Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Autumn’s Bounty!

I’m in the mood for fall colors!

I just returned from a trip to physical therapy. Yes, I am seeing results, but I also know that some things will always be a constant battle. As Quilters, we are “Seated Chair Victims”.

I knew this from my years as a massage therapist --- Any sitting position puts you in jeopardy of shortened abdominal muscles, and shortened hamstrings ---and then those go on to cause other things because abdominal muscles attach not only to the front of the pelvis, but the front of the spinal column, pulling on them. Same with hamstrings. They connect to the back of the pelvis and below the knee to work both the hip and the knee joints.


And it’s not easy all the time when sitting in planes, and driving in cars long distances.

And it's not easy with hours spent sitting at the computer and the sewing machine either.

But I am working on it. My next trip is a long drive to Lexington and Shepherdsville, Kentucky. I'm planning lots of stops to stretch and walk out the hours of sitting in the car.

Back to THIS topic of Autumn Bounty though ----

YESTERDAY when I woke up in Indiana – the morning was crisp and cool and sweat shirts were a cozy necessity!

It’s gotten that way here in NC too! The rains have come, leaving everything fresh ---and with the cooler temps, the verdant green of summer is turning toward the yellow-green of early Autumn.

I stopped at the grocery to pick up a few things after my appointment ----And what did I see?

autumn 002

GOURDS!! PUMPKINS! MUMS in all varieties!

Don’t the colors of fall make you want to dress in the colors of the season? Make you want to dig into those autumn fabrics and maybe start an autumn leaf quilt? I know I’m dying to work in the warmer autumn tones!

SO I’m giving you a heads up ---I’ll be sewing for QuiltCam time tonight. It may be back on my Cheddar Bowties –at least many of those qualify as Fall colors ----with an orange background! Look for me about 9pm eastern time.

In the mean time between now and then – I’ve got some book orders to get out now that I am back from appointments and then I’ll be working on some Mystery Stuff in the mean time.

I realize that I fell OFF the wagon on Monday ---I was out of town and totally spaced the linky for the One Hour of Needle & Thread time. I’m still working on mine – are you working on yours? We can post our progress this coming Monday. How’s that?

And MORE bounty:


Pieced Hexies is Here!

Along with featuring my friend Tonya Ricucci’s book, Word Play Quilts in my online book store, I’ve added Pieced Hexies! I’m honored that Mickey included me by name in the book, and it’s a great addition to the variety all things SCRAPPY that I want to promote and carry! I’m considering adding other books to the book section as well to round things out.

Anyway –check out the BOOK STORE for my 4 books, Tonya’s Word Play Quilts, and Mickey’s Pieced Hexies! Remember that shipping is FREE in the USA with any order of 3 books or more. You can also purchase my favorite 1/4” seam guide with any book purchase.

See ya tonight at 9pm Eastern!


  1. Such good news that you are seeing some improvement with the PT. I have to take care with muscles, etc too especially working as a nurse.
    I have a handy iron station next to my sewing machine...but I don't use it. I instead get up and go to the regular ironing board so that I will keep working in time that I get up and move around. I may lose a little sewing time...except if my body gets hurt by lack of movement, I would lose a whole lot more time.
    It's also another good reason to have dogs :-) They are excellent motivators.
    boy, I'm wordy today!
    Love the pumpkins and new book :-)

  2. Pieced hexies- how exciting! I have made several hand stitched hexy quilts, but would not have thought of making pieced hexagons!

  3. Glad the PT is helping. When I was working at a desk job I made sure to get up and walk around a little once each hour (drink lots of water and you have a reason to get up so often =)). Hope you find some fun places to stop and walk around on your next trip. Looking forward to your book coming in the mail - I'm one of the orders today. I could have sworn I pre-ordered it. Oh well, it's my anniversary gift to me! Hubby got us a bread machine (he wanted it) and I got your book!

  4. I thought about asking on Monday about Needle and Thread, but you were busy, so I figured it would keep.

    I'm still quilting along, finally approaching the finish line!

  5. Anonymous4:13 PM EDT

    Mystery quilt???? When? Will it be done like you did Orca Bay?
    Safe Travels!

  6. I'm going to try and watch quiltcam. It is at 10.30 am in South Aust. Very civilized time!I've ordered the hexie book along with string fling. Looking forward to getting them both(when it fits in with your schedule to post them. No pressure:)And looking forward to another mystery

  7. Barb Iliff6:20 PM EDT

    Received my Pieced Hexie book and am anxious to get started on some of those ideas. Glad you got your mammogram and are doing your PT. If you don't take care of yourself, we won't be able to share your life! lol

  8. Anonymous7:26 PM EDT

    I received the Pieced Hexies book that I won and it is great Thanks ever so much for the chance to win.

  9. Anonymous7:33 PM EDT

    So glad your PT is working for you. Mickey is going to be at the Plano Texas Quilt Guild next month and I am going to take her Pieced Hexie workshop - yippee!!!!!
    Take care,
    Karen W.

  10. it is difficult to get up and move when on a sewing roll; but we NEED to. can't wait thill you are in Atlanta next year. I am LOVING my cheddar bow ties.

  11. I have two friends coming to your eastern Ky workshop! They are SO excited and can't wait for it! Have a great time in Kentucky! Our state is gorgeous!


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