Sunday, June 01, 2014

Little Time for Sewing!

Cabin_June2014 001
My sewing time has been little this weekend, but that’s okay.

It’s not often that we have Jason up here, and the fact that he brought special company—girlfriend company ---well, that pretty much cinched it – we are spending our time doing other things and getting to know her!

I did sneak in about an hour or so while they were out on the 4 wheelers to make some strip set progress.  This is a quilt for a future magazine issue, so while I can’t share exactly what it is with you, you may be catching some glimpses of the “unknown” project here and there. You WILL get to see it when it is time for you to see it, never fear.  That’s all I’m saying!

It seems to have been a RED weekend…as I continue to work on this:

Cabin_June2014 008

There has been evening TV time!

When we are watching some TV, it is easy to pick up the hexies and add a few here, and a few there.  Jason introduced us to a series on Netflix that I had never heard of before…it’s called LEVERAGE with Timothy Hutton.  What a great show!  There are 5 seasons and I know we are going to enjoy watching them.

Cabin_June2014 009

Not ready to attach yet --

I was thinking I was going to join this “Satellite” to the “Mother Ship” but I have changed my mind….I am going to add a couple more outlining rows of hexies to frame it first, and then sew it on….You can see at the far left edge, I've started the row of neutrals.  To be followed by a row of red, then a row of blue.

I have a flight to Oregon on Tuesday, so we will see what progress I can make there.

Cabin_June2014 010

The second satellite under way.

Cabin_June2014 014

Good Morning World!

It was about midnight when we finished last night and headed to bed…this morning after taking Sadie for a walk I decided to sit out here on the front deck and enjoy the cool of the morning – the humidity is down and the air is fragrant and crisp.  Almost chilly without a sweater on ---being this high up in the mountains gives us a lower temperature than we have down at home.  I love it!

For those wondering, the hexie thing on my computer is a gifted “self clinging” microfiber cleaning pad for cleaning my computer screen – I have no info on where to get one, but I use it all the time for cleaning the screen on my phone too.

Cabin_June2014 015

Sadie also loves the cool of the deck!

Cabin_June2014 016

Blue Ridge Parkway in the distance --

Cabin_June2014 017

It’s a great weekend at Quilt Villa!

Kids are still asleep –I just might head down and get some machine time in before they wake up and the day’s activities begin.

Tonight I’ll be drawing our winners of the two McCall’s magazines!  Did you enter ON THAT POST ONLY to win?  That will come after we arrive home, whatever time that will be.

Oh, and in other news – my England Trip has SOLD OUT!  I am so excited! 

So for those who are still on the fence, why not consider a Caribbean cruise with me!  Click the Caribbean Cruise Tab at the top of the blog for more info – it’s going to be a great time!

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  1. Good Morning--first day of June, 2014!

  2. Anonymous9:08 AM EDT

    I love red... any quilt pattern is ok with me as long as it has red. looks like you are "chopping" of corners... snoballs maybe..? look forward to the surprise Joaniegirl in sunny humid central Fl

  3. Good morning Bonnie :-)

    I just think this is STUNNING! !

    Is this the same project from the pictures in 2011?

    I was just showing a new "quilter friend" those older blog posts last night. She was blown away! I'm pretty sure she wants me to teach her how to HEXIE now too!

    Again, life, (in this case my daughter and 1 month old identical twin granddaughters), has stalled the progress of my hexie project. They have moved back home with us.....but I can't think of a better reason to have no time to work on it! :-D

    Thank you for sharing your talent, time, and knowledge with us. Enjoy your weekend at Quilt Villa!

  4. I really enjoy watching your progress on the hexie quilt...and I love your views in all directions!!!! enjoy the rest of your weekend and yes. I entered your giveaway...

  5. It sounds like a lot of fun! Nothing better then spending time with family!

  6. I is the year for Red and White again. The family must be good sleeper to not wake up to the sounds of the machine. Have a fun time getting to know Jenny! You have a beautiful view there.

  7. What a beautiful morning! Your view is fabulous no matter what time of year.
    Red...oh, I can't wait.
    See you Monday in Portland. :)

  8. Such an incredible view, enjoy the rest of your day Bonnie. Sounds like it's starting out to be a wonderful day, it's cloudy and cool here in Saskatchewan.

  9. Anonymous11:06 AM EDT

    Bonnie, I want to thank you for all you do for us,(I know you hear that a lot, but it's true).
    I'm working on a scrappy hexie and hope to have it done someday.
    Would love to win.

  10. Your hexie quilt is stunning! I love the way you arrange color. Thanks for sharing your view from the cabin. It's just beautiful.

  11. Love those hexies, I'm making some red ones at the moment. Glad you are enjoying Leverage. We watched all 5 seasons here in the UK and were sad when it finished.

  12. Love Leverage! Hope you enjoy it. It's like the A-Team,teched and urbanized!

  13. Love Leverage! Watch for the episode where they have to dress as their favorite mystery detective for a party. Nate (Tim Hutton) dresses as Ellery Queen - a character played by his father, Jim,in a TV show.

  14. Relaxation is one of the best of the best therapies there can be. even Sadie look relaxed!!! She is now at ease because Momma is home!

    UMMMMM I am liking what I can see of the red and white idea......

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  15. I'm a huge Leverage fan! It won't matter a lot, but the first season was aired in a different order than the writer's intended. It makes more sense as to character arc if watched in the writer's order vs. The aired order of the show. Netflix has it in the aired order. The writer's order would be:

    1. Nigerian (1),
    2. Homecoming (2),
    3. Wedding (7),
    4. Snow (9),
    5. Mile-High (8),
    6. Miracle (4),
    7. Two-Horse (3),
    8. Bank Shot (5),
    9. Stork (6),
    10. Juror #6 (11),
    11. 12-Step (10),
    12. First David (12),
    13. Second David (13)

    The number in parenthesis is the aired order. All of the titles are "The ______ Job". So the first episode is "The Nigerian Job"

    The show is wonderful fun! I actually watched the last 3 episodes of season 5 Friday night. Season 5 is different, a little darker than the first 4 seasons, but you'll likely want to watch it anyway as there is still good fun in it and really, like Mair said, I was sad when there were no more episodes to watch. It is an excellent show.

    Okay, I'll stop gushing now.

  16. Watching "Leverage" has gotten me through lots of quilting and knitting! There's a marathon of old shows on now on the ION network, but I also watch it on Netflix. It's very entertaining! Your hexie project is looking fantastic!!

  17. I have only watched bits of Leverage, because I am still catching up on House of Cards and a couple other things. In an odd coincidence it is one of the shows filmed in Portland, Oregon so you can be looking for places on the show when you are in Oregon in a few days, Bonnie!

  18. Bonnie Hunter you are amazing :))))

  19. Very much liked the show Leverage. Easy to get hooked on it. White Collar is another that is entertaining.

    What beautiful views from Quilt Villa. Thanks for sharing with us.

  20. So fun for you to have time with the family and your son's "friend".
    We love Leverage!!! Another one on Netflixs that we like is White Collar... and Long Mire. check them out. Good guys/bad guys... lots of action! :)

  21. If someone is looking for a hexagon screen cleaner that looks very much like the one you show, here's a link I found:

    Thought Leverage was very enjoyable.

  22. Hi Bonnie. I saw your hexagon quilt on and had to come and take a closer look. wow, I am sewing hexes and was thinking of doing a grandmothers flower garden but this pattern looks very interesting.
    We love Leverage by the way. Been watching it since the beginning. Glad you found it!
    I met you at a symposium in NC but don't remember which one.


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