Friday, June 06, 2014

Down by the River, Baby!

OR_June2014 152
This morning our walk took us another direction --

Down by the river!

What you can’t see in this photo is the fact that just beyond those trees in the background rises the snow covered dome of Mt Bachelor.

It took us a bit of walking to get to where we could actually see it ---but this walk was relatively flat because we were down by the river.

I love the paved walking/biking trails in Sunriver, and so did everyone else this morning – we were passed by runners and bikers in both directions making good use of the beautiful morning and the cool temperatures.

OR_June2014 154

There he lies, Mt Bachelor!

OR_June2014 158

And the river rolls toward our favorite landmark bridge – and on we walk.

OR_June2014 160

The bridge from the other side.

We took a break from our sewing day to grab a bite of Mexican – when you have a hankering for chips and salsa, your hunger must be obeyed!

Randy has finished her Xs & Os top, and just finished the binding on this cute little churndash, the results of another block swap with friends:

OR_June2014 165

Just in time for 4th of July!

OR_June2014 161

Quiltville of the Day:  Perkiomen Day Dreams!

Perkiomen Daydreams from Scraps and Shirttails! I love Mennonite style quilts from the 1870s era and tried to create that feel within the light and day placement if the 10,000 pieces in this quilt. It's another favorite!  Signed copies of Scraps & Shirttails are available HERE.

We are heading out for Bend in just a bit, and our fun evening with Lori will begin at QuiltWorks and we will see where the evening will go from there.

Much love from Central Oregon --

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  1. Do you really have to leave??? I'm already sad!

  2. Anonymous7:33 PM EDT

    Oh, Bonnie! The pattern page is looking fantablulous!!!!!!
    Thanks ever so much.

  3. Anonymous7:34 PM EDT

    Oh, Bonnie! The pattern page is looking fantablulous!!!!!!
    Thanks ever so much.

  4. So much scrappy goodness, and scenic beauty!

  5. What a wonderful place where Randy lives. It has everything water and Mountains. Sure seems like a great place to have a retreat with friends. Glad you had the chance for some personal sewing time.

  6. Bonnie,

    Love your new picture for the blog. It(your quilt) turned out just amazing. It was also fun following along as your pieced this on quilt cam. I bet it's even more spectacular in person!

  7. Anonymous1:23 AM EDT

    love the new header!!! It made me smile. Great colors.
    aurora louaurora@yahoo.com

  8. I love the new header photo, too--'specially since I just took mine to the quilter yesterday - love this pattern too!!

  9. Welcome to Oregon, Bonnie! I was born in Bend and I love to visit.
    There is so much natural beauty to inspire. Wish I was there!


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