Saturday, September 01, 2012

Unpacking the Goodies!

I made it home this morning ---and look who was reluctant to give up her seat so I could get in the van? Somehow I think that gaze tells it all --- she thinks it would be fine if *I* rode in the back. She’d claimed my seat while I’ve been gone!

I do feel pretty much like a zombie. My flight out of Los Angeles was delayed, and I missed my connection in Dulles last night, the last flight to Greensboro had up and left without me ---

I have to say that United handled everything VERY WELL.

Can you see it now – the behind the scenes? “That Quiltville woman is on this flight and we screwed up her schedule, we better treat her nice or she will blog about it in an open letter to the Universe AGAIN!”

We were met on board by an assistant who told us they’d already rebooked all of our flights, and were comping us for a hotel for the night, and giving each of us a $10 meal voucher too.

Nothing in the airport was open for food. It was 11pm. We took the shuttle to the Embassy Suites – checked into our rooms….I set my alarm for 5:45 am so I could catch the 6am shuttle back to the airport. Luckily the hotel was only a short 5 minutes away.

Not much is open at the airport at 6am either, but I found a bakery place that had breakfast sandwiches. $5.00. Still have coupon money left. Added two brownies…for the men folk at home.

My 8:15am flight boarded on time. I had an exit row seat. I landed on time in Greensboro, and ALL my luggage made it! How’s that for a happy ending?

Actually, it’s fine that my flight was missed last night. All the little alterations in my schedule are helping me get back to East Coast time zone in small steps.

And --- I got a blissful nap upon arrival home.

I’ve started unpacking the clothes and doing laundry.

I smiled at the fact that there is sand from Bali still on the bottom of my sandals. Bali. So wonderful!

And then. The souvenir unpacking started. The souvenir Tshirts for the boys, the wood carved komodo dragon for DH—the wood carved kitty sculptures for me.

And the fabric goodies! Oh the fabric goodies!

bali2012 653

We stopped at a couple places where they were doing ikat weaving. AMAZING. There is a whole post coming up on that…but they had a shop where they sold stuff made with the Ikat, and this handbag called to me! I never would have imagined what a time consuming art that Ikat fabric is……Oh, I’ll never look at this the same either! Wait til you see!

bali2012 659

Cotton Sarongs in all patterns and colors! These are also batiks, but of a different nature than you might be used to seeing. The fabric is wax stamped, and then the color is placed where it needs to go in layers. BEAUTIFUL fabrics! The blue/white on on the far left is from Java. Most of the others I think are from India. Three of them were picked up on our last shopping day in Ubud. I’m not good at wheeling and dealing with vendors, but it is expected there. Sarongs come in approximately 2 meter lengths…and no, I don’t know what I’m going to do with these, I just love them!

bali2012 654

My meter cuts of batiks from the factory warehouse we hit on the first day!

Do I wish I bought more? Probably. But I have a really hard time buying yardage. I never know if it is going to be enough, or too much or what to do with it. I’m much more happy dealing with things like this:

bali2012 655

I peeled the plastic bag off of one of my scrap bundles…the small one. This cost me about $3.00 US. There is a TON of fabric here, a lot of variety and I feel free to dig into this with reckless abandon! Yardage? It feels “holy” some how..don’t know if I can cut into it! But give me scraps and there is no stopping me...

bali2012 656

Two bags opened up side by side! Now this is more like ME!

bali2012 658

These are not all small pieces…the back part of the warehouse was a shirt factory – women sewing at industrial sewing machines. There are a lot of die cut pieces in here…BIG pieces all stacked with random batik yumminess!

bali2012 657


These pieces were gleaned out of huge bags of scraps and floor sweepings. If it didn’t cost so much to ship, I’d have them send me scrap bags! As it is, I have plenty to work with and am really going to enjoy using the fabric I actually bought in Bali. I will remember digging in the bags, laughing and having a great time with the other travelers on my trip. This fabric has memory, and every time I see it, touch it, cut it, sew it, quilt it – I’ll remember!

Now the work begins – how to STORE these? I’m not sure I want to strip anything down yet. I think I’ll just iron, sort and stack by color family until I figure out what to do.

It’s about 5pm as I write this post. Hmmm…do I have to make dinner?


