Monday, September 10, 2012

Mail Box Explosion!

This happens usually when I’ve been gone for a week or so…..but I left Friday and thought I was caught up on all my mail.

When I arrived home on Sunday – this HUGE pile of boxes and mailers was sitting on the dining room table.

Holy Moly!

I knew I had ordered “Some” stuff from eBay ---an electric cord and bottom oil pan for Ugly Betty, my Singer 301A. A quick check of return addresses told me that yes, THOSE had both arrived.

But the others?!

One package was from my friend Karen Eckmeier in Connecticut! Oh how fun. She is so sweet to send me packages! When I saw her last at the Virginia Consortium of Quilters, she had thought ahead and BROUGHT me a box and propped it by my door ---SWEET! I love seeing what she sews with. Can you read the notes? They say:

Hey Bonnie,

Here are more scraps. If you don’t want them, please give them to your students.

Don’t WANT them?! Who is she kidding?! :cD

Second, there as a HUGE Priority box, and for the life of me I couldn’t guess who was sending me this heavy box, nor what was in it.

mickey 068

Can you see how big this is? It’s propped up next to my studio chair.

mickey 069

Oh Boy!!!

mickey 070

I think she packed this box as full as she could get it!

The short story is – these are from my friend Jan! We met when I visited their guild in Harlingen TX close to 2 years ago ----and we discovered that we both have Minnesota roots! ((You can take the girl out of Minnesota, but you can’t change the way she SAYS MINN-A-SOOOOOOO-TA!

They are selling their place in MN, and moving permanently to TX and are downsizing ---look how fun! Lots of Blacks, Browns, Neutrals and Golds, and I do spy some Lime and Turquoise in there---

Oh, the possibilities! How can a girl be so lucky to be gifted twice in one day with fabulous scraps?

nearlyinsane 076

And that wasn’t all! The next box was long and narrow…..and I was completely stumped. I didn’t recognize the name or address at all…but I dug right in!

Those of you who have watched Quilt Cam will get this…those that don’t --- you now will!

There are times when we’ve had a rather long sew-along Cam time that I’ve had to make an escape for the facilities. I called it intermission! And so we didn’t have just a view of an empty chair for those who were tuning in, I put a sign on the BACK of my chair saying that it was intermission and that I’d be right back.

Okay. So it was functional, but not really aesthetically pleasing!

Well, Lynn in FL got busy.

nearlyinsane 077


She made me an intermission sign for the back of my chair ----HYSTERICAL!

And she put me and the monkey on there. ((No comments from those of you who can’t stand the monkey please…this is MY LIFE! I wouldn’t have changed that moment for anything!)) And an image of my beloved R.I.P Featherweight. What a great way to memorialize her when she was at her finest!

You guys..these spools are tiny!

These are 2” spools!

And I thought the 3” ones we are doing as leader/enders were eensy – HA!

The best part of all? All these scraps were salvaged from small pieces destined to be dog bed stuffing...

nearlyinsane 079

Thank you so much Lynn ---this just makes me smile so much!

Quilters really ARE the best, you know?


  1. so cool! i love to get packages, too. makes me feel special! haha.

  2. Love that Lynn was so thoughtful to make that for you! Very cool...she must be your number two fan, lol!

  3. That is so neat!! What a great group of friends you have. I love the quilt cam, have learned so much from it. Ramona from Maine

  4. Does that mean that you have to keep doing the cam? Everyone enjoys it so much. It is like each of us are the only one there with you, but the screen reads 437 or so people watching. Keep up the good work... My Tumale Trail center is complete, that I started at Hershey in July. Now for the borders. Donna, LEH, NJ

  5. Anonymous5:32 PM EDT

    I must've missed something about the monkey, but it made me smile! I assume he represents the jungle...the fabric jungle! ;). Well, that is how I'd describe my house when I quilt.

  6. I've been enjoying the quilt cam as well. You have some very sweet friends!

  7. Lynn in FL is a real sweetie! I am a new fan of yours and just started following your blog about a month ago. A person I met on RuneScape (the on-line game I play) had the name of QuiltyLady123. I commented on her name and we instantly became Facebook friends. She had you liked on her account and I went to check you out. I'm very glad I did. I sure hope that you plan on continuing your quilt cam as I have yet to catch you on line! Looking forward to seeing you!

  8. This banner is AWESOME!!!!!

  9. Sue in Scottsdale, AZ6:00 PM EDT

    How cool is that to receive all those scraps and Lynn in FL did a great job on your Intermission sign. I can't wait until the time changes and then I'll only be 2 hours behind you and, hopefully, will be able to catch your Quilt Cam time more often. When you were coming on at 9 pm your time, I could see you, 8 pm your time is my family dinner time and I miss you. Only a few short months to go and, hopefully again, I'll be able to see you more often. Yeah!!!!!

