Friday, September 28, 2012

Pentagons and Patchwork!

I love things to put in more things.  I love pouches, purses, carry-alls and cases.

Look at this little cutie that was brought to class yesterday!  I was captured by the shape, very similar to “home plate”!

I thought the wood buttons on the ribbons were a great way to weight the lid so it would stay closed without actually having to have a loop or closure. 

KY_Sept2012 181

Recycled plaids!  Cute cute cute!!

KY_Sept2012 182

The right for stashing what quilters NEED ---I see a couple glue sticks and something from DMC that says Quilting on it….

She said she’d had it for years ---and I can see hand whip stitching on the  edge where pieces had been turned right side out and sewn shut ---has anyone else seen these anywhere? Is there a pattern somewhere?

I just LOVE the shape of these pieces, and the shape that the little case turns out to be --- all from the use of Pentagons!

As this posts class is winding down and I’m getting things ready to set up for my dinner lecture tonight.  No time to be nervous, I’m so happy to see everyone here.

Oh, and on a side note – guess who I bumped into?  The lady who showed me the strip of paper technique that caused all the hubbub.  Her name is Faith –I knew her smile right off when I saw her.  She is thrilled that you found her tip helpful.  Sharing is what it is all about, helping someone else along the way.

Have a great evening, everyone!


  1. Cute!!! What a great little Christmas present idea!!! I'm so glad you shared this!

    Hey...I finally got me a little 1947 Featherweight! Such fun to sew on! Do you have any recommendations for a site that shows you what and how to use the different feet? Thanks!

    1. I am in the same boat you are with a "new" Featherweight. Go to YouTube or google "Featherweight videos" and you will find a bunch out there.

    2. Mary, there's a lovely lady, Charlene, in Ohio who has written a great book showing how to use all the feet and attachments. The name of her site is The Sew Box. www.thesewbox.com

    3. thanks Karen in Ky, I'm in Cincinnati,Oh and have a few Feather weights (you never know what you are going to get on Ebay) and I have some w other feet. I too want to know what they are and how to use them.

      I need to get rid of a couple of Feather weights!

    4. Thanks Karen! That will help a lot!

  2. That was so nice that you ran into Faith! I look forward to using her super hint, but I'm in the middle of switching everything over to a new computer. In fact, this is the first thing I've done on the new computer after getting my printers installed and tested. Thanks for all the things that you share with us!

  3. Bonnie, here is a link to get you started. I think you could just make each pentagon and stuff it and then follow the instructions to make the ball. Just leave the lid open on all but one side. Did you measure the one you saw?
    Cathy in AZ

  4. Wow, that's karma for sure - bumping into Faith!

  5. So glad that you bumped into "FAITH" again. I bet she had no idea she was going to be such a celebrity! Now everyone will always remember Faith, and the technique she shared with us. That little fabric ball is adorable. I'm sure someone here will find a workable solution to making one. Have a great night, and a great day at the quilt show tomorrow.

  6. Faith ....How very apt.

  7. very cute little sewing box. Glad you met your mentor again ;)

  8. Here's something very similar: http://pennyshands.blogspot.com/2010/08/hexie-caddy-tutorial.html

  9. Bet you won't forget her name again. But nice that she came and was pleasant. Life goes on.
    Love the Octagon box.

  10. Bonnie thanks for sharing. And thank you for the ladies in the comments sharing the links. Very cute these ideas. So glad you ran into Faith and things are good.

  11. I L♥VE that little hexie box! Thanks so for sharing all the things you share. You've made me happy! Thank Faith for the great tip. Wish I could attend one of your classes, looks so fun!

  12. What a nice container. I guess I have to try that,too.
    Happs Weekend
    xxx Doris

  13. found the pentagons online! http://www.paperpieces.com
    in the site index (left hand side of the home page) look for "pentagons" and go to page 3. they have a baggie of 12 pentagons (3" size, measured on the 'roof' axis) for $4.00 plus shipping. they also carry the pentagons in smaller sizes for mini quilts. for bigger quilting projects they also have the pentagons in 75 piece bags.

    this company has all different paper shapes for English piecing, and looks like it would be a good resource for paper piecers.

  14. Bonnie...Don't feel a bit bad about not catching the ladies name the first time around. People who don't teach/blog don't understand how hard it is to walk into a room where everyone knows your name and all about you, but you don't know them. People don't realize that their given names and screen names don't match. People don't realize all the hubbub that happens behind the scenes regarding room changes, mis-communications and missed flights. I've barely had a touch of it and find it completely overwhelming. You are always so professional and on top of things...You were completely respectful. The second someone "reprimands" me and my blog, I'll ask them to move on as well.

  15. Bonnie.....Sue Daley of Patchwork with Busyfingers (Australia) has these sewing boxes I am making one now as it is the same as my grandmother made for me in the 1950's from old birthday cards, I have always kept my hankiechiefs in it.


  16. Hi Bonnie,
    I just felt in love with this little container!
    Do you still want to know, how to make this pentagon box? I tried it and made a tutorial for it:
    http://lindladystutorials.blogspot.de/2012/10/pentagon-box.html#comment-form and that's FOR FREE!!!
    xxx Doris


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