Sunday, September 30, 2012

Simply Star Struck in Shepherdsville!

Dear Santa:

Is it too early to ask you for a little machine like this one?

I’ve seen these a few times in my travels and they always make me smile.

Their foot pedal is air-controlled.  The size is compact with just enough stitches to do just about anything a quilter would want.  The extension table is metal ----no breaking this baby off.

And shoot!  Who wouldn’t want a machine with a handle that makes it look like a hand held kitchen mixer?!!!! 

This is the Bernina Nova 900.  They were made in the mid 1980s and only for a few years.  Who knows, if I keep looking, I might cross paths with one at a price I want to afford at some point.  It would be a great travel machine as it is completely mechanical and there are no circuit boards to shake loose on long car trips.

This little beauty weighs only 15 lbs.

So many machine-dreams, so little time!

Here are the photos from yesterday’s Star Struck workshop.  Such great quilts are going to come from these ladies.  Each and every quilt is so different from the next.  These ladies were on a mission to get as much done in a 6 hour class as they could and by the middle of the afternoon you could really see that their dedication was paying off!
Dear Bluegrass Quilt Fest ---Thank you so much for inviting me to teach at your show.  I had a wonderful time, and you put on  a terrific show at a great venue.  I’m happy to be coming back in September of 2017!  My only wish is that it could be sooner.

It’s a travel day home for me.    I’m NC bound, but before I really head out on the road I have a short stop to make in Louisville, KY to meet up with a quilter who made me an offer I’m afraid I can’t refuse!  And that’s all that I’m saying for now ----

Catch you from the road!


  1. Have a safe trip home. Wish we could have met while you we're here! :)

  2. Love, love, LOVE! The homespun fabric one, as well as the. Purple and green one! But all are gorgeous! Safe travels Bonnie, hope to catch you on BonnieCam!

  3. A good time was had by all. Safe travels.

  4. Bonnie, It always amazes me when I attend a class, or look at photos like yours how even though everyone is making the same block, they are all so different.The creativity is just fabulous! Sometimes it even makes me crazy. I choose colors, and then look at things other people have done and wonder and fret: maybe I should have done that instead! How does the saying go? "Sew many quilts sew little time!" Thanks again for sharing all you do. While I really love when you share your trips (I live vicariously through you) I will be happy to see you back on quilt cam!

  5. Bonnie, you are such a gift from the heavens above for giving so much of your self to ALL of us. One day I hope I get to actually meet you in person. Keep on smiling, drive carefully and oh by the way, you are such a tease! Can't wait to see what the surprise is.
    ps. I'm having some major quiltcam withdrawl...... just so ya know ;D

  6. Each time I watch your slide show from a class it never ceases to amaze me at the beauty and variety of all the blocks and the fact that I love them all!!! :) Thanks so much for sharing so much and inspiring all of us in so many beautiful ways.

    Have a beautiful and safe trip home. Looking forward to hearing about your surprise!!!!

  7. I love all the combinations they made, but I'm really drawn to that red/white/blue one at the end! FUN!

  8. Thanks for the lessons!!!!

  9. So many pretty blocks, it would be impossible to pick a favorite!

    So glad you've enjoyed Kentucky. I think we have a gorgeous state, but so is North Carolina!

    Safe travels home!

  10. I have one that I got in 1980 that is exactly what you describe. Then I got a 153QE that I passed on to my daughter when I got my 440QE. Thanks to you, now I also have a 1935, 1941, and a 1950 featherweight. Oh and a 1953 301. My husband worked for Bernina in Chicago back in the '70's, so he has gotten interested in the feather weights and is having fun fixing and maintaining them.

  11. I was really happy to see the slideshow today as I'm taking the Star Struck workshop you are offering in late November (Michigan). Can't wait!! Makes me want to sort through my stash right now and get ready!! Travel safe and looking forward to a Quiltcam visit sometime this week (fingers crossed)!!

  12. I've been looking for another sewing machine - preferably one for retreats and such, but one that could stand in place of my main machine if it were down (which it has been since late July!) and this Bernina may just be it. Now to find one!

  13. I have officially stopped looking for my Featherweight. I can't store and use anymore. I have two or three back-ups now. That machine reminds me of my Mother's Bernina. I was made after her's though. Same color! Have a safe trip home, with your short side trip. Short, I presume she has something to show you or is it Kentucky BBQ??

  14. Should't have looked at that slide show...I did have plans for today, scrap scrambling may be what I'll be doin' now. Looks like there are several machines on E-bay...Just sayin' :).

  15. Bonnie, I have wanted to attend one of your classes for so long and Shepherdsville is only a 45 minute drive for me but I have been sick and couldn't attend. Hopefully next time I will be able to come. Happy travels!

  16. The motor on my mom's Singer 401A (I think that is what it was, it had cams) burned out a couple of years ago. She hasn't sewn in years but I used it when I visit her. I've been thinking of a replacement and maybe you've help me find another option! I've meant to tell you for a long time thank you for posting photos for your classes blocks. I really appreciate your time and effort to do so. It is like a show and tell and always very inspirational for me. I'm amazed at the variety of fabrics I see, most that I've never seen before and rarely any pieces I own.

  17. I'll take one of those little Bernina's too.
    I love my 1030 and would love the lighter model.
    So when you find one I hope you find two and let me know :0).

    Happy Sewing and safe travels, I hope you are home now,
    I'm getting ready to move to NC this coming year :0)

  18. Your wish makes me smile :-)

  19. Those purples really SEND me! I have been saving purples for a while now and can't wait to finally get around to deciding what I want to make with them.
    I love all the quilt blocks on the bldgs! SMART little town!`
    Our little towns here can't all get together on anything. So much potential here for something like that. However, the folks who have been here forever do not want any change.

  20. Maybe I can get this to work this time--have to keep trying! Want to let you know how much we appreciate you and love to hear about your travels and classes! I keep working on scraps all the time, my favorite thing to do, so of course, love your patterns and all you do. Thanks so much for just being Bonnie!


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