Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hello from O’Hare–Again!

Portland_OR2014 348
Let it be said that there has been a LOT of this going on today.

My flight out of Portland, Oregon was at 10:30, but getting me there at 8:30 wasn’t going to work because of rush hour madness on a Thursday work day morning, so to beat the rush, rather get stuck in that which could end up getting me to the airport too late – we headed out at 7am, and got me to the airport way ahead of schedule.

That’s perfectly fine with me – I welcome that!  It gives me time to find a place to sit, catch up on emails, stitch a little bit and the morning is better much more relaxed, than frantic and worried about not catching a flight.

No delays this morning, and as we left Portland and headed East, I snapped this photo of the river ---awesome!

Portland_OR2014 352

Bye bye, Oregon!

I wondered if I would be treated to another awesome view of Mt Hood on our way out – we were farther away and the clouds were more present then on my previous two air encounters, not to mention there seemed to be this thing called a JET ENGINE right in my viewing area – but still…amazing!

Portland_OR2014 353

Can you find it in the clouds?

Now the only thing keeping me from my bed is a 4 hour layover since my flight to Greensboro has been delayed ---don’t worry, Mickey is on alert and if I can’t get home, she’ll come get me again!  Weather doesn’t seem to be the issue here, it’s a late arriving aircraft, so hopefully all will be well and I’ll be home in no time.

I wanted to share with you something special while I’m thinking about it – we had AMAZING show and share in Portland ---

This is the Hexie Installment:

Portland_OR2014 092


Portland_OR2014 093

My hand for scale ---

Portland_OR2014 095

And here is the quilter herself, Jean Bissell!

Oh I just love this layout she has been working on – She’s going to leave it rectangular and it is evolving and being designed as she goes ---

And how about we go even smaller??

Portland_OR2014 073

Mary’s Hexies & Diamonds in Progress!

Portland_OR2014 072

Uhoh!  I can’t remember who is hiding behind this one!!

Portland_OR2014 195

Another top!

This one I think was made with vintage 1970s & 1980s calicoes….is it Mary’s?  Three days of workshops and my mind is a blur ---just hoping I can get home tonight!

There will of course be more show & share coming in the next day or so ---

Thank you Northwest Quilters!  We had an awesome time, and we are working on our next visit in 2018!  *fingers crossed*

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  1. It's so fun to see all of the quilts-I'm especially tickled to see all the hexagon projects!!

  2. Yes the vintage calico one is mine. I started it in 1978. It needs to be hand quilted. Once a hexi girl, always a hexi girl.

    Thanks again for sharing youself and your quilts.

  3. I love all the hexies, but especially love the star one. Just beautiful.

  4. Not to worry I too have a Hexies in progress since about 2004, lol they do sometimes get moved to the back burner. They are all very beautiful! Have my fingers crossed you get home tonight... Hopefully not too late.

  5. Hi Jean Bissell here of the tiny Christmas hexies above, that big one with the green border is also me. Guess I am kind of addicted to hexies. I work on them while my DH drives our camper.

  6. Sounds like a very good workshop. Safe travels, your schedule makes me tired! Hope the layover isn't too long. Have a great weekend! Lorna in mn.

  7. Oh my! Those hexie quilts are all spectacular! You are lucky to have a friend in Chicago - O'Hare is not always an easy place! We live about 5 hours from there and have learned if we are ever delayed it is always best and by far faster, to rent a car and drive home.


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