Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Emery’s Stars: Free Pattern.

Studio_May2014 086
A certain baby quilt has been sent off to my sister Joy who is due with baby Emery Elizabeth any day now.

I got the message that it has been well received and she is thrilled.  Whew!  That’s another deadline crossed off my list with not much to spare!

I’ve had so many requests for the pattern for this one that I’ve decided to post it here and keep it in the free patterns section for you since it is such a great baby quilt.  It will stay here forever and will work for little boys as well as little girls..just change the colors!

Now, I did start with bonus half square triangles for this quilt…there were a gazillion purple ones left from the border of my Lazy Sunday quilt from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders:


Yes, from THESE purple borders!

And there were over 300 bonus triangles of the SAME SIZE left from my Sister’s Choice redo, and they were ALL the same size as each other – because I purposely make them so they are a uniform usable size.  Click HERE to see my method of making bonus triangles that are automatically the right size!  I do this with any sew and flip method that starts with a 2-1/2” square that is being sewn on the diagonal. 

Cabin_March2014 104

Purples and Pinks and Neutrals, Oh My!

And I also keep neutral 2” scrap squares on hand..because this is a size I use so often.  I like this scale of block.  The stars in this quilt finish at 6”.

For this quilt you will need 100 pink/neutral triangles and 200 purple/neutral triangles that measure 2” unfinished and finish at 1-1/2” in the quilt.  However you get them!  You can sew big and sliver trim down.  And if this is your preferred method, click HERE for my Triangle Trim Up tutorial on how to sliver trim half square triangles down with ONE CUT instead of two or four!  

Oh, and you'll also need 100 2" neutral squares for block corners.

You can use thangles, triangles on a roll, trangulations if you like to sew through paper and remove the paper before sewing your block together.  

Just remember that your stitch length needs to be very small to remove that paper – a stitch length of 1.5 on a digital machine, for instance.  

And another hint..that drawn seam line on the paper?  It’s NOT the seam line.  That’s the pressing line.  If you want your units to come out the right size, stitch right next to the line into the seam allowance.  You’ll get a better measurement.  

If you sew ON the line, your folding will have to come from inside of your triangle making the unit just a hair too small.  Trust me.
If you are a machine piecer or a hand piecer who likes to have their lines printed on their fabric shapes – click the image and link above!  

You can print your cutting and sewing lines directly onto your fabric with a simple ink jet printer – no paper removal required!  ((Tell Linda and Monkey that Bonnie sent you!))

Or, if you don’t have bonus triangles on hand, and you DO have 2” strips like me…..cut your fabric into already matched triangle pairs using the  Easy Angle ruler.

MyQuilts2014 034-001

Cutting 2” unfinished triangle pairs with 2” strips and the 2” line on the ruler!

If you’ve never used the Easy Angle before, check my video tab at the top of the blog for how to use it.  Once you learn to use it correctly, it will become your favorite tool!

A couple things I've learned….Just like when piecing through  paper as in thangles – see that drawn 1/4” line on the diagonal side of the ruler?  That’s the 1/4” FOLD line, NOT the STITCHING LINE!  You want to sew just NEXT to that line, a bit scant of it, into the seam allowance side.

MyQuilts2014 036-001

Just a bit shy!

See how my stitching is just to the RIGHT of that upper corner?  If I sewed directy in that corner, my seam would be too wide, and my triangle would open up and be too small.  That corner is where the fold should happen, just off of my thread.
MyQuilts2014 040-001

Just had to remove one dog ear!


So you can make your triangles with any method that you choose, just as long as you have 100 pink/neutral, and 200 purple/neutral  half square triangle units and they all measure 2” unfinished so they finish at 1-1/2” in the block.  Got it?

blockquarter1  blockquarter1arrows

Make 100 Block Quarters!

I know we all want to see stars, and you will – but first, the easiest way to construct this block is by making 4 block quarters in 4-patch format just like this.  WHY?  So that you can spin the seams on the back of each block quarter so that they are all going ONE direction.  This way they will all nest each other when you rotate the block quarters into the block layout and stitch them together. 

You’ll be sewing 4 patch block quarters into one bigger 4 patch star.

Stitch the block quarter into rows, and join the rows to complete each block quarter.  Pressing hint –Press the top purple triangle toward the corner neutral square.  The pink triangle in the second row will be pressed toward the neutral/purple triangle unit. 

When you join the halves, you will be able to spin the seams as shown in the second image.  Click HERE to find out more about spinning seams.


Rotate 4 units to form the spinning star!

Make 25!  Stars will measure 6-1/2" and finish at 6" in the quilt.