  10. Love your intermission quilt. And aren't new scraps just the best? I bought two scrap bags today and can't quit thinking about them.

  11. wheee! fun intermission sign too.

  12. How cool is that??? I don't mind you and the monkey, just not for me! However I only get a few shivers now when I see you and the monkey! :) seriously it's a really neat present!

  13. Fun mail day--and Lynn's gift is so clever, and thoughtful. Perfect!

  14. What an amazing and creative friend is LYNN!!! So fabulous to get surprise fabric in the mail!

  15. WOW - what goodies you got today! Your "Intermission Quilt" is just perfection! Lynn certainly did pay attention to the details! Terrific job!

  16. This makes my eyes leak! So sweet! (leaking eyes! Maybe I need a nap! Lol!)

  17. I love the sign! Too funny. I love getting packages in the mail, but surprise packages are the best! :-))) Mary

  18. Linda LaRose6:36 PM EDT

    My thanks to LYNN also for the intermission sign! You DO have wonderful fans. And I always like to see scraps - sometimes the colors that spill out are the germ of a new idea or solve a color problem of a quilt in the planning stages.

  19. Anonymous6:46 PM EDT

    That is one cute intermission sign!!! It makes me think of an old Carpenters song "We'll be right back......we'll be right back .....after we go to the bath room!!!" Joy in AK

  20. Anonymous6:46 PM EDT

    Hello Bonnie, From a Minnesota girl!....well, OK MN ol' lady. I have missed where in MN you lived..? When you find time, email me. joyus62@hotmail.com. I love your work. Have only said "anonymous" when I posted previously. Can't figure how to get on blog, my kids your age are too busy to come home and teach me, LOL. Keep up the good work. Joyce

  21. Great job Lynn and so thoughtful :D I'm trying to find you ON CAM occassionally but the timing and my chores outside aren't coordinating yet.
    I can't seem to find the time to write a daily blog, but am trying to be better, but once spring hit, I had a hard time sitting still much less remembering to do it! But after you blog from yesterday about verification, I promise to make sure I don't have that !

  22. OMG, Lynn in FL is too funny--and talented.

  23. Anonymous7:15 PM EDT

    Love, love that intermission sign, monkey and all!!! Pat

  24. Hey Bonnie!~ REALLY enjoyed your class in Aiken. I just got home. Stayed over in Aiken, just rested , drove home today.
    Ill be watching your quiltcam tonight, working on my quilt blocks.

  25. you are so lucky to receive scraps - That's exactly what I'd say, give scraps away, you have got to be kidding! A girl never has too many scraps to make scrappy quilts with. lol Enjoy!

  26. The intermission sign is priceless! With a current photo, too!

  27. So, now I have a question. Why do you have the sign saying "I am a big spool of thread?" Is it not evident? I hate to think what else people think it is???
    Lurking Linda

  28. I absolutely ADORE your new Intermission sign. That was really sweet of her to make for you.

  29. Love the intermission sign! It totally looks like you! Or rather something you'd make...well not that small, but you know what I mean!

    Anybody have an idea as to why my photo doesn't show on Bonnie's site. It does on other blogs.

  30. Lynn rocks! That chair sign is amazing!

  31. Bonnie thanks...I'm so happy you like the sign...and THANKS to everyone here for your kind words. Sometimes I just get inspired with an idea and I've learned to 'go with it' - I wish it would happen more often (so I'd get more things done - LOL) ~ I'm a hopeless 'scrapkeeper' - and enjoyed working 'outta the dog bag'..hahaha...I've challenged myself to make a few more things with the leftovers from the leftovers .. heheh...good thing I like to work "small". Enjoy!

  32. Glad to see that you got the box of "Goodies" from MN! Thanks so much for sharing your quilty life with us! Still haven't caught the "CAM" but I'll keep trying!

  33. Living in the West I am having trouble tuning in for quilt cam. I'm usually at work until 6 or so. I'm going to try to tune in. What fun!

  34. LOVE IT!! What a clever and thoughtful lady :)

  35. Nothing better than a fun mail day! I LOVE getting scrap bags in the mail - such fun. And your "Intermission" quilt is so perfect - what a creative idea!

  36. You are loved Bonnie! It is always fun to get mystery packages! Have fun with your scraps and your fun new intermission sign!

  37. L love it!! Great scraps for your stash. The best intermission sign I have ever seen.

  38. Bonnie - It is amazing that people send you such fun stuff. I love that she took the time to make it for you. (Yet as a native Texan, I'll cringe every time I see your new intermission sign; she spelled y'all wrong.)
    I look forward to seeing you on QuiltCam though!!

  39. That's how they spell ya'll in the deep South, A3M Hagees...Georgia, Alabama, Florida, etc. LOL
    My dear aunt from PA actually says "yous alls"...now THAT will make you cringe :-D


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