Saturday, June 07, 2014

An Evening at QuiltWorks!

OR_June2014 175
5:30pm and we were rushing to get to QuiltWorks for their First Friday reception and gallery display!

Yes, this is the sign in front of QuiltWorks--I thought it hilarious, the hubbies could go one way the quilting wives, the other!

And yes I know, hubbies quilt too-  And sometimes wives shoot too-

And this is not an endorsement for firearms, or a place for discussion on the state of affairs with gun laws in America.  I just found the sign funny.  It would have been just as funny if the gun sign were replaced by "Golf Shop."

The first Friday of every month, Bend residents and visitors alike celebrate the art community by "hopping" from one gallery to another, sharing wine and stories and enjoying the variety of new art pieces showcased in each location. During First Friday Art Walk, music sounds through the streets, retail shops are open late, restaurants are overflowing, and many artists are available to discuss their work. ~~From VistBend.com

This also includes quilts and fiber art, and QuiltWorks is a great stop on the tour of galleries for First Friday events.  Every month there is a new featured artist, and you can visit their work on display in the upstairs gallery of the shop!

OR_June2014 177

And enjoy the view while going up the stairs!

OR_June2014 178

Help yourself to some munchies and adult beverages!
((Or lemon water – it’s there too!))

OR_June2014 182

The Juniper Berries Quilt Group of Sisters, Oregon!

One half of the gallery was decorated with fabulous group quilts from these talented ladies known as the Juniper Berries.  Gorgeous quilts lined the walls, but the crowd was pretty "crowdy" and it was hard to get close enough to each quilt to photograph it.

The other half of the gallery featured quilts by Pat Wellman, from Black Butte Ranch, Oregon -- she is standing 2nd on the right in the aqua outfit.

More about the Juniper Berries:

OR_June2014 185

They are all glad to be part of “something so creative, supportive, inspiring and friendly!”

OR_June2014 183

And all this was possible because QuiltWorks opens up their gallery above the shop, and because the city of Bend, Oregon is so supportive to the art community in promoting First Friday events.

OR_June2014 184

More looking down.

OR_June2014 186

Some wandering around!

OR_June2014 188

Quilt Shop Heaven!

There were also door prizes!  Lori won a bottle of sewing machine oil, and Randy lucked out with a copy of Brigitte Giblin's Feathering the Nest –a book full of gorgeous vintage style quilts, published by Quiltmania and written in French and English -- we all ogled over it.

But as for me, I got the best door prize of all:

OR_June2014 190

Lori, Randy, and me standing with Pat Wellman's Quilts!

I got to spend the evening with two people who mean the world to me, no matter how crazy my life is, or how far away I live –my heart is home with these girls.

OR_June2014 187

Thank you, QuiltWorks!

We enjoyed dinner out in the Old Mill district afterwards…eating al fresco on the patio while watching this sunset over the Deschutes river:

OR_June2014 189


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  1. All creation shows the glory of God, and you get to experience it all over this beautiful country we live in, thank you for so sweetly sharing all the beauty you see.

  2. Friends and Quilting feed the soul.

  3. What a great idea, wonderfully sociable. The quilts were fabulous so what more could you ask for other than such warm friends.

  4. Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing the smiles... you can't look at a smiler without getting one for yourself.

  5. Thanks for the newest view on your blog's header! It is so much more attractive and I love it, good job!


  6. Every time I open up Quiltville's Quips & Snips, I get a thrill. I am really loving the cover quilt.

  7. This is the shopping center for me - I can supply all my hobbies at once!

  8. Old quilter2:31 PM EDT

    Looks like a good place for me to shop - a competitive shooter who quilts - who knew !
    I also really like the new masthead banner - lovely.

  9. Quiltworks is always one of my first stops when I visit central Oregon. I love their gallery. There are always awesome quilts on display. I may be in real trouble when we move to Bend.

  10. I hope this is the right place to post a comment for entering the magazine giveaway. I would surely like to win!

  11. Bonnie, I enjoyed the blog, but imagine my surprise when you gave the owner's business card & her last name is the same as mine. I had to write her :)

    Really like the new quilt heading on your page!

  12. I've been to Bend and Sisters and think they are just wonderful towns. I am thinking I may have been in that quilt shop. Beautiful quilts. And the get-together sounds as though it was fun,fun,fun.
    I like the juxtaposition of shop names. I think there's one in this area that features Live Bait and Cheese. You can probably guess it's in Wisconsin.

    Leslie S. in MN

  13. I love the new banner. I have been following your blog for quite a while and am so happy that you have become famous and a "quilter celebrity." You are an inspiration.

  14. What a perfect day--friends, fabrics, food, and nature all around. Enjoy every minute.

  15. What a wonderful evening you shared with us. This makes visiting the northwest move higher on our list of places to visit. Enjoy your weekend.

  16. What a wonderful evening you shared with us. This makes visiting the northwest move higher on our list of places to visit. Enjoy your weekend.

  17. I'm glad you were there for the First Friday in Bend. Love that you got to see Lori afterall. Fly safe to Portland and enjoy seeing some of my WASIQ friends from that area. Judy D from Battleground will probably have a Few Quilts to share.

  18. I enjoyed seeing a picture of Lori whom I met on our quilting cruise three years ago.


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