Thursday, September 06, 2012

At the Phyisical Therapist---

You know you live in a small town abs LIKE it when you arrive at a new office, are asked for your insurance card and realize that you left it at the computer from when you called to make the appointment in the first place.

Yes---I left home without my wallet!

They said, no problem, just bring it next time.

I said--but I have no credit card to pay my copay.

They said. That's okay, just bring it next time!

Other than the mortifying realization that I am sriving around without my drivers license--yes, it's in the wallet too---I think I will like this place!

But then, they haven't started working on me yet-----

Still, so far, so good!


  1. Anonymous4:28 PM EDT

    I live in a large city. I was nearly late for a haircut and confessed to my stylist that I had forgotten my checkbook and gone back to get it. She told me I could have mailed her a check, it wasn't a big deal.

    I think you can develop relationships and trust with businesses that you patronize whether you live in a city or small town.

    Physical therapy requires repeat visits, they had confidence you would return.

  2. I love it! Things like that sure generate good feelings. You might be sore afterwards, but they sound like good people.

  3. New office, love the way you were treated.

  4. Honey, don't feel bad. I keep telling myself it must be the sign of the moon instead of this age related thing I keep hearing. Hang in there and laugh at yourself, we're all in this together. :)

  5. That's funny! Not in a bad way, more like a I just forgot my wallet earlier today and it has all my stuff in it to! Except I was in line at Taco Bell and found out when I went to get my debit card ==:0 Had to run home get it and get back so we could get lunch!! lol My kiddo had taken it out of my purse when in search of some gum..... gum now resided on the bookcase.

    1. andersonmallorie@gmail.com sorry, didn't realize it wasn't showing up!

  6. Anonymous6:26 PM EDT

    I wouldn't live anywhere but in a small town. I'm a country girl at heart and am intimidated by towns with too much going on. It's the simple life for me.
    Linda in CT

  7. I went to my dentist today and didn't have my ins card. DH had it last.... but now doesn't know where it is. I've gone to the same guy for 30+ yrs they said to call them....

  8. I ran out to pick up some lunch today and after driving halfway there, I realized that my wallet was still sitting beside the computer, where I left it last night. oooops. Fortunately, Arby's had a special today - a free Turkey Roaster sandwich! But I drove very carefully today - I wouldn't want to get stopped without my driver's license!

  9. Aw yes, small towns are the best. My old hometown was and is a treasure. I had met some people while on a vacation and they mentioned they were going to be in our area later in the year. I invited them to visit but they forgot our name so they went to the local post office, told the clerk they could not remember our name but asked if any one could help. The clerk asked what kind of vehicle we had and they explained we had a motor home and had met them in Branson, MO. The clerk said "Oh, you mean Dave and Kathy M. They live on Dugal Rd. He gave them directions and when they pulled into our drive, they said "Well you told us to ask anyone in town where we could find you, but we were completely floored when they knew who we were looking for by the vehicle you drive" We are still good friends and often laugh about the no-name encounter. Small home towns are the best. kdmadore@centurylink.net

  10. Barb Iliff7:04 PM EDT

    It's amazing how careful you drive and are aware of HOW you drive when you don't have your license with you. Also, have you notice how many policemen are around when you do! lol

  11. There is a quilt shop I follow on fb but had never been to until they posted about a rummage sale on their grounds this summer. I drove the 30+ miles there.......without cash. Silly me. I made purchases from a business that was there and they said just mail them a check. The other group there with a table was a group that works with women at a correctional facility. I didn't even ask them! Luckily the hostess took my debit card in her store. And I remembered to go back and give the first group my name and contact info. We had chatted enough she could've tracked me down through mutual acquaintances but I thought it was the least I could do to give her my name! Duh!

  12. I drove all the way to upstate Vermont for my nephew's funeral and half way back to southern PA I realized my license was sitting in the 'other' wallet on the window sill. Go figure.. I didn't see one state trooper in the four states I traveled in.

  13. I just love it when things like this happen. It makes you realize that 99% of people are wonderful.


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