Saturday, September 15, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! Hello, Chicago!

It's a totally terrific gorgeous day in Chicago!

I landed just a bit ago. I have an hour til my next flight.

I'm scrounging up something "just enough" for lunch because I know there will be dinner tonight---and I'm hoping for a Culver's pit stop!

Hexie progress update: only FOUR more rows to go and this last section is done done done!!

I can hardly stand it---I want this finished so bad!

Did I ever mention how I love public displays of piecing? I love what a conversation starter it is.

I just sat next to a lady who is on her way to Lexington KY and she says quilting is on her bucket list and she's even got a couple pinterest boards with ideas.

I told her I would be in Lexington and Shepherdsville NEXT week and invited her to the show! I sure hope she comes----

And with that, I'm back to piecing!

Next stop: Fort Wayne!


  1. I just love the picture you've included! I know what you mean about piecing in public. Enjoy the rest of you trip!

  2. While piecing my 8 pointed stars, everyone would always ask, "What's it gonna be?", so I finally printed a pic of the quilt I had as inspiration. Non-quilters just could not comprehend what I was talking about! Plus, when I'd tell them I needed 363 of the stars.....that put them right over the edge! Ha!

  3. Anonymous3:05 PM EDT

    I am with you two, I love piecing in public - and I am sure the two of you carry along some kind of handwork to do during these times when you have nothing to do but wait. I know I try to. I am working on my balloon blocks - 23 1-inch circles for each bouquet(how do you spell this darn word?) and 12 blocks for the project - I am on block #6 ...

    Bonnie, I remember you showing during one of your cam times some Command strips that you use - I didn't get back to my screen fast enough to see what you held up for us -- when you get home -- and if you remember -- can you show us with a picture on your blog? I don't always catch cam time.

    And, while I am asking questions, what do I do so I am not always anonymous? I don't have a website or blog ... and, I am not brave enough to figure it out on my own ... computers really do scare me!

    Sue, Aloha, OR

    1. Hi Sue in Aloha! I am Cynthia in wilsonville! I find the scotch mounting strips at my local office depot. Be sure to get the strips not the tabs.

  4. Ooooh, it's lookin' good Bonnie! Can't wait to see that hexie quilt ALL together!! I know you are anxious too... We're all waiting with baited breath.. it's such a beauty!

  5. Fort Wayne??? You are here???
    Go check out the Appleseed Festival!
    I will see you tomorrow!!

  6. I know what you mean about piecing in public being a great conversation starter! English Paper Piecing is perfect for that. So I'll join the chorus: "What's it going to be?" Looking good, BTW.

  7. Welcome to Northern Indiana and yes the day has been gorgeous! I am looking forward to meeting you and enjoying a day with my quilt friends learning and having such fun! Safe travels to you!

  8. Hey Bonnie-Gosh you are traveling again!
    I have a question-in all your spare time...
    What do you think of this quilt-I found it in an antique store while on vacation. Here's a link to my blog post:
    Not sure if this will work, but I think it is vintage, but it is in such pristine shape!

  9. I finished hand quilting a small wall hanging for my mom while my dad was having surgery a few months ago. It seemed to help distract everyone in the waiting room. Plus, one of the nurses offered to donate some fabric she inherited to the local Senior Citizen's Center where Mom and Dad both volunteer. Win all around!

  10. So Bonnie what are you going to do when you travel and that top is done?

  11. Yes, I never meet a stranger!~ I tell ya, the nicest people are quilters!
    I am so happy for you to be finishing this big accomplishment. That is a big qulit!~
    Safe travels.

  12. I'm going to see you in Lexington and in Shepherdsville! Woo-hoo! Can't wait! They called me from Shepherdsville to see what I wanted for dinner and I said that I was getting to see you, I'd be happy with cheese crackers!

  13. Cindy, The Purple Quilter9:10 AM EDT


  14. I love the comments I get when sewing in public places. My favorite was a man who told me his wife does that knitting too. LOL Awesome (well I did have a needle).
    I make mini quilts for our guilds silent auction and people often ask "well, what do you do with them"? Maybe a picure is a good idea.

  15. The next time you're in the Milwaukee area, you have to try Kopps. Hands down they have the BEST custard ever!! In my opinion it's better than Culvers. Kopps has 2 flavors of the day evert day. That should give you something to look forward to, Bonnie.

  16. Public displays of piecing :0) Someone asked me if I was making a tapestry once when I was hand sewing on an airplane.


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