Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mountains of Scraps, Masses of Fun!

This photo was taken from a moving vehicle THROUGH the window ---on our way to Elkhart from North Manchester yesterday morning for our Crumbs workshop day with the Maple Leaf Quilters of Goshen!

It was one of “THOSE” mornings.

I had gotten in late the evening before after the lecture here in North Manchester----set the alarm on my phone….did some computer work….and then instead of switching the alarm for on, mistakenly put the phone on airplane mode instead.

I woke up and stared at the clock.


6:50 AM?


I was being picked up at 7am ----

I had ten minutes to pull it all together and meet my traveling girls downstairs ----you never saw anyone fly so fast in your life!

But this sunrise---I’m so happy we didn’t miss this sunrise! It’s the first sunrise I’ve seen since returning from Bali ---and isn’t it just beautiful with the farm buildings in the field? Good Morning, Indiana! Yes, I’m awake now!

Our class day was so fun….I have never seen so many women bring SO MUCH FABRIC for a 6 hour workshop..LOL!! Much digging, much laughing, much sharing of the fabric and the stories that went with the scraps.

A yummy “Carry In” lunch was provided. Not being from Indiana --- when they said it was “Carry In” – I thought that meant I was supposed to bring my own lunch in a brown paper bag --- but no Carry In in these parts means pot luck --- and whooooeeeee! We had SO much food!

Here are the photos from yesterday’s class. There are many of them…and while these are uploading on my end here, I’m packing up all my stuff and getting ready to head to the airport!

I’m on my way home.

Dear Indiana --- thank you for taking me into your heartland!


  1. I'm so glad you're coming back to Indiana in March!

  2. how much fun is that!

  3. It has been so much fun reading about and seeing pics of your Indiana exploits. I enjoyed your lecture the other day. I have 2short questions. 1) do you ever use magazine paper for your strings? 2) I notice your crumbs are not sewn on a oundation. Is that because they're smaller?

    It was lovely meeting you.


  4. Anonymous3:22 PM EDT

    Bonnie K Hunter! lol You have made a STRIPPer out of me, and I feel CRUMBY!!!! rofl

    Once you start strip quilting, it becomes the ONLY thing you want to do. Then, mix in the CRUMBS! Mercy - Have Mercy!!!! ;)

    Wish I was with the girls in these photos. They look like a fun loving bunch of real strippers to me. Can't wait to see the quilt they make ... wild for sure.

  5. Cindy, The Purple Quilter4:20 PM EDT

    AWESOME!!! Love seeing all those beautiful fabrics playing so nice together!

  6. Looks like fun!

    Did I miss the linkie for week 2 of Simply Needle & Thread?

  7. now those are some scrappy quilts! love it!

  8. Wow! Lots of LOVE in those scraps. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of what "crumbs" look like. Can't wait to try it. Fun!

  9. Hi Bonnie, One of the things I appreciate [*LOVE*] about your blog entries is the local-isms (like carry-in = potluck, for example). Of course, that's just ONE of the things...I also am grateful for your scrap-user's system, leaders and enders, all of your books and free patterns, and of course quilt cam when you are able to sew with your followers. Thanks for doing all you do! I am looking forward to November and the new mystery! ~~Lisa

  10. aww I just moved to indiana a week ago. Sad I missed this.

  11. I adore these quilts in progress. I love the letters, hearts and funky, wonky stars and strings. I'd love to see the finishes that come out of this group.

  12. That group certainly did bring fabric! Looks like lots of fun.

  13. I always love your slideshows because I feel like I'm right there in all the fun! Thank you so much for sharing all these pictures with us!
    Also, a HUGE "thank you" to you for requesting that bloggers get rid of that awful word verification nonsense. Several of my favorite blogs are now easy to add comments to. Thanks!


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