Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fun in the Antique Mall!

This is where I stopped and found that lovely appliqued hexagon quilt I saw yesterday.

From what I’ve learned, it is English in orgin, with a date of 1830-1860.  It had been loved to shreds.  This quilt meant a LOT to the generations that did use it.

How it ended up here?  That’s the sad part!  If it had been part of my family heritage I would still be cherishing it.  However, they wanted $375.00 for it --- and with its shredded condition it just wasn’t worth it --- but recreating it some day?  Wouldn’t that be great?  Sometimes the pictures I walk away with are better than the purchase of the quilt --- because they inspire me to do new things and get my imagination running.

There were not a lot of good quilts here.  Sometimes you hit the mother lode, and sometimes the pickings are slim, but there were some that made me smile, and that is worth a wander too!

KY_Sept2012 017

An early flying geese quilt, strippy style!

This one also had shredding brown fabrics – but the fabrics themselves were so lovely!

KY_Sept2012 018

Close Up.  OOOOh! yummy!

KY_Sept2012 019

A lovely machine….but they wanted $175.00 for it.  Nope!

With featherweights going up into the $500s, it seems that everyone thinks that any old black Singer is worth a lot too.  This is an ordinary machine, in good condition.  The bentwood case was in beautiful shape, but still.  It’s not rare.  Too much.

KY_Sept2012 023

Lovely Crazy Ann with some of her units going awry!  I love this….there were some blue pinwheels inside, but you can tell from the bottom border that this quilt has seen better days.  What memories it must have held for someone!

KY_Sept2012 024

Irish Chains are always a favorite!

KY_Sept2012 035

Drunkard’s Path variation, 1950s

KY_Sept2012 036

A simple 4 patch on point.  I love the grey/red/pink combo!

KY_Sept2012 038

Now this is fun!  An Electric child’s machine!  This was gorgeous, but again the price (($175.00))
was too much for me to want to spend.  I love the industrial green color though….if the price had been right, this MIGHT have come home with me!

KY_Sept2012 039

Now this old singer made me smile.  I loved the shape of its base.  I couldn’t really get a good view of it though because there was so much junk draped over and around it.  That’s the hard part about looking for treadles and machines in cabinets at malls…it’s a flat surface to be covered with STUFF.  Makes getting to the machine hard.  I petted it down, said hello, imagined its life as a household necessity back in its day, and moved on.

KY_Sept2012 015

Yes, the only thing I took home with me from this visit were my pictures!  And I had to stop by the funhouse mirror and play a bit of silly.  This cracked me up when I was editing it…what looks like a roll around my belly is actually the look of what gravity can do to the boobs over time…LOL!!  Holy cow!  Let’s hope they don’t do that by the time I’m 80!!

It was sure good for a laugh, and I headed out on my way.

As this posts I’m leaving Lexington on my way to Shepherdsville.  Who knows what I’ll find on my drive between here and there?  Stay tuned and find out!


  1. LOL!!! Your last picture and comment is priceless :) I am so there with you if you decide to recreate the hexie quilt, I think it would make a great quiltalong!

  2. HaHa Bonnie - no problems with long legs in that shot - very funny! They should work just fine with your treadle - no bumping into the drawer! Safe travels - Faith

  3. Bonnie, you should be on the new PBS show "Market Warriors" as the sewing machine + textile expert.

  4. I love doing this -- I hunt for the quilts and sometimes they come home, sometimes not. I DID find one I can't put a finger on that I will have to email you a picture of when I do put my hands on it. I found it in an antique mall in Clinton OK. It has brown plaid dresden plates with a red center, which is then placed in the center of another ring of compass or NY beauty points and then put on a square block. I can't decide whether the circle is done first and then put on the square, or actually sewn in a circle and then squared off .. am self dating it early 1900s so far ..

  5. just had a 'out of body' experience, after i read you are on your way to shepherdsville. Yippee! i get to meet you friday evening at the dinner.

  6. Anonymous4:40 PM EDT

    Curious - what were they asking for little green machine? I have two of them. DI IN TN

    1. I can see $175 on the price tag..

  7. Love that picture of you, Miss Bonnie!
    I can't wait to see where the next adventure brings you!

    P.S. Missing the quilt cam - getting very spoiled tuning in at the end of the day.

  8. Anonymous5:26 PM EDT

    Don't you just love old quilts?! Holding them and in someway reuniting with the original maker -- that link. I wonder what she was doing in her life, where she lived, her family, how she got the fabrics used etc. Gosh, if old quilts could only talk lolol. VOLUMES could be written from them.
    Thanks for sharing Bonnie.

  9. Anonymous5:53 PM EDT

    Sometimes I don't understand treadle machine prices. I had seen one at a military base thrift shop. The cabinet looked lime it gad been through war or beat with a bat for $125. I didn't dare look at the machine, but it had a "sold" sign. Just last week I saw one at Goodwill for $75. Pretty rusty and dirty. Something was broken off the top. You are right. You can find them anywhere!

  10. In your honor I posted pictures of my most recent visit to a local Antique Mall in town that I'd not ever been to in the 8 years I've been here. It was fun but way too HIGH prices on the Quilts and Quilt tops. I got some Bow Tie Inspiration though. Check it out when you get home. Safe travel and Happy Trails to you!

  11. Anonymous6:44 PM EDT

    I went to a really neat flea market in Shepherdsville quite a few years ago. Don't know if it's open during the week or not...it's right near the interstate I think. -Lori in Tennessee

  12. I always enjoy your pictures of antique quilts!!

  13. You have a lot more self control than I do!~
    This is like that book I was telling you about, which I cant wait to get!~~ "STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST!10 things nobody told you about being creative"...

  14. Bonnie, you'd be best to just accept the fact that everything IS going south. WAY SOUTH!!!!!!!! Lol. Be safe, but have fun!!!!!

  15. Anonymous8:44 PM EDT

    That singer with the bentwood case? Some of my local Salvation Army thrift stores have mini auctions if they think they have something that will fetch a few extra bucks. There was a nice Singer like that, nice bentwood case, electric machine, min bid $25... nobody bid!

  16. The sweet little green electric in the red case, is just like mine! It's a Betsy Ross! I got mine from older cousin, when I was a little girl and sewed and played for hours!! I still have mine, sitting on a shelf in my sewing room, and it still works!

  17. and now I'm laughing out loud as I have this song stuck in my head and imagining you singing it!! "Do your boobs hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? Can you tie them in a knot? Can you tie them in a bow? Can you throw them over your shoulder like a Continental Soldier?? Do your BOOBS hang low??

    LETS HOPE NOT! not ever! ;) what a funny photo. Have fun while in Kentucky!~ bonnie

  18. Oh dear Bonnie, looks like gravity gets to the best of em...lol.

  19. That fun house picture of you is just cracking me up.

  20. Anonymous12:21 AM EDT

    What a devilish grin on your funhouse photo! Loved the quilt show, and what an unusual Singer with the scalloped base. Stephani in N. TX (tomazec@aol.com)

  21. Love your picture, and your short little legs! It sounds like they were pretty proud of all of their treasures there. I bought that same child's machine on e-bay for around $20! It is really cute!

  22. The Singer with the bentwood case looks just like my mother's, which of course to me is pricelss, however the one with the interesting base, I have never seen one like that, great find. Looks like lots of fun in there. B-)

  23. I have been looking for machine out here (in the west) and they are all priced over $200
    Sad thing is..I've seen boobs that look like that. And I don't think they were 80. Ha!ha!


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