Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Give-Away Winners! And a bit of Antiquing --


Good Morning from Manassas Virginia!

Can you believe this was the beautiful sunrise from my window this morning?  BEAUTIFUL!

I’m going to spend some time this morning walking the Manassas Battlefield and get myself a bit of history before heading off in Shamu for the wilds of Bedford, PA – and I say WILDS because there are oodles of quilters coming up for my workshops this weekend – oh, we are going to have a great time!

But first things first!

I need to draw for the winners of these two issues of Quiltmaker’s Classics:

Studio_June2014 055

Ready to Give Away!

We had 1,029 entries and our first random number generator winner is:

Number 1021!

 Miss Kitty Longo!

Random number generator winner #2:

number 795!

Sharon Sauser!

Congrats to both of you – please send me your snail mail addresses so I can get these mailed to you upon my return home after this weekend in Pennsylvania.

I took a lot of photos yesterday, too many for one big post, and I want to share things outright instead of just putting up a slide show, so I’m dividing this into a few days worth of goodies! I hope you’ll think it’s worth it to come back for more eye candy overload.

Manassas_VA2014 109

Iron Horse Antiques in Manassas!

I stopped here first – two floors of space to wander!  Of course I was looking for ANYTHING sewing related.  Fabrics, textiles, old linens, notions, machines and quilts were on my agenda.
I ran into this girl right off:

Manassas_VA2014 112

Hello little 128!

I already have one of these so I patted her, turned her wheel and kept looking!

Manassas_VA2014 113

Wool hooked chair pad.  Sweet!

“No.  No, Bonnie --- you already have one fabric related addiction, you don’t need to start a new stash by collecting wool too!”  “But, I want to – I really want to!!”  These are the voices in my head on any given day.  I loved this ---perfect for this historical area I’m in!

Manassas_VA2014 117

I LOVE things with drawers ---this one was for manicure stuff!

Manassas_VA2014 119

Oh, now we’re talking!

Love the colors – sweet 1800’s basket quilt, but it was pretty shredded and did not come home.

Manassas_VA2014 121

On the wall!

I love the shades in this…and I’m thinking pastel Florals, something like liberty of London prints would be great ---I love how some of the pieced half square triangles have more color to them than others…this just appealed to me.  But it didn’t come home either.  Just a photo, which is really all I have room for these days!

Manassas_VA2014 122

4th of July 9 patch! FUN!

Can you see the pattern in this one..there is a pink X going through the whole thing.  Oh, a design wall project, definitely ---but would be fun to make up!

Manassas_VA2014 123

Close up of the center.

Manassas_VA2014 124

Sweet Grandmother’s Flower Garden!

Manassas_VA2014 130

Another 9 patch – shredded and well loved!

Manassas_VA2014 131

Ocean Waves in big blocks!

Manassas_VA2014 132

I didn’t dare try to get the log cabin out from under all the stuff on this table….

But it was lovely!

There is a lot more to show, but it’s nearly 8 am here and I want to get out to the battlefield before it is too hot ---will put up more photos later!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. MNPennyQuilts8:40 AM EDT

    What a beautiful sunrise! It's a great way to start anyone's day. SO MANY temptations, machine, quilts, boxes!! It must have been the peanut butter ice-cream that gave you strength right?! Have a great day, and as always thanks for sharing your days, and life with us all.

  2. I really do enjoy your photos from your trips...it's like taking a mini-vacation in my imagination. Thanks for taking us all along with you! Beth @ Words & Stitches

  3. Oh I don't think I could have left that Grandmother's Flowergarden there.....

  4. Bonnie - The Quilt Finder! Thinkof the years of use these quilts have had...what they have lived through too.

    Funny thing when John and I went to a large rural antique fair in East TN, dealers from all over VIRGINIA were going nuts...they filled every spot they could find in the vehicles. I asked one, and she said TN is our gold mine...VA has been wiped out! The truth being you might have been seeing TN quilts! LOL

    Have a good time

  5. I agree with Beth. You are my virtual vacation/trip. I would never get there without you.


  6. Love seeing your pictures of antiqing, Bonnie. Next to quilting, my second most favorite thing to do along with estate sales. Looking forward to seeing you Friday in Bedford. Safe travels!

  7. Love the slide show, I feel like I'm traveling with you. Keep the pics coming! Lorna in Mn

  8. I really appreciate the pics of antique quilts that you show, thank you. A visit to Liberty's of London is a must when visiting the city. Although you may swoon at the price of the cotton lawn fabric - about £24 per metre which is approximately


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