Friday, June 27, 2014

A Morning at Mary’s Quilt Shop!

Along with our errands that needed to be run in the morning, we also had to make a stop at Mary’s Quilt Shop – dropping off some bolts of fabric, bringing in things for tonight’s lecture like door prizes and other supplies ---

Mary got busy talking things over with her staff, getting all of our ducks in a row, leaving me free to wander!

I get here only about once a year and I wish it was more often ---I love the feel of this town!

Originally a one family home built in 1813,  it had also housed many a bar, other businesses, including a brothel upstairs. 

I remember seeing it before the redo – what a labor of love and sweat and tears went into turning this into one of the most beautiful historic commercial buildings in Bedford, PA.


Building from across the street!


Americana in full view for the 4th of July holiday!


Antique quilts on shelves, for oohing and ahhing!


Light from a front window illuminates great displays!


Don’t forget the fat quarter bin showcasing Mary Koval’s great fabrics!


Full yard cuts on this shelf – love the chickens!


The antique quilts on display change regularly as well.

Love this applique in dark green and cream!


Reproduction quilt made with Mary’s fabrics


A darling little shop for your reproduction dreams!

And yes, I did find fabric that is going home with me!

And no, I can’t show it to you yet because I’m still gathering bits and pieces to pull together for our November mystery but I haven’t fully made my mind up yet if I want THIS color way, or THAT one…but I will be ready by October which is just a few short months away now!  Are you getting as excited as I am?  I just need time to start SEWING!

But today we are setting up for my lecture – we expect 100 guests, and there are refreshments to be arranged, and quilts to be set up.  If you are anywhere near Bedford, PA –the lecture starts at 7pm at the American Legion building in Bedford.  If you need directions, contact Mary’s Quilt Shop and they will give you directions. 

It promises to be a fun time, and I hope to see you there!

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  1. I'll be there!! I'm taking care of all my errands before I get on my way this afternoon. Can't wait to spend the weekend with my QFFs and you.

  2. Anonymous9:11 AM EDT

    I'm coming and bringing friends!

    Carole D

  3. Oh how I wish!! I live about 2 hours west of there, but there's no way. Enjoy your stay in Bedford!

  4. I had the pleasure to live in Bedford one summer in the late 1960's and fell in love with Bedford. My parents managed the New Hoffman Hotel it is no longer there. We visited Bedford a couple of years ago and took a walk down memory lane. Enjoy your visit and can't wait to see what else you found there!

  5. oohh a lovely gathering place indeed....as soon as i make the move to MD i am heading up here pronto....thanks for the eye candy

  6. Thanks Bonnie for your side trip sharing! we get to go places and into shops many of us will never see in person. This is so much fun!
    Have a good time, drive safely
    Smiles, JulieinTN


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