Saturday, May 31, 2014

Family on the Mountain

Cabin_May2014 052
This is a photo of last night’s sunset as our day drew to a close and night took off.

It had rained earlier in the day and the air was fresh, clean and crisp –and oh, it is sooo good to be home!

Our plans for the weekend are simple.  Spend time together.

Of course, I brought a couple of projects to work on, but I think machine time is going to be hard to come by because Jason brought his girl friend Jenny up to meet us!

Cabin_May2014 051

Jason and Jenny

I have really enjoyed meeting her and look forward to a couple more days of fun on the mountain. 

There will be more four-wheeler riding, a drive out to the blue ridge parkway in search of water falls, maybe head over to Grandfather Mountain, and we will finish it off with dinner in Boone tonight.

See what I mean about “doubtful sewing time” today?  That’s okay.  I still may get in an hour or so if I hurry and send this, the kids are still sleeping.

Cabin_May2014 048

Home style dinner!

Salad, steaks from the grill, baked potatoes, fresh corn --- yummy in our tummies!  I don’t know what it is, but I love to cook and eat up here.  Not so much when I’m home, but up here…it’s about the  food!

Cabin_May2014 049

Thanks for coming up and spending the weekend with us old folks, you two!

Cabin_May2014 050

Sadie is happy Jason is here too!

Cabin_May2014 054

View this morning!  Where is my Blue Ridge??

It rained more during the night --- my mountain now sits covered in fog.  Eerily peaceful, I love mornings like this!

And while the kids are still sleeping, I’m headed to the sewing nook in the basement!

Oh yeah – still have a giveaway going on and you still have a chance to register by leaving me a comment on THAT POST OVER THERE!  Drawing is Tomorrow night.

Love from Buck Mountain --

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  1. Never cut your family time it's too precious. Sewing will always be there for later

  2. Love the pics of the scenery around Quiltvilla. Maybe you will fit in some sewing sometime this weekend.

  3. Anonymous9:23 AM EDT

    Enjoy your weekend. Sewing will be better after a mental rest time. Love the pics!
    DonnaM 317@yahoo.com
    Donna Koenig in Florida

  4. Anonymous9:28 AM EDT

    Very handsome couple! Enjoy the weekend-family time is precious! Janet - LI,NY

  5. You can add my name to the drawing! Your mountain looks beautiful. Makes me want to be on our mountain, Baker Ridge in Maine!

  6. I'll bet the people in the house with the green roof would be amazed at how many people view their home on a regular basis! Little do they know...lol

  7. I have a 'funny feeling" lolol...JASON IS IN LOVE!!! You see that smile?!
    YOU might just be a mother in law. Can't wait to see the quilt you probably will be making for the lucky couple!!!

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  8. Love your posts. Would love to win

  9. Enjoy your weekend with family! Jason and his girlfriend look very happy.

  10. What a grand weekend! I love mountain rain! We just had corn on the cob last night too...what is it about the first corn of the season...so delish! Enjoy your family weekend! And gotta say...love your hubbys shirt!! Go BSU!!!!

  11. Thought we were going to have a cloudy day here just down the road from the villa. But now it is a beautiful sunny day. Enjoy your visit.

  12. Enjoy your time at Quiltvilla with family, you do so much for the rest of us. Would love to win.

  13. It is that clean mountain air that somehow makes you hungry. Enjoy your weekend with family

  14. It is that clean mountain air that somehow makes you hungry. Enjoy your weekend with family

  15. I look forward every night to reading your posts. It's a wonderful way to wind down my day. Maybe someday I'll win one of yur contests. Thanks for all you share.

  16. Anonymous9:45 PM EDT

    Is it me or does his girlfriend look alot like Bonnie????

  17. Anonymous10:00 PM EDT

    Love the Boise State shirt! Go Broncos! Glad your weekend was love filled!

  18. Jason and Jenny are a super cute couple! Okay, please explain to me the appeal of those earrings that create a huge hole in the earlobe, please....
    Wish I had a cool mountain getaway... you are so blessed!

  19. Your posts from quiltville mountain afe my favorite, you always seem so happy and relaxed when you get to spend fmily time there. Enjoy what is left of your weeend. We actually are having a beautiful weekend here in Michigan also but no mountains.

  20. Anonymous11:10 PM EDT

    The kids are so cute, Jenny looks charming.... If things continue , will you introduce her to your "girls" in the basement?? Carolyn Barnett csbbobbin@yahoo.com

  21. Just spent the afternoon with my kids , First grandchild is graduating from high school, so we had a party. would love to be in the drawing. I live on a small hill in NW Oregon, southwest of Portland. vandej@msn.com

  22. MarilynSholtis7:44 AM EDT

    Bonnie, would love to win the magazine. Love what you do! Marilyn in SC

  23. What special time with your family and a 'special' guest. We've had rain here also and I like it SO much better than snow! A good time for sewing and staying inside. liketwostep@yahoo.com Linda Roetman in Minnesota

  24. Love reading your blog - read it every day and it inspires me.

  25. Yakima Sue2:55 PM EDT

    Thanks for all you do to help us become better quilters and show us how to have fun doing it.


  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Anonymous12:31 AM EDT

    go Broncos!!! BOISE! STATE!!

  28. Anonymous12:32 AM EDT

    go Broncos!!! BOISE! STATE!!


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