Friday, June 06, 2014

One Paddle, Two Paddle….Three Paddle!

OR_June2014 127
I remember singing this canoeing song growing up –One paddle, Two paddle, Three paddle --

Oh, yes, memories of being a “Campfire Girl” and going off to summer camp!

I was nervous and scared at first, and worried that I didn’t have ANY friends, didn’t know a soul there.  And by the end of the two weeks, afraid and sad that camp was over and I was leaving all of my new friends behind.

Yesterday afternoon, Randy and I headed out on a little excursion, just a short kayak adventure on a beautiful little lake…one paddle, two paddle –wait a minute, you are supposed to be paddling the OTHER side while I paddle THIS side if we are going straight!  Hold on!  We are going into the weeds on the shore, why are we going in circles?  So fun!

OR_June2014 120

I love the color and perspective in this photo.

OR_June2014 126

Get a load of that reflection-perfection!

And yes, there was lots of sun screen because my white body fries like an egg on a sunny day such as this.

OR_June2014 128

There was even a waterfall and ducks.

OR_June2014 124

And an attempt at a duo-selfie.
((I’m not real good at this in a moving kayak!))

OR_June2014 123

And we were laughing pretty hard into the wind!

OR_June2014 130

I think we should come do this AGAIN!

OR_JUne2014 141

And yes, there is STILL more X’s & O’s sewing going on!

Preset Style = Natural<br />Format = Medium<br />Format Margin = Small<br />Format Border = Sm. Rounded<br />Drawing = #2 Pencil<br />Drawing Weight = Medium<br />Drawing Detail = Medium<br />Paint = Natural<br />Paint Lightness = Normal<br />Paint Intensity = Normal<br />Water = Tap Water<br />Water Edges = Medium<br />Water Bleed = Average<br />Brush = Natural Detail<br />Brush Focus = Everything<br />Brush Spacing = Narrow<br />Paper = Watercolor<br />Paper Texture = Medium<br />Paper Shading = Light

And this is a watercolor version of what is going on behind my machine!  Can you guess what it is? *sneaky grin*

OR_JUne2014 138

We ended our day with a sunset walk –streaks of pink in the evening sky.

Today we are girls on a mission.  This afternoon we are heading into Bend – for PEDICURES! 

It is also First Friday at QuiltWorks, a local shop – on the first Friday of every month they have special evening hours and scheduled events, including featured quilters – and we are going to meet up with our friend Lori from Humble Quilts, do some shopping and enjoy dinner out.  It’s a girls night out.  Can’t wait to see Lori, it’s been a couple of years since I have seen her last, and it’s been far too long.

Enjoy your Friday, everyone!

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  1. What beautiful scenery Bonnie. Glad to see you really enjoy yourself. Happy shopping and have a lovely dinner. Girls rule!

  2. Love the new Wonky Stars header ! Looks great!

    Such beautiful scenery, thanks for sharing with us!

    Have a terrific afternoon and evening with friends.
    Friends are the best !


  3. Wonky Wishes Star love!!! I am working away on mine still and this pic gave me new inspiration to get it done...it's close!!
    The lake looked so fun and girls night out sounds way fun! Fabric! Friends! Food! what more could a girl want LOL!!!
    Have fun!

  4. Looks like you are having so much fun! The scenery is beautiful and I especially love twilight pics with the trees silhouetted against the graying sky.

  5. I have friends in Bend and Redmond. Love the area, and nice quilt stores too! Looks like you're having fun.

  6. What fun, having a good giggle with a friend! The scenery is glorious!

  7. Have a great day with all your activities! Sounds like so much fun.

  8. I really like that you changed up the "cover" picture to a new quilt. Really, really like that quilt.

  9. PennyMNQuilter1:24 PM EDT

    LOVE the new facelift to the blog, so cheery, and fresh. A breathe of fresh air just like you and Randy are experiencing. Thanks for sharing - enjoy the rest of your time out west! Penny

  10. Love the new header quilt! Sew spring like! It looks like you're having a wonderful sew vacation with your girlfriends, just what you deserve as you work so hard for all of us out here in blog land.

  11. Wow! The new look is great. I guess after you got your new summer "do", you felt like your blog needed a new "do". Everything looks good.

  12. Hi Bonnie, love your new header! Glad you are having fun. I read your two friends' blogs too. Probably after being introduced to them from your site. lol Liz

  13. You girls are having waaaaaayyyyy too much fun!! Love the new header for the blog!

  14. OOOh I wish I could be there with you and have a barbecue together :-) Say hello to Randy and Lori tom me :-)

  15. Anonymous5:17 PM EDT

    Your scenery photos are wonderful particularly the water reflections. sounds strange but have you tried looking at them upside down? I love to do this, it gives some really interesting scenes!
    Mo in the UK

  16. Perfection in girlfriend time! Love the first kayak,feet,reflection pic on the lake.

  17. I LOVE the free patterns page progress you've made! WONDERFUL! Thanks for all the work...

  18. Lyn Shipman2:50 AM EDT

    WOW! I was a Campfire Girl too! Remember our Motto: Give Service and our Creed (in part)and a Lamp unto my feet? NCIS Sp. Agent Tony DiNozzo refers to his team meetings as "Campfire".
    Now my "service" is teaching others, how to quilt and my Lamp unto my feet has changed to a bucket of scraps.
    Thanks, Bonnie, what great memories!
    Keep smiling,
    Lyn Shipman

  19. Anonymous8:39 AM EDT

    Looks like a fun and relaxing day. Beautiful scenery.

  20. I went to Campfire Girls Camp We-Che-Me for 4 years and loved it! We didn't get to kayak - no lake, but we still had a blast! Hubs and I need to get our kayaks out and go for a day on Lake Roosevelt - so much fun, beautiful and relaxing! Looks/sounds like you are having a great time :)

  21. This post just screams "HAPPY FRIENDS!!!" I'm smiling & laughing with you girlies! Love it!


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