Saturday, May 17, 2014

iPhone-o-Gram! Off to Boone!

We are on our way to Boone-

There are many things to replace that were lost in the mysterious electrical storm –

We are okay with that – it could've been so much worse!

The phone company will be out at 1 PM to check why we have no phone line whatsoever –

In the meantime, there are quilts to bind – and nine patches to make!

This was the beautiful view off of the front deck at the cabin at about 730 this morning.

Life is good in the Blue Ridge! :-)


  1. I like your attitude and I hope you can get everything you need today. It could've been so much worse. Enjoy your sewing time.

  2. Beautiful view. God must be a Tarheel because He made the sky Carolina Blue.

  3. Good thing you can treacle on ....

  4. Blasted auto-correct. You know what I meant!

  5. The good thing about a treadle: Power surges only come from one place - YOUR legs!!!! Hope it is all resolved, the insurance company helps, and you know now to unplug all but the fridge before you leave the cabin every time in the future. (Disconnect the cable line too....) Agree about the lightening rods and surge protectors for the whole house - they won't save you from a strike.

  6. OOOOOO something with red and white..... yummy!

  7. Glad you didn't lose anything valuable like a sewing machine haha. Life goes on so you might as well too. Sew Sew Sew!!!

  8. Bonnie I need help and know your the person who has the info I need. question is what to use to clean my treadel machine have the cabnet look n nice. Thanks

  9. sounds like a lightning hit to me. Our neighbor's house took a hit some years ago, blew the knobs right off the tv and radio. Traveled to our house and the neighbor on the other side and took out our electronics too.
    I doubt any kind of surge protector would help with that kind of force.

    Sharyn in Kalama

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  11. Two years ago we went on vacation to see family in Kansas, right after arriving we got the message that our house had been hit by lightning and caught fire. We had to make the 8 hour trip home to Kentucky ASAP. Six months later, after much construction, we were able to move back into our home. Believe me, you are so lucky to have only lost replaceable items.
    God Bless and take care!



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