Thursday, June 12, 2014

Crumby, Stringy, Scrappy, Happy Love Shack!

Portland_OR2014 326
Smallest quilt in my teaching line up – and the one with the most parts and most tutorials happening throughout the day!

But what a day we had --

From string blocks
to maverick stars
to wonky hearts –All before lunch!

Followed by introduction to pieced letters, Tonya style –
to Happy Scrappy Houses, turned on the tilt,
And loads of setting and layout instructions to help everyone finish their own projects with their own vision in their own way.

Six hours just wasn’t enough!

I was grateful for class examples that gave other ideas for using Tonya’s pieced letters in quilts:

Portland_OR2014 292

Yellow Fish Rule!

Portland_OR2014 293

Keep Calm & Carry On!

Portland_OR2014 294

And when that fails, Keep Calm and QUILT On!

((Wiser words were never spoken!))

And so we got down and busy with our own projects – stitching and cutting and cutting and stitching – creating and designing and having a ball.

Portland_OR2014 310

How many scraps can YOU sew up in 6 hours?

Portland_OR2014 269

The piles seemed to GROW!

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

I’m catching a flight this morning HOME!  Portland to Chicago to Greensboro – and will be in my own bed tonight with any luck.

Which is a good thing!  I’m teaching this weekend in Durham, NC – and I’ve got exactly one day home to get my stuff together and get back in my own time zone!

I think I need to fire my assistant and hire a new one ;c)

Thank you, Northwest Quilters Guild of Portland for a wonderful few days in your midst!

Have a great Thursday, Everyone!

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  1. Love your love shack quilt!! What fun...scrappy fun!! Safe journey, Bonnie.

  2. What a bunch of wonderfully delightful Love Shacks in the making!

  3. lots of fun. let me do your scheduling - I'll be far kinder to you than you are to you.

  4. Cute!! Every time you post this I want to go right down and start one! I have two wonky wishes stars going right now but think I can squeak a few seams of this in there somewhere too :)! Oh and doing a Emery's quilt for leaders and enders. :) Hope your travels are safe :).

  5. I just love this quilt! It just is so happy! I will have to make one of these some day. I loved the purple hippos peeking out of the windows of the house. LOL!

  6. Enjoy that one day to the Fullest! I think you'd only be firing yourself- LOL. These ladies had some Scrappy Fun!!! I think the scraps grow while we are sleeping.

  7. Hi Bonnie,
    We loved having you here : )
    Have a safe trip home. (It's raining here now in Portland
    I think you took the sunshine home with you)

  8. Where do I send my resume for your assistant position? :)

  9. Let me apply for the position right now. Would love to schedule your teaching. You may never teach anywhere but the "left coast" but we would keep you in scheckles and stitches. :)
    Donna in Oregon

  10. Anonymous10:01 PM EDT

    What wonderful houses. I saw a few shots of over achiever houses. A stone chimney and a face peeking out the window!! Then there were some topsy turvy houses in there too. What fun those girls had. I hope to take this workshop some day. I get a bit closer to understanding the process each time I see some pictures posted. And I bet I am way off base in my thoughts of the process...



  11. I really enjoyed being able to participate in one of your workshops. Thank you to Northwest Quilters for letting my friend and I join your group for the day, we were made to feel very welcome. Aren't quilters a great bunch of people to belong to. I have almost finished my top! I need to make some more string blocks for the outside before it can be finished. I hope I can participate in another workshop the next time you are in Oregon. Are we allowed to post pictures of our projects from this workshop (I know we can't share the pattern).

  12. And a great time was had by all! I'll come over and be your assistant!

  13. Thank you, again. Your classes were just what I needed to get some spark back in my creativity after a few stressful months. I went home and started gathering my scraps to set up a little sort and cut station!


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