You may find yourself spinning THESE seams too!  You can if you want, but it isn't crucial, these blocks are framed by sashing so we are done needing seams to nest.



5 rows of 5 blocks plus sashing and cornerstones!

I love sashings and cornerstones.  I love how they frame the blocks and give your eye a bit of a place to rest, and…seams don’t have to be matched to anything but the cornerstones!

Counting is always a bit of a headache – so if you want to know where to go to calculate sashings and cornerstones by number of blocks in the quilt..click HERE for my Straight Set Sashing Chart.  And for future reference, you can also find it in the Tips & Techniques tab at the top of the blog.  There is a chart for on-point sashings and cornerstones too.  HANDY!

From periwinkle print cut 60 sashings 2-1/2” X 6-1/2”.
From assorted pinks cut 36 2-1/2” cornerstone squares.

Lay out the blocks in 5 rows of 5 blocks each, placing cornerstones and sashings between the rows as shown.

Assemble the quilt into rows, and join the rows to complete the quilt center, pressing block seams toward sashings.

Inner border:

From neutral/pink stripe, cut 5 1-1/2” strips across the width of the fabric from selvage to selvage.  Join the strips end to end on the straight of grain to make a strip approximately 200” long.  Press the seams open.

Lay the quilt center out on the floor, smoothing it gently. Do not tug or pull. Measure the quilt through the center from top to bottom. Cut two inner borders this length. Sew the inner side borders to the quilt sides with right sides together, pinning to match centers and ends. Ease where necessary to fit. Press seams toward the borders.

Repeat for top and bottom inner borders, measuring across the quilt center, including the borders just added in the measurement. Cut top and bottom borders this length. Stitch the top and bottom borders to the quilt center, pinning to match centers and ends, easing where necessary to fit. Press seams toward borders.

Outer Border:

From Fuscia/Purple print  cut 6 4” strips across the width of the fabric from selvage to selvage. Join the border strips end to end on the straight of grain to make a border length approximately 240” long. Press seams open.

Lay the quilt center out on the floor, smoothing it gently. Do not tug or pull. Measure the quilt through the center from top to bottom. Cut 2 outer side borders this length. Sew the outer side borders to the quilt sides with right sides together, pinning to match centers and ends. Ease where necessary to fit. Press seams toward the outer borders.

Repeat for top and bottom borders, measuring across the quilt center, including the borders just added in the measurement. Cut top and bottom borders this length. Stitch the top and bottom borders to the quilt center, pinning to match centers and ends, easing where necessary to fit. Press seams toward outer borders.  Need more border info?  Click HERE for my Border Helps!
Studio_May2014 085
Emery’s Star, approximately 51” X 51”.
Quilt and bind as desired!
Check out my Binding Tutorial for more hints and helps!
Studio_May2014 087sm
I quilted Emery’s Stars with lilac thread in an edge to edge design called Lavish by Hermione Agee of Lorien Quilting, Australia.
My nieces and nephew with their quilts from Auntie Bonnie!
Clockwise from my nephew Mike with his hands on his baby quilt in the bottom right…Kellie is holding the sonogram of Baby Emery with her knees on her quilt, above her in the green shirt is Taylor on her Scrappy Trips quilt, and next to her is Addie on her sampler quilt –Each child is kneeling on their own baby quilt.  A lifetime of love – they are growing up so fast, and the quilts remind me of when they were so tiny!

Kellie seems to be saying "Hurry up and get here, Emery, we are excited for you to join our family!"

The photo came with this message:
Guess what I found on my doorstep when I got home!!! A cute package from my sis!!! It's beautiful! The girls were so excited they brought down all their quilts to compare & play. ;o) I'll have to take a pic of them & send it to you! Thank you so much! We have had a blast searching for favorite fabrics... kitties, puppies, bees, chicken wire... :oD So fun! I also love that you signed it in your own writing! The girls started comparing labels & reading poems... So sweet.
 It makes it all worth it, doesn't it?

I’ll work at getting a printer friendly version for this at a later date.  I’m packing for leaving for Oregon, and am trying to write this ahead and my time is running short!
Happy Quilting, everyone!

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  1. What a sweet aunt you are! Great quilts and cute, cute kiddos. LOVE the stuffed owls, too. Have a safe and fun trip to Oregon.

  2. Love this quilt! Thank you for taking the time to write out the excellent instructions! While I may not get around to making one anytime soon, it is nice to know the pattern is there and waiting for me! Working on CrystalStar and the split 9-patches tops-got to clear out the stuff from the treadle machine before starting any new projects!

