Wednesday, September 05, 2012

A Visit to UC Silver Artisans!

Bali has some of the most skilled art workers that I have ever seen.

We stopped at a place called UC Silver and took a tour of the work room – here you can see silver workers painstakingly working at their craft. The supplies are simple. Silver, blow torch, tools for bending, molding, shaping ---and the designs are phenominal!

I loved the photo of this guy working there with his feet propped up on the stool. I don’t remember exactly what he was doing – shaping or sizing rings or something…but his pose is quintessential Bali!

bali2 147

Rows of silver artists working in their cubicles. These folks had it lucky – the place had A/C! It was also fun to see girls and guys working side by side. The woman in the front is holding a piece of silver jewelry in her tongs while using the blow torch on it.

bali2 149

Silver wire, a board to work on, some pliers and tweezers…..

bali2 151

A young man works with silver loops.

bali2 155

While the work room is basic…the showroom is exquisite! I loved these dancing ladies that formed the bannister going up the stairs. We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the items IN the show room, but could take an overall view:

bali2 154

See how the ladies continue at the top? It was so cool!

There were earrings and necklaces, rings and bracelets from simple to Oh. My. Word! There were gem stones, precious and semi precious and I think we all found something to come home with us. I’m very simple in my jewelry tastes. I have my basic every day jewelry, and I don’t often switch things out with every outfit. I like easy and simple and casual. But I did find one thing that just had to come home with me. Very much one of a kind….

jewelry 002

I just loved this pendant and chain! The filigree on the top is so delicate and I love that it was worked by hand by one of the artisans I watched. The stone is actually a purple amethyst . I bought the chain to go with it – I liked the texture of the ball chain. The ring that is on the chain is something I added, something I always wear. It’s a simple eternal loop that says “Love Life, Be Brave”. It reminds me that it’s not always easy to get out there and put yourself forward in scary situations, but it is worth it!

bali2 145

The outside of the building was just as fun as the inside…huge golden dragonflies flit on the walls, and more dancing ladies are on the top of the roof along with golden roses and other adornments. It turns out we passed this place several times on our daily jaunts – it was on a major route. We all said “Okay, I know where we are now, that’s the silver place with the dragonflies!”

bali2 156

Yes, this was “voluminous blouse” day ---but I had to pose with some of the dancers while I had a chance!

Today’s routine will include mail order, ordering books from the warehouse for some upcoming teaching and lecturing engagements in Indiana toward the end of the month, a massage, and a dentist appointment. I should have planned better – I should do the massage AFTER the dentist – but my therapist was only going to be available early afternoon, and my dentist appt is after 4pm ---so..we go with the flow and do it!

So far on my One Hour of Needle & Thread challenge – I’ve racked up 4.5 hours! I’m making progress! There are numbers on my calendar sheet. How are you doing with it?

We have several who have joined in and linked up --- see what they are working on HERE at the bottom of the post!


  1. Anonymous9:44 AM EDT

    Love the ladies (statues). What are they made of, so life like. Thanks for sharing. Finished a horse quilt top for a friend's grandson and a sunflower style square for next years (2013) Oxford County Fair raffle quilt last nite. Love the cam visits. Suzanne in Maine

  2. Anonymous10:00 AM EDT

    I have so enjoyed the trip to Bali!!! You have given us the best of everything. No sewing for me today, have to "go to town" that is 70 miles away and get stuff for retreat for Thurs Friday and Sat. 8 of us are going to the lake to sew. It is an annual thing, and way too much fun. I did cut HST last night on web cam tho. So got that done. Have a great day. Jan

  3. I'm up to 3 1/2 hours so far on my hand quilting project. Thankful for the nudge and for quilt cam visits. Mavis in Victoria, BC

  4. I'm so glad you showed your pendant. I was wondering about it after watching QuiltCam this week.

    As for hand work, I'm at 3 1/2 hours. I think that I can finish the hand quilting with another 16 hours, but I don't dare work more than an hour at a time. hum...perhaps I could do 1/2 hour sessions. I'll have to think about that.

  5. Love the dancers. They look like they are straight out of the King and I.

  6. What a wonderful place! That showroom is amazing! LOVE the bannister created by the dancing ladies. Who thinks of something like that?
    Great choice on the jewelry--it is beautiful.

  7. Anonymous10:46 AM EDT

    Gorgeous workmanship and design! Bali Artisians are so talented. The entire place even looks like a dream scene!
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  8. My first thought was how incredibly spoiled we are. We want studios with the latest and greatest to create in and here these talented people create incredible art with the most basic tools and simple surroundings. I could learn a lot from them! They are filled with joy and thankful for what they have. Your pendant is beautiful and will be a beautiful reminder of your amazing trip.

  9. Love the playfulness of that banister. Bali seems to be a very relaxed place to visit.

  10. Wow how wonderful, love the pendant!

  11. What an amazing place. Thanks for sharing the dancer statutes and the visit to the silver artisans. Hand work challenge . . . got back from a Labor Day Weekend trip and started last night with an hour of quilting on a small quilt project that has been unfinished all summer. I started quilting it in the early spring cool weather and set it aside as warm weather and gardening kicked in. Fall is a great time to start up again. Thanks for the challenge.

  12. Hi Bonnie!

    Where exactly is this? Paul & I would love to see this! Well, at least I would. :-)


  13. I've enjoyed reading about your Bali trip and the pendant is beautiful! Also want to thank you for the quilt cam last night. My week isn't going so well and watching you helped cheer me up.

    So far, I've put in 3 hours on my hand piecing project and its on my list for this afternoon.

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  15. Anonymous11:01 PM EDT

    I like the blouse , it looks great on you!
    Debbie R.

  16. Gorgeous architecture!
    I was somewhat surprised to not see the workmen wearing protective goggles while using a blow torch. Wondering if their eyes were being damaged by the light???

    Your necklace is beautiful! So unique and Bali-esque! Every time you wear it, your memories will be refreshed!

  17. That comment above was my thought exactly. That workshop, while fun to see was an OSHA nightmare. No goggles, no gloves, over crowded..probably no health insurance either. I love Bali fabrics but I shudder when I think of the conditions under which they are made. Great to see your photos.

  18. Bonnie, I love the pendant you chose! That is exactly the one I would have chosen. Love the intricate work, the amethyst (my fav stone) and the saying. What a wonderful tangible "memory". Your trip has been amazing! Thank you for sharing it with me. And I happen to love the blouse you hate so much, you looked very balinese in it :) But if you want to pass it on, please pass it my way!
    Sew when you are fondling your batiks and wearing your necklace you can take a trip back to the Bali sunrise in your heart.


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