from us.

I've reached Charlotte, NC---about 2 hours left to go!

Come back this evening---I'll be drawing for the 3 winners of Pieced Hexies!!


  1. Thanks for posting pics of the horses - brought back sweet memories...we used to have two Palomino mares. Both enjoyed long and glorious lives, My gal lived into her early '40's and was buried with her custom'quilted' horse blanket.')

  2. Beautiful, beautiful horses. BTW, with kids it's nature and nurture isn't it? A bit of us, a bit of their own nature. We do have to trust they find their way - and isn't it awesome? One of the huge pluses of being a parent is seeing them as their own person.

  3. I am glad that your Son is doing well. Thanks again for coming to Aiken, we enjoyed having you here. Glad that the weather was good for your drive home. Sally is an amazing person, isn't she. I am always amazed at all she does each day.

  4. My horses are my children (as are the dogs, chickens and cat) now that talking children are on their own. Our job is to make our children independent and fruitful -- when we observe how they make their own way, it is a proud thing.
    My daughter is a teacher and my son is a Stf Sgt, USMC, just deployed to Japan for 2 yrs. It amazes me how they have matured and grown.
    Now I want grandchildren so that I can watch them grow up too :D
    Have a safe trip !

  5. Anonymous6:28 PM EDT

    What a wonderful time it is to spend it with horses and a good friend! My kind of day!!
    Sherry in New York

  6. Yes it is amazing how our kids turn into adults, in spite of us! But often as we did they echo our views w thier lives. Not totally, but a little here and there.

  7. While I wasn't blessed with children I do have nieces and a nephew who I've watched grow to adulthood. It's amazing that it passes so quickly and how proud I am of each and every one of them for their accomplishments and how they face challenges and decisions. I keep telling my sister what a good mom she is because she raised such wonderful people.


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