  1. I bet DH will get you some carry out if you ask real nice :0)

    Welcome, enjoy your labor day weekend
    enjoy your newest treasures!

  2. Anonymous5:20 PM EDT

    So glad you are home safely. I enjoyed all of your posts about Bali. Can't wait to see what you do with your "new scraps".


  3. Beautiful fabric!! Glad you're home all safe and sound!

    Kathy in KS

  4. Anonymous5:52 PM EDT

    OH MY GOSH! I am a batik scrapaholic! I have a binder full of scrap quilt patterns just waiting!I didn't make it into the Aiken class, but I may slip over the border and come see you and share :) Welcome home! Chris in Augusta GA

  5. Welcome home. I'm glad you made such wonderful memories. I like the scrap bags better too. with me I think its the ability that since I'm making something from nothing, I can play and not feel guilty if the expensive yardage doesn't turn out exactly like I imagined. lol

  6. Batik scraps -- pure heaven!! Oh, what fun you're going to have with those!

  7. I can't wait to see the quilt you design with these scraps in mind. I can see the wheels turning already! Such lovely fabrics and colors.

  8. Paula Y.6:08 PM EDT

    Welcome home Bonnie. I'm laughing, only you would continue your quest for scrap fabric by finding batik SHIRT CUT-OFFS!! At least you won't have to deconstruct these pieces. It sure looked like you had a heavenly time in Bali.

  9. Perhaps a "hand bath" for the batik scraps??
    I love how batiks smell and feel. So yummy!!!
    Where your sarongs as shawls for your theater dates with DH!
    XOXOXO Subee

  10. The purple sarong is beautiful, and the scraps and yardage are really beautiful. What fun you will have with the scraps! I can't wait to see.

  11. Anonymous6:35 PM EDT

    On our trip to Thailand, I got more than 26 2 meter sarong pieces from Bali. Still have not figured out what to make from them. They look just like your first picture.

  12. Welcome back...I think I just had an out of body experience looking at your batik stash...omgosh! (was going to phrase that a different way - but this a G-Rated site after all...lol) And your sweet little pup...looks like she could be my Maggie's long lost sister! Woof Woof!
    Lynn In Florida :)

  13. Glad you made it back safe and sound. As much fun as travel is, it always feels SO good to get home again. I hope you have lots of fun plans for your batik bonanza. Hopefully an awesome quilt to remember your trip.

  14. All of those scraps kinda made me drool. I am sure you will be using them up in no time.

  15. So glad you are home Bonnie.
    You will have such fun as you plan your projects with these fabrics. Enjoy your family...they've missed you. There's no place like home.

  16. WOW, so with all those scraps stacked together like that, you have 3 times as many scraps as it looks like. You hit the jackpot there. I can almost hear the gears grinding at supersonic speeds coming up with a design in mind.

  17. So glad to have you home! I can't wait to see what the cheddar-and-brights lady does with all those batiks. I am prepared to be inspired by you!

  18. Glad you got home safely. Thanks for sharing your trip.
    Carolyn Edwards

  19. Glad you're home safely. Great batiks! Love the scraps and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them! Love(d) the blogs about the trip!

  20. I have to tell you, I'm seriously envious of that pile of batik scraps. such gorgeous jewel-like colors.

  21. Maree mynanamaree@yahoo.com9:05 PM EDT

    So glad you are home safely, Bonnie! It was an incredible trip, even if I was only there through your words and pictures. :-D Get some good rest! Can't wait to see what you'll come up with for those batik treasures! ☺

  22. Cindy, The Purple Quilter9:10 PM EDT

    Oh Bonnie! I had to literally laugh out loud when I saw your HUGE piles of scraps! I would be right there with you!! I would feel like rolling on the floor in the middle of them and laughing at my treasures!! Looking forward to seeing your creation with them one day!! :)

  23. Anonymous9:36 PM EDT

    Welcome home. Love the scraps. I also love batiks and can't wait to see what you come up with.Just remember batiks need to be prewashed.

  24. Welcome home! I enjoyed every day of your trip, too! Thank you for taking the time to photograph and blog for all your followers. Your batik scraps are delicious!

