Saturday, September 01, 2012

Come To Ireland With Me!

For those of you who WISHED you had come to Bali, and have sworn never to miss another travel opportunity with me ---

How would you like to come to Ireland for the International Quilt Festival of Ireland and a country wide tour? It will be a magical 11 days in June of 2013!

Hotel lodging is included in the package price and all breakfasts are included as well as some dinners!

We will be visiting Galway, Dublin, Adare, Lisburn!

The Titanic Museum!

Kylemore Abbey & Gardens!

Belfast & Killarney!

We will see the Cliffs or Moher, the Dingle Peninsula and Blarney Castle!

I am so very very excited for this trip.

For more information contact Sew Many Places. They are a fabulous group to work with. Their trips are well planned out and top notch!


If you are in Europe or Australia they can work up a tour package for you as well. Let’s have a blast in Ireland --- NEXT JUNE!

Start planning now, I want to see you there!


  1. Wow sounds like fun! Not sure if my back would keep up so I have to bow out but can not wait to see it through your eyes!

  2. I went this year. It was a great experience!! Soany beautiful places to see

  3. Anonymous3:05 PM EDT


    Not in the cards for me at this time but I do look forward to your posts while you are there. I felt as though I was in Bali with you reading your posts while you were there.

  4. I loved my trip to Ireland about 7 years ago. Killarney is beautiful and you must kiss the blarney stone while you are there! Looking forward to seeing Ireland through your pictures.

  5. Anonymous3:32 PM EDT

    Wish I could but it's out of the question. It's a beautiful country from the little I saw of it and you will love it.

    But why aren't you sleeping. :)

    Stella in SoCal

  6. I sure am going to work at attending this one? It sounds exciting. Mjwales@bellsouth.net

  7. OMG, you are barely home and thinking ahead that far?! Silly girl!!

  8. You'll love Ireland! I've been to all these places and much more...it is just
    divine. The Irish are so friendly and warm, they are delighted to have you visit.

    You'll have the time of your life.
    Welcome home

  9. WOW, that is only $222 a day! Oh, this is being thought of, but first I have to find out what state I will be living in for Christmas........then when I finally figure all that out, then I will give Ireland a serious thought.

  10. Mom was from Galway and my Dad's family is from Killarny...think of me while you are there!

  11. Hi Bonnie, I'm very interested in going to Ireland in 2013 and I'll keep my eye on the Sew Many Places website to learn more about this trip!

    I'm almost finished making my Maverick Stars and they are turning out so cute!!

  12. Oh how I wish I could. My daughter has been and said it was beautiful and it looked it from all her pictures.
    Maybe one day.


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