Tuesday, June 03, 2014

From There to Here by Air!

OR_June2014 046
The sun rose over the tarmac at Greensboro Triad International Airport early this morning – bit and round and gold.

The start of a beautiful day!

The start of a beautiful day that could have turned into a nightmare.

When I woke at 3:45 am to head to the airport at 4:15 am for a 6:15am departure ((Yes, at my little airport I only need to have the luggage at the counter an hour before boarding!)) there, glaring on my phone screen was a text from United that had come in at 2:15am telling me that my 6:15am flight had been delayed by more than two hours….oh NO!  There was no way I was going to make my Dulles to San Francisco connection if that was the case!

I groggily dialed the customer service number and explained what was going on ----and I found myself rebooked on a flight through Chicago that left Greensboro 30 minutes later than my original flight and got me into Redmond, Oregon via Portland, Oregon even EARLIER than my original itinerary!  A whole hour earlier!

OR_June2014 053

It was a beautiful morning for flying into Chicago too!

It was a very TIGHT schedule though – I ran from the F gates at O’Hare all the way to the C concourse, and my fight was boarding by the time I arrived.

And wonder of wonders….I still had my first class upgrade!

OR_June2014 061

Hexie Stitching all the way to Portland!

Okay, and maybe some napping too…..but only just a little bit because I didn’t want to miss this:

OR_June2014 059

Somewhere over Montana!

OR_June2014 070

And somewhere closer to Portland—Mt Hood!

Mountain views by air, especially snow-capped ones, capture my heart!  How beautiful is this world we live in?

OR_June2014 076

I’m HERE!!

My sweet friend Randy picked me up at the airport…we loaded my luggage into her car and off we went to her place in Sun River where we will be roughing it ((HA!)) through the week,and I’ll head off to Portland for teaching on Sunday afternoon ----We are having a TWO GIRLS RETREAT, just us!

OR_June2014 077

I’m borrowing her 301!

OR_June2014 078

She’s working on her X’s & O’s swap blocks!

OR_June2014 079

And who knows what I’m up to!

This is a “production” week – I’ve got some book and magazine deadlines looming and these aren’t projects I can fully show, but just know that I am happy to be sewing away in the scraps with a friend at hand ---NO BOYS ALLOWED! 

((Well, except for Max the dog, that is!))

Love from both of us in Sun River

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  1. I see why you are so good at the traveling thing. Rolling with the punches and keeping a positive attitude. First class also helps :-).

  2. Hey! No fair! Not even if they quilt????? LOL Have fun with your friend! I LOVE her x and o blocks!

  3. ah…I am so jealous… I LOVE Sunriver….enjoy your time, you deserve it!

  4. Enjoy your mini retreat...I for one am excited to see what you make (when the time is right!) but am so glad you are getting some battery recharging time in!

  5. Yes, love those itty bitty Xs and Os! However, could I spy possibly 2-inch strips in the making of your next quilt? It shows lots of either gold or grocery sack brown in the background. Hmmm. I'll be waiting on this quilt for sure.

  6. Bonnie, isn't the Greensboro airport just the BEST little airport? Easy parking, fairly good wait lines, and even a decent BBQ sandwich down at the cafeteria area. And some rockin chairs to sit in, too! (I used to live in Oak Ridge, just nearby)... Now I live in San Francisco, and SFO is fabulous, but I still miss the little Greensboro airport - it just worked! Kathleen

  7. Sounds like so much fun! Have a great time!

  8. Must be mystery time again. Enjoy the sewing!

  9. Your mountain pics are great!!

  10. Mount Hood from the air is spectacular. You get a closer view because the plane is starting its descent for the Portland landing. For an Oregonian coming home it is like a glimpse of heaven!

  11. Your pictures are wonderful! Love the mountains from the air! Those x & o blocks are darling!

  12. Oh wow. Miss that area of Oregon. Lived there late 50's early. 60's and have lots of great memories. Bachelor Butte was a favorite place to go as well as the Rock Gardens. Probably totally changed now.

  13. Love the x and o block any help in getting the patern. Looked on line but could not find anything

  14. Have always enjoyed the reports from Sunriver. Tell Randy "hi" and enjoy your "girls only" time!

  15. Hooray, you made it to Oregon. Looking forward to meeting you, even though I'm a basket case in the middle of writing a book right now. Love ya! Safe travels, and enjoy the jaw-dropping scenery on the way to Portland!

  16. What a beautiful day to fly into town. You had a great view of the mountain today. Enjoy Sun River. There are great trails to walk and ride bikes. Most of the places have bikes available. But move your fit bit to your ankle so it will count like steps ;-)

  17. It is really a beautiful location to spend. textile design is also good. I also do textile work and the learn about different textile design and color patterns.

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  18. Anonymous6:59 AM EDT

    Sew glad things worked out for you and you have time to kick back and be creative! Please put your Mt. Hood pic in your calendar for next year! It is better than any I have seen by professionals! Enjoy you sewing retreat as I remember you missed going out to Randy's last year.
    Enjoyed the end of quilt cam the other night as I had to work, but woke up when I saw the green string blocks!

  19. Keep the pics coming. Love your blogs, and yes you sound like a seasoned traveler, you can "roll with the punches"! Have a great week.

  20. Two Quilting Buddies Stitching is a great Remedy for Jet Lag! Guess you wont' see Lori this time around. Maybe next month at Sister's. That's a Nice 301 in a case. Lucky you!!!

  21. OMG! Gorgeous pictures of the mountains, you are right, we do live in a beautiful world.

  22. I feel like I'm flying right beside you! You are so lucky to see this beautiful world of ours, thank you for sharing your travels!


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