Monday, June 16, 2014

How I spent my morning off! Hiking Duke Forest!

It was almost a day off for me-- today after taking care of some desk work I packed my car, and headed off to Duke Forest for a long walk in the woods.

It was a good thing that my check out time wasn't until 2 p.m., because after this hot and sweaty hike I needed a shower!

It was a beautiful morning, though a bit hot and humid for my liking today-  the thermometer on my car sits at 95 degrees while I am typing this on my phone and waiting for my group to arrive for dinner.

Still I wouldn't miss this bit of nature for anything. I hope you enjoy the photos below in no certain order.

After dinner we will be heading over to set up for my lecture, it's my last evening with the Durham orange quilters guild of Durham, North Carolina and this girl heads home to her own bed when the meeting is over tonight.

Love from North Carolina--


  1. How beautiful! How far is this from the University?
    Looks like it is worth a day trip for me to go check it out.

    Happy Sewing and safe travels home

  2. Blistering days for sure. Drive safe home and sleep sound! Sadie is awaiting a hug too

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  3. Beautiful scenery but I am not thrilled to hear about the weather as I am heading to Burlington for several weeks...coming from a cool spell here in Utah.

  4. At least you don't have to worry about your flight being delayed!

  5. Happy for you getting so well deserved me time and in a peaceful place.

  6. Love the pictures. I hope the friends show up soon, because if not you may wish you had that shower. Enjoy your time at home.

  7. It looks like it was a lovely walk, although it also looked like mosquito heaven. They are so bad around here this year! Anyway, drive safely and enjoy your own bed tonight!

  8. What is the level rating?

  9. Lovely green woods! It looks like it should have been nice and cool, not humid.

  10. I love that last picture!


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