Thursday, September 06, 2012

Balinese School Days!

Yesterday afternoon I posted a pic of being stuck behind a school bus. Oh so many memories!

That lead me to wanting to share with you some adorable pics of children we encountered in Bali.

Isn’t this little tike cute?

This was at a market stall, the mama was making offerings to sell, and I loved the array of colors and all the fruit.

We had a lot of mangoes, pineapples, and melon for breakfast at the Melia Bali resort, but you know what I really missed? Biting into an apple! Apples do not grow in Bali, so they are rare to find there. I also missed being able to just peel and eat a banana. For some reason, bananas the way we eat them were just not there, although bananas do grow in Bali.

On one of our jaunts ---we parked the bus and walked through neighborhoods, and out into the country to see the rice paddies – to get a feel for what life is like OUTSIDE the limits of the city.

bali3 040

The sky was full of the most beautiful puffy clouds and I loved seeing their reflection in the water of the rice paddies.

bali3 046

Here a farmer works in his field….

The fields are adorned with flags tied to sticks in an effort to scare the birds, much as we would use a scare crow. You can see we had a nice breeze, this one is blowing in the wind! ((See what I mean about magnificent clouds?!))

bali3 044

Along our way we pass homes, large and small. This one is a large home, with likely many generations living together, as noted by the many shrines in the northeast corner of the compound. Look at the "wind chime" It's not a chime! It's another "scare crow" to scare the birds..it's made of computer CDs which reflect light and scare them away!

bali3 014

We pass coconut palms with fruit ready to pick.

bali3 013

Yep! More chickens!

bali3 010

I don’t remember what this fruit was, but it was interesting! Mawa told us about a fruit they call “heaven and hell” fruit because it smells AWFUL but tastes wonderful. NO THANK YOU!!

bali3 003

We walk on to see women carrying huge baskets on their heads. Notice the traditional sarong.

bali3 019

This is Jack Fruit…they grow huge!

bali3 048

We reached the school just as school was letting out for the holiday!

The children are SO CUTE! And I guess they thought we were interesting too….all these big white people! Can you see Mawa in the yellow shirt and cap at the left? This was the ONE DAY that he didn’t wear Sarong. Since it was a long walk day for us, he needed his running shoes too!

bali3 049

The children thought WE were so interesting, they all started to swarm us!

bali3 050

Such sweet faces! They all wanted to practice their English on us!

bali3 051

The girls are adorable! Look at those smiles!

bali3 052

I’ll keep these faces in my heart and memory ---

bali3 053

Since school was out, several of the children walked with us on their way home.

I love dropping back and getting groups from behind. I have learned so much from visiting this magical place, Bali.

The most valuable to me of all was actually getting out of the restorty touristy areas and seeing how real people live. Children are the hope of the future. My wish and hope for these children is that they will see productive, happy lives, whatever they choose to do. I wish the same for my own children.

Someone commented on yesterday’s UC Silver post that it was a shame that there were no Osha regulations. We have to stop forcing our Western culture on others.

I am self employed. There are NO OSHA regulations in my studio!

I also have no health insurance except for what I get from my DH’s job. I don’t have a work related 401k plan, or rules and unions telling me that I have to wear goggles or gloves when I rotary cut or sew. Things are improving world wide…but we have to stop trying to force how things are done “here” on how things are done “there.” The workers are free to wear goggles or gloves if they want. Not all things have to be mandated to the point it takes away our freedom to choose. Things are evolving ---but the biggest thing I have learned is not to judge another culture through our “western” eyes.

This post is late this morning. The Meloxicam the doc prescribed makes me dozy and sleepy – good news? I was in bed before 10pm. Bad news? I woke up at 9am! LOL

Oh well..better late than never!


  1. I agree, for being a free country, we sure do have a lot of rules and regulations that take away our freedom to choose! The children are adorable!

  2. The cd "scarecrow" made me smile--seems sort of incongruous in that setting.
    Love the children--and think it is great that you got to get out of the tourist mainstream and see real life!

