Monday, June 09, 2014

Good Morning from Portland!

Portland_OR2014 015
How many hexagons can one sew on a flight from Redmond, Oregon to Portland Oregon?


It’s about a 25 minute flight, so almost not worth even threading a needle for ---but I hadn’t touched them in almost a week, and when a girl has got to hex, a girl has just got to hex!

We left Sunriver about 3pm yesterday afternoon—sad to leave, but so happy to have had the time.

I don’t remember who said these words: “Don’t cry because it’s over – smile because it happened.”  And I am smiling big time, even through the smoke ---

Portland_OR2014 002

Fires still burning.

As we drove through Bend ((Making another quick pitstop at Quiltworks ---there was some fabric that Randy just HAD to have, and I am good at helping other people spend their money…LOL!)) and further on to Redmond, we could see the direction in which the fire was burning.  So scary. Please keep these folks in your thoughts and prayers, this fire is not contained as of yet – at least it wasn’t last night.

I was sitting on the wrong side of the plane to see the fire – but the OTHER side of the plane had folks snapping photos like crazy, so I’m sure they got a good view of it from above.  I was already into my 5 hexagons, and my phone was off or I would have passed it over to someone to snap a pic for me.  I think I had enough photos of what it was like on the ground.

As the air cleared and we made our quick way to portland, I was lucky enough to be on THIS side of the plane:

Portland_OR2014 023

Mt Hood!

And yes, it was a prop plane!

Which brings around another funny.  On the way to Redmond from Portland last Tuesday, the flight attendant gets on the loud speaker and says “Due to luggage weight and balance we need two people from the back of the plane to come sit up front.”  I guiltily raised my hand ---that is MY luggage weighing this plane down and I know it!  So I moved.

Last night – the flight attendant, the SAME ONE we had on Tuesday says “Ladies and Gentlemen –we need at least ONE person from the back of the plane to come sit up at the front of the plane so we can get this plane off the ground.”  Oh boy.  My luggage again!

This time I was already sitting in row 3 so it had to be someone ELSE to come forward to balance the weight.  I have 2 50 lb bags of quilts, and a 48 lb suitcase full of quilting supplies from retreating all week.  Yes, I travel HEAVY!

Portland_OR2014 029

Hello, Portland!

I was met at the airport, luggage arrived safely and away we went!

Portland_OR2014 030

I even got to set up and sew a bit!

Guild members are so gracious to loan me a machine for my visits, and I am so grateful.  After the mishap with my featherweight 2 years ago I am just not into flying with a machine anymore.  Too many things can happen…but I set up and spent a couple of hours piecing away last night to some NCIS LA and getting settled into my new surroundings.

Oh, and guess what I forgot yesterday? 

OR_June2014 222
Quiltville of the Day!

This is Bowdacious from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!  All the blocks in this quilt were made from units seen at the end of the line of chain piecing while working on other projects. I love having two quilts going at the same time and watching the second one grow on the side! Signed copies of Adventures with Leaders and Enders available HERE.

I’m up early enough to go get a quick walk in before hopping in the shower, grabbing some breakfast and heading out for today’s Cathedral Stars Workshop ---

Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. Thought about you last evening Bonnie. Went to see Dolly Parton in concert and the showed some fabulous pictures behind her on stage. They reminded me such a lot of some of the photographs you have shown from some of your travels and also from around Quiltvilla. Hope you enjoy your time in Portland.

  2. Yay Mt. Hood!! I actually climbed to the top of that big beauty back when I was in college. Took a climbing class and made it to the top along with just a hand full of the large class. I was the only woman in the class that made it all the way and about half of the class were women. One of those special life-long memories. ;-) Nice to see it again!

  3. Pretty hexies!! I need to drag out my hexie quilt too...it is in the too big to carry around stage. Such a gorgeous mountain...love it!

  4. Welcome to Portland! My friend is taking your class at the NW Quilt Guild. I'm looking forward to a recap of the class at our next small quilt group meeting.

  5. Good morning, Bonnie,
    Just having my first cup of coffee and waking up
    What better way than to read your morning post

  6. I lugged around a suitcase with 4 finished quilts (all smaller than you undoubtedly had) and lots of tops and it was freaking heavy. Don't know how you do it with ALL that heavy stuff. Glad you had such a great retreat.

  7. I'm so excited for my Friends, Judy D and Sonja W to have a class with you this morning. They were jealous of me meeting you last year. It would have been fun to come again--- I'm not whining, really. Take lots of Pictures!

  8. I'm amazed at how much luggage you have to tote around. How do you get such heavy bags on and off the carousel? Your airlines must be much more generous with luggage allowance than we are used to. Nice to see you settled into yet another hotel room, sewing away to the TV programme. I wonder when you wake up in the morning if you ever wonder just where the heck are you? Enjoy your workshops, no doubt lots of lovely ladies all keen to learn from you.

  9. Anonymous4:32 PM EDT

    I love the new look Bonnie--Web page--new hair style and Thank You for making the archives easier to view. I love your blog!

    Sandy Royal

  10. Wow, STELLAR view of Mt. Hood!! I haven't seen it since I lived in Portland. Actually went up to the lodge. :) (I don't know how to ski... yet?)
    Love the quilt!! Just stunning!!
    I can't imagine adding a sewing machine to your traveling luggage!!
    Thanks always Bonnie,
    Christina in Cleveland

  11. The picture of Mount Hood is great. Is that Rainier in the background?

    1. Most likely Mt. Adams. It's to the southeast of Rainier and closer to Hood.

  12. Dr Seuss said “Don’t cry because it’s over – smile because it happened.”
    Georgeous photos :)

  13. Bonnie, 140#s of luggage is just the size of a small man. You're OK. Quilts are important.


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