Sunday, May 11, 2014

Quilts for the South–Calling All Quilters!

Hey everyone!

I returned home from Michigan and began to tackle the emails that have piled up over the past 11 days that I have been gone.

This one caught my eye and I scrolled past many others to go right to it.  It’s from Janice Grimes, the coordinator for Quilts of Compassion, whom we’ve worked with before.

She writes:
Hi Bonnie –I would be so grateful for your kind consideration to get the word out about our Quilts for the South Quilt Drive to benefit the Quilts of Compassion Disaster Response Team.
We are planning 2 deployments, within 4 weeks of each other, to 9 cities in 6 states to comfort over 1500 people that have been impacted by the tornadoes from April 27-30. We had an incredible response from quilters’ from the USA and Canada for our Quilts for Oklahoma last year in partnership with Ellen Medlock with over 1800 quilts donated & distributed AND our Quilts for the Midwest quilt drive in November-2014 with over 1200 quilts donated and delivered throughout November, December and February. 
We personally distribute all of the quilts to those that have been impacted by tragedy. Many have lost their homes, many have lost their place of employment, many have been injured and many have lost loved ones and friends.
I have incredible gratitude to the “Quilting Community” for their support, generosity and incredible love for those that we serve. We are tirelessly working to comfort those that are hurting and we humbly ask for the help of our incredible “Quilting Community” once again.
We have finalized plans for the deployments of our Disaster Response Team & QUILTERS, We NEED your help!!!
Our first team will deploy 5/26 - 6/2 to:
~Baxter Springs, KS
~Quapaw, OK
~Vilonia, AR
~Mayflower, AR
And we will stop in Joplin, MO & Moore, OK as part of our continuing support for these communities.
Our second team will deploy 6/22 - 6/27 to:
~Tupelo, MS
~Louiville, MS
~Fayettville, TN
with possible additions of towns in surrounding areas.

We need the help of our incredibly generous quilting community to help us "Bring Hope & Encouragement to the Hurting" in these communities. We estimate a minimum of 1500 quilts will be needed for 2 deployments.
Please let your friends, quilt guilds and quilt shops in your areas know about our need and the mission of our organization. We are accepting quilts of all sizes for men, women, children and infants.
They may be quilted or tied. If you enjoy crocheting, we can certainly use afghans of all sizes too.
We are hoping to receive 1500+ quilts in the next 3-6 weeks!!!
We know that we have an incredibly loving community of volunteers and quilters from around the country!!!

To date, our Disaster Response Team has delivered over 10,000 comfort quilts and counting to the following communities:
*Joplin - 2011,2012,2013 - 7 deployments and continuing support.
*Henryville, IN - 2012
*Harrisburg, IL - 2012
*Boston, MA - 2013
*Moore, OK & surrounding communities - 2013 - 2 deployments and continuing support.
*Oregon, OH - 2013
*Perrysburg, OH - 2013
*Jerry City, OH - 2013
*Cloverdale, OH - 2013
*Washington, IL - 2013
*Peoria, IL - 2013
*Kokomo, IN – 2014

If sending quilts USPS, please send to...
Quilts of Compassion
Disaster Response Team
PO Box 350296
Toledo, OH 43635

If sending quilts Fed Ex or UPS, please send to...
Quilts of Compassion
Disaster Response Team
8248 Deerpointe Drive
Toledo, OH 43617

If you have any questions, please call Janice Grimes at 419-708-9343 or send an email to quiltsofcompassion@gmail.com.  Visit the Quilts of Compassion Facebook Page HERE.
You know there are many many free patterns at the top of the blog that would great for quilts such as this.  Maybe you have some UFOS or works-in-progress that would fit the bill.  Whatever it is, let’s help get the word out and do what we can to help!
Thanks, everyone!

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  1. Anonymous7:28 PM EDT

    Thanks for posting Bonnie. I have a bonus quilt I just finished and I would consider it a privilege to give it to someone in need. So happy to be able to help.

  2. Anonymous7:29 PM EDT

    Perfect timing! I have 2 small quilts that need a child!

  3. I am a longarmer who is a Tupelo girl (living in eastern NC). I will donate quilting, batting & thread plus binding for up to 10 quilts for the Tupelo deployment. Just email me at islandtimequilting@gmail.com for information to ship.

  4. I have a UFO that willl be perfect! I've found my project for the quilt retreat!

  5. Prayers for Rensiliar and Wolcott Indiana as they are hit by tornados this Mother's Day evening!
    Lori, will get some tops and backings ready to send to you. Thank you so much!

    1. Great! I started a double pinwheel in blue/gold (Tupelo colors) myself.

  6. Sending a few quilts

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  7. The tornadoes that hit Vilonia and Mayflower AR impacted my DD1 extended family. Three families lost their homes on that Sunday evening. On Tuesday morning (following the tornado on Sunday) DD1's sister-in-law and brother-in-law were going to Vilonia to see his Mom, Sister and Brother and their families. I felt the Lord put it on my heart to help.There were 4 children involved an 11 or 13 yr old girl, an 8 and 9 girl and a 4 yr old boy. I had 4 quilt tops, batting and backing. I didn't have time to quilt them so I tied and bound 3 of them on Monday. I would not make difference between the children so I included a quilt that needed a home. The next morning they were given to the children and I'm told they were greatly appreciated.


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