  3. Well said Bonnie!
    The schoolchildren are adorable!!

  4. Anonymous10:54 AM EDT

    Traveling with you has been a learning experience, the sites, the colors, and the people are beautiful. You have the perfect attitude when you say we should stop trying to force our way of life on others. Who is to say ours is the right way! Thank you for sharing your views, your time and your travels. You are a very generous and sharing person.
    Lynda Maram, Chicago

  5. Anonymous11:02 AM EDT

    I think that fruit is a Durian. I think a lot of the OSHA regulations is stripping us away from our ability to use common ( or is it uncommon) sense. We should have the freedom to choose, but us Westerner's aren't accountable for our actions. I'm sure if one of their people gets a work related injury, they aren't running to file a lawsuit first.. They made their choice, and they know they are accountable.

  6. Anonymous11:05 AM EDT

    We lose our freedom to choose, in my opinion, and the need for OSHA because there are people who don't think about the consequences of their actions (someone nearby could be injured because you weren't paying attention) and because there are people out there who are quick to file lawsuits for injuries (real or imagined - fault of the company or their own carelessness).
    If workers can responsibly go about their business and companies/business' can provide safe working conditions in other countries (or even here), then leave them alone.
    We have enough problems of our own without having to worry about 'fixing' someone else's anyway.

  7. Wonderful post as always! I always love to get away and see the outskirts of places too, not just the touristy parts. Maybe your body just needed the extra sleep to catch up and reload so you can go go go go for the next week or so. My body does that every now and then too. Kinda like a rechargeable energizer bunny battery. :D

  8. We don't need our regulations everywhere. It takes away from the culture and the "uniqueness" of each place. (I'm in HR so don't get me started.) I've been to many places all over the world. Kids are kids everywhere. They are our hope and our future. Glad you had a wonderful experience.

  9. Having recently read "The Story of Stuff" I think it is important for ALL people to realize what ALL of our actions are doing to the Earth. We all live on this one planet. . . and some of "our" rules and regulations are protecting us here --- but causing untold amounts of harm to "them" in other countries.

    Things need to be fixed all over the world -- toxic conditions or procedures affect all of us no matter where we live.

  10. Yeah, with OSHA, you couldn't have that yellow extension cord running freely across your sewing room floor.....you'd be shut down! lol Those children are all so sweet, and I love that they wanted to practice their English on you all. How fun!

  11. Re OSHA, well said. I'm self-employed and I pay 100% of my health insurance (and it has gone UP with ObamaCare and not down so don't even get me started on that subject!) and don't have a 401K (never had at any job I've had). If and when necessary I work 12 or more hours a day. Also, if and when necessary I was able to take a day off to be with my kids (ill or for fun) or go on school trips with them when they were still at home.

    We American's believe we should legislate common sense which can't be done. You are so right about pushing our western ways on other cultures. People need to be accountable for themselves and the decisions they make. Americans are too quick to try to blame someone else for their own decisions and mistakes and sue.

  12. Cindy, The Purple Quilter5:03 PM EDT

    Preach on sister! :) :) :)

  13. Anonymous2:54 AM EDT

    Hello Bonnie
    I don't think this fruits are durian because they are covered with
    sharp thorns. For me this photo repr├ęsents mangos

  14. Anonymous12:14 PM EDT

    You have stated very well what I have thought for many years and wish our government would listen. Not every one wants our beliefs and cultures and regulations forced upon them just like we don't want theirs forced on us.

  15. Anonymous12:16 PM EDT

    I really enjoyed everyone of your Bali posts, I will never be able to go there and want to thank you for the trip through pictures. It looks like every one had a wonderful time. Thank you again for the trip through your pictures.


  16. Thank you for the pictures of the beautiful children from Bali! I have loved all of your Bali posts, such a beautiful place and I love your perspective on things. I disagree with the sentiments of many comments here, however. I think that OSHA and other government agencies have improved our lives and the lives of many workers in hazardous occupations. They have saved lives and saved people from being crippled for life. I agree with Bonnie, however, that we cannot judge another culture with our values and rules. It is unfair to say we are superior.


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