Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pfeffernusse All Day Long!

BloomfieldHills_MI2014 046
Oh I love this class!  And this group of ladies!

We met at the HUNTER Community center ((How fun is that?!)) for yesterday’s workshop --- once an elementary school, now it is an awesome facility for every kind of community event under the sun –and our room was large and bright with lots of windows and natural light as well as great overhead lighting.

Does being in an old elementary school take YOU back?  It does me ----as if the halls are full of all the memories and sounds of students gone by ---all those little feet that have come in through that door, and then gone out again into the world.

BloomfieldHills_MI2014 073
Ironing board photos have become a favorite photo op for me!
BloomfieldHills_MI2014 075
Busy hands were busy all  day long ---
BloomfieldHills_MI2014 050
And this was our project!
Pfeffernusse is found in my book String Fling.  Signed copies can be ordered from my website HERE. 
Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Pfeffernusse, Bloomfield Hills MI 2014

BloomfieldHills_MI2014 100
Thanks for inviting me to come play, Great Lakes Heritage Quilters!
BloomfieldHills_MI2014 101
You are a ton of fun!
Last evening after dinner I threw on my running shoes and headed back down to that great park I discovered on Wednesday evening – it had only been two days – but check out how things are finally leafing out in Michigan:
BloomfieldHills_MI2014 097
Turning Green! So PRETTY!
BloomfieldHills_MI2014 098
These trees too finally let go with their blossoms now that warm weather has finally arrived!
BloomfieldHills_MI2014 099
Welcome to Michigan, Spring!
Today’s class is Hawk’s Nest from my book Scraps & Shirttails II.  It’s going to be fun seeing all of the fabrics that gals bring ---the challenge was to also gather up all the bous triangles that have been lying around so that we can finally put them in an actual quilt instead of just keeping them in baggies.  Let’s see what they bring forth!
Have a great Saturday everyone ---though this is going to be a fun filled high energy day, this girl is really longing for home – TOMORROW.  On Mother’s Day ---

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  1. The title of your class Pfeffermusse intrigued me so I googled the word. Various variations : German/ Dutch as I suspected and really Christmas biscuits. Now even more intrigued! As they are a spicy biscuit perhaps the idea is to produce a spicy quilt? However, my copy of String Fling is due to arrive from Amazon later this week so perhaps I shall find out the reason for the Title? I ordered the book because I loved the Tulip blocks you were teaching in another of your classes a few days ago. Now there are two quilts in that book I am interested in. Wonder what the others are?

  2. Oh, there are many quilts in the book that are just waiting to be made!

  3. What a great design this is, Bonnie! You are tempting me...

  4. Anonymous11:00 AM EDT

    Hi Bonnie,
    It's good to know that there's someone out there that thinks like I do. I often look at old houses and one room schools particularly the ones that have been abandoned and wonder about the people who lived there and the children who grew up there. I wonder too why it was abandoned and where the families are now and what took them all away from this place they once called home. I think we are both crazy, but I do enjoy your blog.

  5. Happy folks...and the weather looks a lot better than when you were on the island! BRRRRRRRRR...

    Spring is so gorgeous!!! Enjoy your time with your 'fans'...we love you!

    Smiles, JuleinTN

  6. I think back often to the first grade and those precious wrought iron desks! Years ago an artist's work was in Country Living Magazine that showed a one room schoolhouse and an old man walking in the abandoned school's playground. It showed all the "ghosts" of the children at play. I've kept that picture all these years because it just "speaks" to me.

  7. My mother-in-law used to make Pfeffermusse every year at Christmas. She died in 2005, at 95! Now my husband makes them for his siblings and nieces. It costs us more to mail them than to make them, but the whole family appreciates him carrying on the tradition. I may have to make this quilt just for him.


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