  3. I'm jumping on the bandwagon to thank you too Bonnie. I have a blog (that I sometimes neglect) and know how much time it takes to do posts and photos, not to mention full on instructions. Thank you for all you do for us and the love of quilting. Safe travels.

  4. Wow. What an effort. Writing this post, all these instructions. How wonderful are you. Doing quilt cam, which I saw live for once, not much sleep, then off to the airport. Travel safe and thanks for all you give us
    From Australia

  5. What lucky kids to have you for an aunt. Thanks for another great pattern!

  6. the pictures really make making the quilt worthwhile doesn't it!

  7. Beautiful! But how the heck did you have time to write and post this? I was watching on QuiltCam last night and you had such a busy day with packing and getting back late from the cabin.

    I have been doing a blok a day challenge from 52 Quilts (way behind on that one) and using the 'bonus' triangles technique. My color theme is white and brights so they would be well suited for this quilt. Will have to keep it in mind.

    Safe trip to Oregon!

  8. I like to see close ups of your scrappy blocks. Once in a while, I find something you have used that I have in one of my scrappy quilts.

  9. Beautiful job on another baby quilt, Bonnie. Thanks for the pattern. It is nice of you to take time from a crazy, busy schedule to do that for us.
    I like this quilt almost as much as Storytime Stars--and that is saying a LOT! : )

  10. That's so sweet that the kids brought out their baby quilts. Julia and I drove past a house yesterday with one of our quilts draped on the deck railing. We were so happy to see it being used and loved!

  11. What a sweet family! Thank you for sharing the pattern and tips. Love them!

  12. Oh Bonnie - even now that I have been a true - red- blooded Hunter-ite for several years LOL, you never cease to amaze me with your wonderful patterns and use of scraps. THANKS BUNCHES

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  13. You are a LOVELY aunt Bonnie. Th picture with your nieces and nephews with their quilts is precious.

  14. Bonnie I just love this quilt. I'm not usually a pink and purple fan but your use of color and neutrals here is most appealing. I have learned from your example that neutrals can really make the quilt. I was not too adventurous with my neutrals in Celtic Solstice but I am stockpiling more fun neutrals for my next project. Thanks for Emery's pattern, and the picture with her sonogram is too funny!
    Safe travels!

  15. Thank you so much for the pattern. I finally purchased the EZ angle ruler last week. What a great tool to square up those HST. My new favorite ruler. Thanks for all your tips.

  16. Thank you for sharing the pattern, I've loved seeing it progress from scraps to a gorgeous quilt.

    What a beautiful family; love how they all have their quilts at hand and posed with them, right down to baby Emery via sonogram. And the note from your sister - clearly she and the kids "get it!"

  17. Best! Post! Ever! I especially love the sonogram pic! What a special blessing nieces and nephews are!!!

  18. I adore the kids with their quilts! Next you will be making graduation quilts & then wedding quilts, as fast as they grow! :)

  19. Anonymous11:19 PM EDT

    After admiring the gorgeous baby quilt, what jumped out at me are the perfect stitches done on your vintage machine.
    Why are we spending thousands (that includes myself) on a modern fancy sewing machine when you can get the best stitches on an older machine.
    Good one Bonnie!

  20. Thanks for the directions to Emery's Stars, and best wishes to Mom and family for a healthy baby!

  21. This has got to be one of my favorites of your patterns. It is just such a happy quilt. I can see the love you sewed into it from here! Definitely going on my "make it" list! Thank you so much for sharing. I have bought all of your books and enjoy seeing what you're up to every day.

  22. olga.Castillo24@yahoo.com11:29 AM EDT

    Just love the quilt and blocks. Hope I win the magazine and thanks for your free patterns.

  23. Thanks for sharing this pattern also, Bonnie!! I'm currently assembling my 2nd Wonky Wishes quilt top that you and quilt cam inspired me to make and would love to make this one next.

  24. Thank you for sharing this pattern (and all the previous ones). I've been able to complete 144 of the purple/neutral HST and 59 of the pink/neutral HST, and run out of scraps. I'm going to cut some more pieces from my FQs.

    I have a doubt about the sashing. Both in the description text and the EQ (or computer drawn) pattern, you mention the strips should be 2 1/2" wide. But in the pictures of the quilt you actually made, they seem to be the same width as the HST and other parts of the stars, that is, 2" unfinished or 1 1/2" finished. The cornerstones appear to me to be the same size as the neutral squares in the corners of the stars. Is this an optical illusion?

  25. Everyone should be so lucky as to have an Aunt Bonnie! Thank you for the pattern and sharing your talents with us.


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