Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Glimpse at Kathie’s Quilts!

How’s this for a fun vintage block?

This is a very graphic nosegay made likely in the 1940s from Kathie’s great grand mother.

We were lucky enough during our lunch time in Fredericksburg last Thursday to enjoy a showing of quilts and tops that had come through Kathie’s family, such talented needleworkers!

Just look at these feabrics – they might not be the fabrics YOU would choose for a quilt, but if all you had to work with came from a meager scrap bag full of pieces left from making clothing, your quilt might indeed look like this.

the dress prints are wonderful, and I love the ever-present gingham of the era.

But how FUN is the base of these nose gay blocks – graphic BLACK with the pastel colors? She really had a mind of her own when she chose these fabrics for her design…and that black diamond print?  Wild!

Here’s the full quilt top:


The whole top…FUN!


Sister’s choice variation…love the green sashing!


The classic double wedding ring….


Wonderful 1930’s fabrics!


This one I absolutely loved!

Radiant Star possibly circa 1890 ----two different dye lots of green, one stable, the other not – and it turned to tan over the decades.

This I love: Half Blocks!  Lapped striped borders!  Migrating bits of tan in the upper left of the quilt, and some of the dark green migrating into the tan areas as shown below:


Wandering greens and great quilting!


Great cross hatching and close fan quilting in the border!


Sweet churn dash on point with butter yellow.


Album block with pink!


Love this combo with the

((And the quilts kept coming!))


Pink background on a simple album block!


A very artsy shadowed log cabin!

I so enjoyed seeing the quilts from Kathie’s family ---each one unique and note worthy, a great lineage of quilters to be drawing inspiration from!  What a legacy!

And I’m sure that her progenitors would be just as proud of the quilter that Kathie has become in her own right.

So here I am in Bedford at the home of my friend Mary Koval. We had a great afternoon – we went to Bedford Springs and enjoyed the spa facilities, swam a little, soaked in the jacuzzi a little, enjoyed the facilities…..made appointments for massages which will happen tomorrow afternoon.

Friday night is my lecture, Saturday we have 52 students for the Jamestown Landing workshop and about the same amount for the Tumelo Trail workshop on Sunday….a whole truckload of quilters will be descending on Bedford for a very quilty weekend sponsored by Mary’s Quilt Shop!

Much love from Bedford, PA!

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  1. Anonymous8:51 PM EDT

    I love your posts .I read them on facebook. Best part of my day when you have a new post. Thanks I enjoy reading about all your classes and love the quilts
    Ellen Reeher Morris

  2. What a great show of vintage quilts!

  3. Love all of your Friends vintage quilts. Especially the shadowed log cabin. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Don't you hope someday someone will be holding up one of your quilts to show what was done "back then"!!!

    These are terrific treasures...it is so good to know they are being taken care of like they are.

    I like that optical illusion-like log cabin!!!!

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  5. Thank you for Kathie's family quilt show! All of them were wonderful. Even learned a new term, a lapped border; which I did on my Celtic Solstice. Glad to know you are pampering yourself before your lecture and big classes. Big hugs from Texas, Allison in Plano

  6. Those quilts are beautiful and the love and joy that went into making them! Sewing is such a solace and I can imagine the maker sitting at night with maybe only a candle or oil lamp and then into the 30's with more light, sitting and sewing for therapy! Just lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Lorna in MN8:25 AM EDT

    Love the antique quilt show. I can only hope some day someone will be showing my "old"quilts many years from now!.

  8. Cousin Jilly and I so wanted to come to your trunk show but alas no postal employee wanted to work for me on a Friday afternoon in the summer!!!! We are so bummed but we will try to catch you somewhere else close to Erie, PA. Jill will drive many hours and consider it close!!! We can't wait til 2015 to see you. Have a great time in PA Melody

  9. It's nice to come home from a hard day at work and see that Quiltville e-mail in my inbox! I can hardly wait till I retire next year so I can make some of your great quilts!!!2932

  10. Love all the quilts. That first one keeps drawing my attention. Really like it.

  11. Love all the quilts. That first one really captured my attention.

    Thanks for sharing.


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