Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Showing & Sharing in Durham!

Durham_NC2014 211
My home state of North Carolina sports some amazing quilters!

Over the two days I spent in Durham I was treated to a veritable scrappy quilt parade of color.  What a delicious array of wonderfulness!

The quilt shown here is Lazy Sunday from my new book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders, and was featured in Quiltmaker Magazine in 2013 as a 4 part mystery.

And you guessed it, on my quilt, all the bonus triangles from the outer purple border were used in my sister’s baby quilt, Emery’s Stars---I love my bonus triangles!

She did such a great job, I could swear this quilt looks like mine, only bigger!

Durham_NC2014 227

Black and Red Braids!

I also love how this photo is framed by twin pink shirts!  There are a lot of free patterns in the free patterns tab that I would consider “sleepers”.  They just don’t get a lot of notice, or they are kind of buried under other labels.  If you click the Pioneer Braid Border link under the free patterns tab, you will find other uses for braids than just borders!  

And that is how this quilt was made..instead of using the braids as a border, it’s used as the center of the quilt as shown on the baby quilt I made on the Pioneer Braid Border pattern page.  Notice this braid does NOT have cornerstones…isn't it a great masculine quilt?  Thanks for sharing it, ladies!

Durham_NC2014 228

Bricks & Stepping Stones from the Free Patterns tab!

Durham_NC2014 229

Pineapple Blossom from the Free Patterns tab!

Durham_NC2014 230

Virginia Bound from Scraps & Shirttails shown in all Halloween prints!

Durham_NC2014 231

Durham_NC2014 296

A narrower Easy Street in rosy tones!

Durham_NC2014 232

Strip Twist from the Free Patterns Tab!

Durham_NC2014 233

Happy Scrappy Houses from the Free Patterns tab!

Durham_NC2014 235

Celtic Solstice in my colors!

Durham_NC2014 295

Celtic Solstice in autumn tones…gorgeous!

Durham_NC2014 236

What a great arrangement for Scrappy Trips from the Free Patterns tab!

Durham_NC2014 237

Sister’s Choice from the Free Patterns tab!

Durham_NC2014 297

Cathedral Stars from the Free Patterns tab!

Durham_NC2014 234

And last but not least, Ann’s hexies in progress!

Great work, ladies!  You make it all look so fun – and it is!

I’m home for the next two days ---and I’m treating these days like a “weekend home”.  I hope there will be much sewing time.  I’m also thinking that Quilt-Cam can happen TOMORROW evening at 9pm Eastern.  Stay tuned for updates on that ---I’m leaving for Virginia and Pennsylvania on Thursday.

Have a super Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. you have given us so many ideas, patterns and inspiration.

  2. Golly, do you ever have any time off? Don't know how you do it.

  3. The show and tell is my favorite part....except when I am in class with you then I love all your tricks and tips you share :0)
    Save travels, I'll be passing you as I drive to Conn. from NC :0)

    happy Sewing

  4. All these quilts are wonderful! Looking forward to QuiltCam tomorrow and seeing you this weekend. So excited :-)

  5. Thank you, again, for sharing these gorgeous quilts AND for all the free patterns! I must say I worry about you a bit! I hope you get sufficient rest between your travels! Don't burn your candle at both ends!!! God speed and safe travels!

  6. Bet you they challenge each other to make BONNIE QUILTS!!!!!! You have some diehard fans there!!!!

    Beautiful show and tell
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  7. Anonymous1:37 PM EDT

    I love your Show and Share blogs! It is fun and inspirational to see your quilt patterns in other colors choices. Thank you! (Ugh, I can't log into gmail right now... so this is Lisa in AK)

  8. What a great quilt showing! I really enjoyed seeing the Virginia Bound in Halloween prints. Your ideas seem boundless; I can't wait to see what other quilts you have working in your head right now! Thank you for sharing with all of us!

  9. Anonymous3:52 PM EDT

    Recently made a braided border for my nieces graduation quilt. lots of people said it was their favorite part. love what the ladies did in the show in tell. looks like they made half of the braids with the black on the right and half with the black on the left.In my border i used light,dark,medium- all men's shirts!

  10. How lovely these are ! All of these ladies are prolific quilters must be in the water over there... LOL Enjoy your time at home. See you on webcam tomorrow.

  11. OK I've been combing through your patterns so much I am starting to recognize them in your show and share before I read what they are! LOL. Still Wonky Wishing away on my stars. ! The stars are actually done, have one more row to sew the four together...I decided it needed to be just a bit longer. I think it'll be the same as yours in size. It's been so fun working on it. Can't wait to try another pattern.
    :) Hope you have time for Quilt Cam but if not sleep good and safe travels!

  12. In the last photo, I love the look on Anne's face as she shows her hexie quilt. She looks so happy, you just have to smile!

  13. Love your showing and sharing. Have a relaxing couple of days off! Lorna in MN

  14. How wonderful to have a parade of 'Bonnie inspired' quilts for a show and share for you. I have made many of them myself and never cease to be amazed at your prolific creativity. I go through your website for ideas before every quilt. Thanks so much for being you.


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