Monday, September 24, 2012

iPhone-O-Gram! Heading Out!

I'm headed toward Lexington, Kentucky. Made it as far as Asheville and needed to take a rest break.

Gosh I love driving through mountains!

I think wandering this antique mall will do just fine to stretch my legs, don't you??

After that---I'm headed for the smoky mountains and the Tennessee state line!!


  1. Have a safe trip Bonnie, I'll see you in Sheperdsville on Friday. Cricket and I will get in on Thursday evening.

  2. Anonymous12:01 PM EDT

    I love the mountains too! They bring me peace, and make me realize just how small I am. Have a fun and safe trip.

  3. Looks like a beautiful day for a drive!!! Be safe!

  4. Waving at you from Claxton, TN as you pass though ! Have a great trip..... Suzanne

  5. joenprky@aol.com1:58 PM EDT

    I love your blog,If I need a uplift I just check you out.. thanks Have a safe trip, with lots of fun

  6. Anonymous1:58 PM EDT

    Please do not use your cell phone when you're driving!

  7. How many miles do you have on Shamu?? He's covered a lot of ground

  8. Cindy, The Purple Quilter2:42 PM EDT

    Wish that was me and my hubby on that red motorcycle in front of you!!! :) We will be heading that way on the Harley in late October...can't wait! :) Have fun and stay safe.

  9. I bet it is a gorgeous day there! It's nice here. been sitting outside. It sure makes the time go by quickly when you have gorgeous scenery. I LOVE the mountains. They are calling to me... Be safe. There's crazy people out there.

  10. Have a safe & fun trip.....

  11. If you came along I-40 you were about 2 miles from my house. Have a safe trip to Lexington.

  12. Where are you going once you get to Lexington? There are about 3 or 4 quilt shops there in Lexington, not enough though! Ha! Have fun and enjoy my Old Kentucky Home...I grew up in Brandenburg way out in God's country, but now I'm a Georgia Peach!
    If you have time for a little side trip, right off of I-75 at Corbin, KY, stop in at Cumberland Falls to see the Moonbow (visible from sunset to midnight), the next dates are September 28-October 1
    BTW, I just "found" you and began doing leaders and enders at the end of August...I have about 20 blocks and about 3 dozen kitted by my machine! I love that my crumbs have a purpose!

  13. Anonymous4:39 PM EDT

    Looking forward to your classes in Lexington! Safe travels.

  14. Now I can hardly wait to leave for our winter in the south! We drive across I-81, and always look forward to that part of the trip. Sometimes we drive a section of the Blue Ridge Parkway too! We keep finding new favourite places and views!

  15. Bonnie,

    I would so love to be able to drive through that part of the country someday. When I do get the chance for a roadtrip, I'm like you, I make the most of it and enjoy every mile. I love being able to stop where I please whenever I see something interesting the catches my eye.


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