Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jubilee Update!

I’m caught up! That is – until the 3rd Wednesday rolls around which is ---ummm---This coming Wednesday!

It’s okay though. I’ve got a method that’s working. If I can cut out and kit up the block parts – I can sew them during QuiltCam time and it’s all good!

These blocks were fun to do –even though one of them looks like it’s 4 blocks put together – which it is.

I love 3” 9 patches – but 3” Shoo Flies? Now THOSE are super duper cute!

The problem is, I’d want to do a whole Queen Sized quilt in little 3” Shoo Flies. Oooooooh! Yes we can kit these up! Maybe – NEXT YEAR!

For this year, I’m all excited over the Spool Blocks…..already I’ve got 19 of them made without having to dedicate any more time to them than simply using them as leaders & enders. Yes – it took a couple hours to kit up 40 of them..but once kitted up ((You can see them in this pencil box below….it’s a NO. BRAINER!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ---These two blocks are called TIc-Tac-Toe and Chained Star. Oh, I so would love a whole quilt with those Tic-Tac-Toe blocks!

jubilee 080

The design wall space behind my door is getting fuller! 46 blocks so far.

spools 012

My pencil box of spools…happy as can be!

This morning is a “Tulip Fields” workshop from my book String Fling! There should be about 40 of us gathered for this class, it’s going to be a large one. Here is what we will be working on:


It’s going to be a day filled with stringy fun---


Bring on the scraps ---we are ready to play, trade and sew our brains out!


  1. Wish I could be with you in your class today, Bonnie. I love this pattern and plan to order your String Fling book! Have a fun day sewing.

  2. I love that border on the tulips quilt...have got to bookmark it in Janice's copy...I think it will look great in Blacks and Whites...now to find a top to use it on (and get it done)...

  3. Good Morning Bonnie! I LOVE this quilt, I have a king size comforter plastic bag bursting with end of the road scraps just calling out for me to do something with them! I turn the bag over and over just to see all the color and designs, lol, when I am bored. Going to the quilt show in Philly today will look for your new book. Have a fun day, looking forward to taking your class this spring with Colonial Quilter's of Bethlehem, PA.

  4. Great Blocks on your Designwall.
    Spools...i made nearly 300 in Paperpiecing. I hope to finish the Quilt in 2012...we will see.

    Have a nice Sunday and good luck for your workshop.

    Iris from Germany

  5. The tulip quilt is fabulous! Wish I could join you all!

  6. I followed your lead with the spool blocks, The prepped blocks sit in a triple snack tray, next to my machine. I already have 16 little blocks done. Trouble is, I find it hard sometimes not to continue on with them 'cos they are so cute

  7. Bonnie, one of the things I love about the quilt photos on your blog and in your books is that you show close-ups! It's so much fun seeing the variety of fabrics you use in your blocks -- especially when I recognize some of them as being in my stash!


  8. Hi Bonnie, are you finished with your bowties? I saw you sew a few 9-patches but didn't hear/see any more about them. Are they done? Can we see?

  9. love, love LOVE the Tulip quilt! I must put a book mark in my String Fling Book to remember that one.

    Have fun in the class today. By now you are all having lunch and have probably had a very productive morning.

  10. I love this quilt - even if I hadn't known who designed this, I could look at this and say, "This looks like a Bonnie Hunter quilt!"

  11. I keep seeing the term "kit up". What does that mean?
    Tks. Love reading about your adventures.


  12. WOW! Your blocks are looking GREAT. Mine are all in a bag so I've no idea what they will look like up on a wall. And you are correct: 3 new blocks are coming on Wednesday!!!

  13. Anonymous2:23 PM EDT

    Tulip Fields is in my future! This one says MAKE ONE in capital letters. Loving the border best.
    THANKS Bonnie, have a great time ... now you will.

  14. Your blocks are so pretty!~
    Bonnie, you really would enjoy that design wall ( it's called "Vanishing Design Wall" ) that I was telling you about in Aiken.
    If you want, I'm not going to crowd your inbox, I"ll happily send photos of mine in use today. I LOVE IT!~ IT's a wooden shelf and has a roller shade type wall that comes down and can retract with your blocks in it. Or, leave down. AMAZING!!~
    You know that you have the Oprah effect, right? Yes, "The Bonnie Hunter Effect"!~
    I bet if you got one, that his business would skyrocket!~ He might even give you one at cost. NICE MAN!~~ I told ya the story...

    Love the tulip quilt. On my to do list.

  15. Anonymous11:57 PM EDT

    Thank you for such at interesting trunk show. I wish I had not had to work today so I could have taken the workshop. That is twice now that I wanted to take a class with you and couldn't because of other commitment. It will happen one of these days.
    Jean of Indiana

  16. Love the quilt, love scrappy quilts. Hope to have lots of scraps one day. I have 24 spool leader/ender blocks finished. Half of what I kitted up.


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