  25. Anonymous10:02 PM EDT

    Yes, welcome home and so glad you had such a wonderful sojourn and trip. totally enjoyed "visiting" each eveing with what you'd posted each day on your blog -- felt almost as if I was there traveling along with you.
    AND, it is ok to WALLOW in all those gorgeous batiks you brought home with you -- maybe dump 'em on the bed and just roll around in them?


  26. Looks like you've got bags of treasures! I can't wait to see your creations!

  27. wow, what a haul! love that indigo sarong....all of it is simply gorgeous....and oh yea, i managed to get 1 little spool done while you were gone....i was too busy reading all your posts...LOL

  28. Welcome home Bonnie. Glad you made it safely with no major trouble. Your batik scraps look like heavenly. I would be giddy with delight if they were all over my sewing room. I love the richness of the bright, saturated colors. You will have so much fun planning your projects. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  29. Oh WOW!! look at those scraps!! If that one bag was only $3.00, I can only imagine the big pile of scraps you have for the $20.00 you said you spent. That was a great deal.Can I come to NC and help you sort them, pretty please, lol. They are all beautiful!
    Glad you finally made it home safe and sound.

  30. Welcome home! Please, explain to me how you fit all of this in your luggage. Did you leave clothes behind? Di you bring an extra suitcase? Did you pay extra for the extra weight? Please tell us your secret.

  31. Thank you for your generous posts during your trip. It made me think differently about batik fabrics also. You hit the jackpot with those scrap bags. Did they fit in your suitcase? You know I've always thought you had to prewash batiks, but your tour shows how they wash out all the wax. So have they been washed enough at the factory? What are your thoughts on this, Bonnie?

  32. so many wonderful scrap treasures!
    glad you made it home safely!
    Reading about your trip has been wonderful!

  33. Anonymous12:42 AM EDT

    I've got a quilt name suggestion...Bonnie's Batik Banquet...can you come up with the pattern for us all??!! :)

  34. Oh my goodness that's a stash all on it's own. You're going to have fun with those beauties.

  35. Wow, I could look at those bags of scraps for a long time, they make me quite happy!! Please post lots more pictures of your scrap bags as you sort/organize!!

  36. I can see a WHOLE quilt as a souvenir from just those fabrics (well, with maybe a "Bonnie" twist)

    they DO look delicious!!

  37. Glorious, beautiful, fabulously rich and stunning fabrics. What a lot of fun those scrab bags look! I am surprised you did not bring more back but then its always a battle for international travel restrictions. I have always wondered what it is like in Bali and thanks to your blogging, now I know. I think the places with rich textile histories must be the most interesting and fun to visit!

  38. I seriously would have ditched ALL my clothing, shoes & toiletries to fit in more of those fantastic scraps!! Heck I would have bought more luggage!!
    I am sure they could have a fantastic international mail order business of selling those scraps. Breaks my heart to think they may have ended up in landfill!!! So much use still left in them, I really hope they go on to be sewn into something there, maybe coin purses??
    Glad you had such a good time & are home safe. May the jet lag be lifted soon.
    Lush x

  39. Your comment about yardage being "holy somehow and difficult to cut into" rang several bells with me! That sure sounds like me too. I'm sitting here drooling over those lovely bags of scraps - and such big pieces!

  40. Oh, the scrappy heaven you have found! Those two bags are glorious, what fun to just look at them, thanks!

  41. OH. MY. WORD. That purple batik in the yardage picture is STUNNING!

    And all those scraps??? Better than Christmas morning! :)

  42. I am seeing an entirely batik (mystery) in the future...... glad you made it home safe and sound!

  43. Welcome home Bonnie! Love all the yummy scraps and goodies you were able to bring back! I see batik quilts in your future!

  44. Welcome back! You HAVE To make a quilt JUST of the batiks, so you have a "Memory Quilt" of that trip! Thats what I would do for sure!
    Be sure to show us the ironed stacks! hahah
    Robin M

  45. i was really tickled pink over the scraps you bought for some little, I was willing to pay for a cigar box full, the amoutn you paid for all scraps! now I MUST see the cat scupltures-of course

    Bonnie you are Hunter thru and thru looking for bargains!

  46. Oh what I wouldn't give for a bag of those scraps. The factory is missing out on a big sales opportunity...

  47. Excuse me while I drool on my keyboard. What a haul!


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