Thursday, September 06, 2012

My Friend Pat & Moda Candies Give-Away!

This morning….as I was sleepily trying to get my morning going after finally sleeping all night from 10pm to *ahem* nearly 9am… ((I sure hope this is the last push to get my body clock back to its normal time zone!)) I got a cute message on my phone from my friend Pat Sloan telling me how excited she is to be included in a special blog hop today! Have you seen her new “Eat your fruits & veggies” fabric line? It is so cute!

I want to help spread the news, because there are some really cute give-aways going on ---including Pat’s!

Join the moda designers for an adventure as we celebrate National Sewing Month.

Pat writes:

For 10 days, there will be 1 post from 3 different designers showcasing different styles, projects and what is going on in their life- hopping all over the globe to visit each hometown.

I think this is the BEST PART of the hop.. learning where the designers live and see what they want to share with us (just a hint... Barb and Mary of "Me and My Sister" was yesterday and they are goof balls.. really.. check them out!)

Many of the stops are going to include a chance to win something yummy from the designers... include something from me.. maybe TWO somethings.. just because I love you that much. Let's get ready to enjoy all things Moda!

You gotta check this out..she’s shown great pics of where she lives, the place she gets her hair cut, the train station, places she frequents and haunts. You know, we are all “normal” people with normal lives just like everyone else, and it’s fun to see what goes on in each other's worlds!

Click HERE to get to Pat’s Post.

What is she giving away??

Pat sloan my moda precuts

Besides the free pattern linked in the post--- She's giving away

  • 3 of the new "candies"
  • 1 batik FQ Bundle
  • and 1 Cotton Layer Cake!!!

PLUS you have an extra chance at a Batik Jelly roll HERE (go ahead... click and take a chance)

Aurifil thread giveaway

PLUS each winner will receive an Aurifil Thread Sampler similar to this one!

Head over to Pat’s Blog and leave her a comment answering this question:

"What is your town's MOST FAMOUS thing to eat? OR Best PLACE to eat? ... don't forget to name your town!"

And tell her Bonnie sent you!

Good luck everyone!

So what have *I* done today? I made an appointment for my yearly mammo. That’s late next week before I go to Indiana.

I made an appointment for physical therapy. And that starts TODAY! at 4pm Eastern time. Okay – I’m trying not to be scared, but this leg HURTS and I’m afraid what they are going to do to it. Still. I want it to get better, so I am going. Send good thoughts please!

Depending how I feel I’m hoping to have some Quilt Cam time tonight –usually around 8pm-ish Eastern time. Let’s hope it goes well!

Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. Good wishes go to you at PT today and I am sending your last blog to Daughter #2. She is a Police Officer and she too has been told she has a bulging Dics from an accident.

  2. Good luck with the therapy, it will help really it will.
    Plus they'll probably give you a nice heat treatment before or after :0)
    thanks for all the Moda news.........I'm on it :0)

    Happy Sewing

  3. Thats a nice give away. One of mt favorite places to eat is Swiss Chalet in Moncton NB.

  4. Thinking about you and your leg pain a lot lately! I am seeing a chiro for a similar problem and can relate. I hope the PT helps. I may have to go that route at some point. Hugs!

  5. My hubby has had sciatica for over a year, and he started PT a few weeks ago.....it's done wonders! He's hard got any pain left, and he has one more appt where they'll teach him to stretches and exercises to do at home to keep the therapy going. Good luck today! I have a good feeling about it for you!

    And thanks for the links to Pat's giveaway! Yummy!

  6. Bonnie, don't be afraid of physical therapy. I had to have some after I tore a rotator cuff in my shoulder last year. They don't make you hurt, they make you move until it gets JUST to the point that it hurts and then you back off. The idea is to gently move and stretch out the injured parts to keep them from locking up, while encouraging healing. You'll do just fine. Be sure to do any home exercises they give you, that's SUPER important! :)

  7. Hi Bonnie. Good luck today. I just finished 2 months of Physical Therapy for sciatica of my right hip and leg. I'm grateful to my therapist for teaching me stretches and exercises that have really helped. I've joined a gym so that I can continue therapy on my own. It feels really good to be using my own body to heal myself.

  8. Thank you for sharing the love!!! if you want some of my fabric for a project just give me a SHOUT!!

  9. Anonymous8:03 PM EDT

    I'm in Waverly and honestly, the small Chinese take-out on the main street is excellent...but there's not much in this little town to speak of. =) I guess there's a bakery called Soprano's that makes amazing rolls and some good garlic pizza too!

    Thanks for a shout out for some nice giveaways!

  10. Here's hoping all went well for you!


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