Wednesday, September 12, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! Mui Caliente!!

Just a quick note--there will be no QuiltCam tonight as I had an invite to a Mexican place that I dearly love and I just couldn't say no!

When we get back I'll probably tuck in and do some hand quilting for a bit upstairs.

Thanks for the raincheck, y'all!


  1. Yum! enjoy your night out :0)

    Happy Sewing ( by myself)

  2. Always, always chose a date night with hubby over sewing. Have a great date night!

  3. Oh my ... that looks REALLY good. I love, love, love Mexican food ... might just have to do that for dinner tonight!

  4. Anonymous8:44 PM EDT

    I wish I were there!
    Ann in MS

  5. We (dh & I) just got back from our favorite Mexican restaurant too! Hope your dinner was as good as ours.

  6. Oh my... looks so, so good!~
    Well, I was looking online last evening for another and God blessed me with another OPENING!!~
    I'm going up to Toccoa, GA for the Quilts of Valor, SEW FREE Retreat at the GA Baptist Conf. Ctr. Oct. 4 - 7!!!~ They are letting those of us who are traveling long distances check in a day early. Sewing QOV alll wkd long.
    FALL IN THE MTNS?!?!!?! A welcome dream come true to this S.E. Ga girl . Always like Bali in these necks... ugh.
    but, boy are we blessed by A.C?!!!!!
    by the way, I think those draped fabrics in front of the treadles are MOSTLY for protecting what they are creating. Although . I"m sure it's multi functional. However, after using industrial sewing machines for years and recoving tables,etc. It's a full time task to keep your work clean. Something we overlook. They have to grease all those moving parts to make them go faster and keep working.
    you might have already discussed this, but your blog is too big to keep up with.

  7. Hi!

    The food look great! enjoy It!

    I have been making squares / strips for the Twin Size quilt I'm working on. It's the Rail Fence pattern.


  8. Just bought my first Singer Featherweight this evening on eBay. I'm so excited. Can't wait to get it.

  9. Sounds good! I bet it was fun :) Actually, that's a pretty good dinner plan, might have to use that tonight. My hubby is going to a Rush concert tonight with his best friend so won't be home until after 6 tomorrow night (cuz he'll still have to get his behind into work tomorrow)! Hmmmm.... what to start on with all this uninterupted quilting time. :D


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