Friday, June 13, 2014

Deb & the Celtic Solstice Twins!

poets-corner-colorIt’s been a lot of fun watching quilts in progress grow through our facebook group page, Quiltville’s Open Studio!

If you haven’t joined us yet, you may want to look us up and see what is going on for yourself…it’s an endless show of quilts and quilters, machines and stashes, and inspiration everywhere you look! 

I love watching the interaction between everyone ---conversations are intriguing and inspiring.

Quilting is about RELATIONSHIPS!

Deb sent  a poem she wrote along with a photo of her Celtic Solstice Twins:


One on the floor one on the chair!

I really enjoy this gal’s sense of humor – 

Just some fun to share with you.  I finally have two tops ready to sandwich – woohoo.  However, the end was not without its issues.  After nearly 8 hours of ripping off borders, I had an entire poem (well silly lines of something resembling a poem) running through my head.  Thought I would share with you.

A Quilter's Celtic Ode To The Frog by Deb Hayter with apologies to Clement C. Moore.  

The day had arrived, the first clue came out."Let the cutting begin", I said with a shout.
The colors I'd chose: orange, green, yellow and blue.I had pretty jewel stacks and new rulers too.
Each Friday would find me merrily sewing along.The units were made; please don't let them be wrong.

I stay with the pack, never falling behind.Until the reveal was given and a new plan in my mind.
I'd make a new quilt for each grandchild this year.But what of my units?  Leaders and Enders I cheer.
So onto the blocks which from units were made.They fit together perfect and my fears start to fade.

Months have passed by. Almost six (I'm keeping track).But my blocks are all ready.  It's an impressive stack.
There are so many - what was I thinking?"A king will not work," I said without blinking.
Two queens it will be, so off to retreatAnd hope for two tops. Oh my, wouldn't that be sweet?

The trip is a success and I am in awe.  The tops are gorgeous and shown with a "ta-da.
"It's time for the borders, let's get them in quick.The top looks so perfect - wasn't that slick?
It doesn't lay flat?  A closer look makes me pause.Oh no, wait, wait.  What could be the cause?

I should have measured and counted my squares So I wouldn't have put too many pieces in there. 
And now I hear from you, the mocking little bit.  Each time you open your mouth - "Rip it, Rip it, Rip it."
A lesson has been learned, never again will I cheat.The borders are back on and my tops are complete. 
Thanks for the chuckle, Deb!
This girl is a bit dragging, but got to sleep in my own bed for ONE NIGHT.  Today’s job is to get all the book orders that have come in over the past 10 days out the door – this evening I’m driving to Durham where I’ll be visiting the Durham Orange Quilter’s Guild over the next few days – a workshop tomorrow, a workshop Sunday, and a lecture on Monday!

To top it off, I'm learning my new phone.  I am bailing iphone and going with the  Samsung Galaxy S5.  It's going to be a bit of a learning curve for me, and I'm trying to do this all in one day -- get my apps that I use up and running and get familiar enough with it that I can use it in class tomorrow.  Wish me luck!
Yes, it’s one of those days – I’m just throwing the contents of my suitcase in the washer, and I’ll pack it right back in the suitcase again!

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  1. Good morning, Bonnie! Run, girl, run!! The one good thing about this plan is there is no time wasted trying to decide what to pack and nothing will be forgotten. From suitcase to washer to dryer to suitcase. That is efficient, as you always must be! Welcome home--now get back on the treadmill.

  2. Oh gosh, Bonnie....go, go, go. Dare I ask: what makes you change from iphone to the Galaxy? I have neither, but thought everyone wants an iphone (my teenagers do!). We just have the prepaids right now but need to switch to something better soon. Would appreciate your two cents on galaxy vs. iphone. jspwarren at aol dot com

  3. My daughter and granddaughter both just got the Galaxy 5, one loves it, the other is not so in love. Me I have a Galaxy 3, enough for me. Take care as you fly so close to the ground to get it all done today! Drive safe as you go to your next adventure.

  4. Thanks for sharing the poem. A little humor will definitely lighten a stressful situation. Enjoy yourself in Durham this weekend. Wish I could join you!

  5. Anonymous10:36 AM EDT

    I have a Galaxy S4 and I love it. It's a great phone, and I stayed with Galaxy because I already knew the Android system. I love when I text how it doesn't autocorrect but just suggests words instead. I hope you love yours too!


  6. I have a samsung galaxy. The reason I like it is because of the bigger screen. The apps are similar.

  7. Just got galaxy 5 also.luv it

  8. I have had the galaxy note for over a year and just love it. Safe travels.

  9. Dear Bonnie,
    It looks like you need a wife to manage your house while you work hard and travel. Married husbands definitely have the advantage in the work force. Safe travels!

  10. Great poem! Beautiful tops. I just looked at your calender, you are one busy traveling quilter. I'm glad that you will have some home time for most of July. I am exhausted just following your adventures. Thanks for all you do for us quilters.

  11. Glad you made it home. Nice to see more Celtice Solstices getting completed. I love the S5. I have had it for about 3 weeks and it is very user friendly. The Andriod screen is so much bigger for taking pictures and scrolling. I still don't Blog from mine, but with some Tech help I probably could. Happy Travels!

  12. The camera on the Galaxy S5 is totally awesome and your eyes will be thankful for the large screen. I really am happy with mine.

  13. I am also suffering from Jet lag: back from Brussels (wonderful) and Paris with my daughters. Happy to sleep in my own bed with A/C. I did do a miniscule amt of hand piecing on my baskets while across the pond.

  14. Bonnie,please take good care of yourself. Don't overdue. We need you, GF. ;-)


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