Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kitting, Sewing & The Journey!

I spent some time yesterday kitting up the parts I needed for Jubilee blocks.

I got to sew two of these together in the evening while we were having fun with the QuiltCam ---and yes, it took longer than it would have if I were not trying to talk and sew and answer questions at the same time, but you know?

It’s not always about getting things done the fastest. It’s about enjoying the process.

While I was in Bali – I walked through our hotel passing the same poster hanging on the wall every day. On the poster were scenes of different activities from the area that were available every day – dining, swimming, beach scenes, you get the idea. But at the bottom of the poster was the most AMAZING four words that just hit home with me.

bali5 045

You ARE the journey!

How many times have we been told to “enjoy” the journey as if it was something outside of ourselves? This hit me so hard that as I walked past this poster, I’d touch these words as I made my way down the hall to my room.

Repeat it to yourself: YOU ARE THE JOURNEY. To myself: I AM THE JOURNEY. It takes on a whole new meaning ----Everything good or bad or long or hard or easy or frustrating –everything is part of the whole, but the journey doesn’t stand alone without YOU. It doesn’t exist WITHOUT YOU.

Okay, so this was my major epiphany ---how am I going to tie it into this post?

Yes, it took me longer to sew the blocks because I was multitasking at the time, but I enjoyed it so much more that the time it took didn’t matter. This is the journey I chose. Not to rush through it.

jubilee 067

These are the two blocks I finished last night!

jubilee 072

These are the kitted up parts for the four blocks that remain.

Yes, We ARE the journey ----and I hope to get to sew these this evening, but my afternoon is waning away and I’ve got a physical therapist appointment this afternoon that is going to get me out and about ---I have some other errands to run too, so hopefully this will fall on my plate LATER!


  1. Carol R.1:53 PM EDT

    I definitely need new glasses... read kitted as knitted lol. Enjoyed the 'show' last night.
    p.s. I'm the one who sent the pic of my puppy draped on my shoulder :). He's a mini maltipoochi - maltese, poodle and chihuahua.

    1. Carol.... lol..... I read it as knitted too.... and after reading your comment went back up and looked again! diana

  2. Anonymous2:20 PM EDT

    Yes indeed , life is about the journey and not the destination. We live this every day.....as we live, work, play, travel, and yes, quilt in our 31' vintage Airstream travel trailer. We do all this in less then 240 sq feet! We have learned no matter what our destination is ....it's the journey there that often provides us with the greatest insight and adventures in the wonderful country. While in the 3 years of traveling fulltime in an RV we have learned so much...our greatest lesson has been meeting the people and learning so much about the different cultures in this country

    And yes I quilt....I travel 2 sewing machines....my 1976 Bernina 830 and my 1940 something Featherweight. Thank you so much for sharing through your blog and quilt cam. I do miss my quilt guild and you have helped to fill that void. It so much fun to parked on a beautiful lake or in the mountains and tune into your lessons and adventures. Thank you again.


  3. Your blocks are looking GREAT!!!

    1. Randy I am loving this most recent batch of blocks!

  4. Right. It's not the destination, but the journey that counts. The quilting journey is all about the time with your fabric, thread, needle and machine. For instance, ripping out seams that don't please you for whatever reason--it's part of the journey. It seems like you are not moving forward at that point, but really it's a chance to let your mind wander a bit while you do something less precise or demanding. It's too bad we so often have deadlines so that we cannot always enjoy the journey/process. Thanks for sharing that Bonnie, I really like it. I am the journey.

  5. i'm glad you put those two blocks up side by side because i ended up getting a pop up commercial last night when you showed them! they sure are looking good together.

  6. You are so right! Thank you for reminding me of this. I enjoy sewing along with you on Quilt Cam.

  7. They look good and the kits will make it easy to sit and sew one or all four up quick tonight. It was fun to 'see' how you store your accessories and tips on the Ironing table from the TV tray.

  8. Well, my mind just bent! What i understood from your post is worlds apart from what i generally think. I am much more a process than product person, so i intuitively understand " it is the journey, not the destination that counts,". But this is worlds apart from "i am the journey" this new understanding highlights the wonderfully unique repositories of life experiences each of us is. So precious. I find it freeing and impowering. I wlll be pondering this for a long time! I just knew your trip to Bali was & i imagine will continue to be a life altering event. I am thrilled you share it with us. Thanks.

  9. Just returned today from a trip to the Adirondacks and on the plane two other women were sewing hexies. What an influence you have been Bonnie. I missed your web cams while in the mountains so looking forward too tonight

  10. i tell you what...you said it girl!~ It is going to be SO interesting the day I die, to see what it was all about... what a winding road I've been down on my short 45 years. Some hard times, lots of good and happy, ALWAYS learning, always wondering what is next, always hopeful and thankful. So much to be thankful for. I've had trouble with FAITH. That has been my struggle. Just TRUSTING that things will always be okay. Hard to let go and not "WORK" at life, I was always the one to MAKE EVERYTHING HAPPY AND COME TOGETHER... It's strange to say, but it's all falling into place within the last year or two and it feels so wonderful, but it's hard to stop WORRYING. You know what I mean...

    Hey, tell me about these blocks. Are you making another Jubilee? I missed something. Maybe at some point I'll figure it out. Don't take a lot of extra energy to answer my question. I'll reread and try to figure out. Your blog is so jam packed with info!~ Hard for me to keep up!~ I love it.

    I like your input on life with your quilting. I think Bali was very inspirational to you. I think Australia is going to be also. In a very creative, colourfufl way... Travel is good.
    That was the best gift my father ever gave us kids, the gift of travel. XO

  11. We are the journey! i love it!

  12. Anonymous9:01 PM EDT

    Thank you! I am the journey! I am a "journey" person, but this is a great new twist. Thank you for always, always giving me something to think about. Continue to enjoy your journey and know I am glad yours intersects with mine.

  13. Love your blocks.... not choices I would pick, yes I am one of those matchy girls. But, your quilts are so interesting.... your INSANE quilt is amazing... each block is a work of art!

  14. These remind me of "Nearly Insane"!

  15. This reminds me of "Nearly Insane"!


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