Sunday, June 08, 2014

Smoke From a Distant Fire --

OR_June2014 207
Early yesterday afternoon we began to smell smoke coming in through an open window in the dining area where our machines are set up –just a hint of it—not much, but enough to make use wonder “What is burning?”

Over time and little by little the smoke became more prominent and we went outside to see what direction it was coming from.

This was the first sight that greeted us-- hazy blue in the distance, with a large cloud-like pillar rising above.

And the smell was definitely stronger now.

We brought the dog in and did some looking online at the local news channel KTVZ 21 website for more info:


From KTVZ.com

We got in the car to run a couple of errands, and things got smokier still:

OR_June2014 208

From a distance over a golf course.

We stopped for dinner, came back to the house and took Max for a walk as twilight fell, and things got REALLY eerie:

OR_June2014 212

Thick and orange as the sun went down.

OR_June2014 215

This is so sad!

Last night on our way out to the hot tub, we noticed that the moon was ORANGE with all the haze in the air.  Very very creepy.  This morning, the smoke situation seems to be better.  The news said that fire fighters planned to be working all night to get this contained and out.  It’s too early for me to know what the status is yet – but the sky is cloudy and smoky in the distance north of us, even though we have blue sky here

Fire is such a scary thing, and this fire happened two days before the official start of fire season in central Oregon.

OR_June2014 211

Smoky the bear says “Don’t Start Forest Fires!!”

OR_June2014 220

Our table mess on our last day!

OR_June2014 221

Pile of Leader & Ender lozenges still growing on the side --

I’m still concentrating on making the ones with black corners – they’ll combine with the ones with white corners that I have waiting at home. You can see ONE white cornered one snuck into my suitcase!

This evening I’m flying to Portland to spend a few days with the Northwest Quilters of Portland, Oregon!  We've got three fun workshops in the mix, Crumbs, Crumbs, Crumbs, Smith Mountain Morning and Cathedral Stars. 

I hope I’ll be seeing you there!

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  1. I live in fear of fire everyday. Next to very dry hills. We have a pack-up and flee plan.

  2. love the new cover photo...beautiful quilt!

  3. So sad to see another forest fire. I remember my first trip to Sisters, Or and seeing the remnants of the big forest fire. How incredibly devastating.

    Sounds like your time with Randi has been very productive. I'm curious. Wondering if it's the November mystery quilt you are working on.....we'll know eventually. :)

  4. Kathy Marlow3:54 PM EDT

    Last year when we were at a ski resort in South Lake Tahoe, we saw a fire begin just across the road from us...probably 1/2 miles distance. Luckily, the fire rangers or whomever does the work, was on it immediately and well within an hour or so, it was out. They are scarey to see.

  5. Hey there is a lot of fabric in Smokey's shirt :)

    See you Wednesday for LoveShack
    Sharyn in Kalama

  6. Have a great trip and hope the workshops go well! Lorna

  7. Was that a 100% cotton shirt that Smokey was wearing?

  8. Loving the Lozenges! Mine are coming along too, cannot wait to see them become quilts! :)

  9. Would love to be part of those workshops but no idea how to sign up. Hope you are enjoying your time in our wonderful state.


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