Tuesday, September 18, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! We interrupt---

Due to a late night drop off back at the B&B after 10pm, a blissful night's sleep in with no alarm to wake me--

And this lovely breakfast to enjoy upon awakening--

This morning's blog post with the photos from yesterday's crumbs workshop is being pre-empted!

Look for those this afternoon!

In the mean time----yummy!!


  1. Anonymous8:57 AM EDT

    Wow... what a scrumtious breakfast you have there... they sure do treat you right there. Have a safe flight home...


  2. Yummy is right!!! and beautiful real silverware and china. Sure beats paper plates and a plastic fork.

  3. Really looks yummy! Ahhh nothing like a B&B to make you feel like royalty. Real dishes, real silverware, soft sheets, and cozy quilts on the beds. Also just love the old houses with character. I would love to hear the stories some of those grand old ladies have.

  4. ENJOY! Safe trip home.

  5. Nothing like being pampered!

  6. Yes, the pampering sounds wonderful! But I love those plates! The shape of them and the little flowers! Sneak a look at the bottom of the plate and let me know who makes them. ( please) Lovely!

    ~ Susan

  7. Let's eat! That looks so yummy!

  8. A cake for breakfast? And, what is the yellow thing? Is it an omelette? I only understand a full English breakfast when staying in a B&B!

  9. Oh that looks so yummy, more so bc of the good china! I never use mine! maybe I'll start.

  10. A great way to start the day! Yum! :) Safe travels back home and again thank you for sharing your talent and ideas.

  11. Oh, my! No breakfast for me today and VERY little lunch so my tummy is growling ... this looks soooooo good right now!!

  12. Oh I feel hungry now!

  13. Anonymous11:11 PM EDT

    Bonnie, What did you think of the quilt gardens in Elkhart and surrounding cities? We visited the area in June and again in July and just fell in love with the area. I hope you had time to visit Shipshewana. It is a great quilt area.
    Karen from Michigan


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