Saturday, September 29, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! Star Struck Stitchers!

The show may be ending today but the party continues!

We've got good ole college football fans in attendance too, the Tennessee contingency dressed in TN orange and rooting for their home team!

We are on lunch break now with plans to head to a local BBQ joint in the works for later this evening after all the tear-down and pack-up is completed.

I've been told that local Kentucky BBQ is not to be missed!


Machelle said...

What fun it looks like everyone is having!

Linnie Quilts said...

Love the look on quilter's faces when they're having a good time ... and the promise of BBQ for dinner ... LOL

Mtntop Quilter said...

It's like sewing in a field of beautiful sunflowers.

krisgray said...

LOL - I love the rotary cutter salutes! Looks like everyone is having tons of fun.

snowlady said...

Bonnie your lecture was a blast. So amazing what great quilts can be made with scraps of fabric. I am so glad I got to meet you in person. My hubby (the one with the quilt story :) said he enjoyed meeting my quilting hero. Your blog is even more awsome now that I have met you. Hope you had a great time in the Bluegrass state, and hope you are back in the near future. I am glad you had a safe trip home. Keep doing all you do. Hope you feel better soon.