Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Crumbing Along…

Studio_May2014 044Once upon a time there was a gifted box of crumb blocks that ended up on my doorstep.

The blocks were small, 3.5” all trimmed to size, stacks and stacks and stacks of them.

I sent a thank you when they were received, and it pains me now that after several years the note is no longer with the box so I hope that the person who gifted them will recognize them and feel happy that I am putting her blocks to use!

Many 1980s and 1990s prints in here..maybe some 2000s, but quite a few in thimbleberries colors and not very many brights.

Most with straight seams, built log cabin fashion from the center out, so not many wonky seams or unexpected angles.

You know what I do when that happens?

THROW IN THE BRIGHTS in the setting!

Studio_May2014 045

First I took the blocks and joined them into groups of 4 giving me 6” finished blocks instead of 3” finished ---

Studio_May2014 041

How about that green?? Whoowhooo!

I often use the Settle Triangle Ruler by Lynn Graves for Omnigrid when cutting setting triangles because I can do them from strips, much like with the companion angle ruler, only these go much bigger.  My blocks measure 6 1/2” unfinished, so the ruler tells me down the center that I need to be cutting these triangles from 5 1/8” strips.

Studio_May2014 046

Triangles and square ready to be sewn!

Studio_May2014 043

My camera does not like to make the green green against my dark carpet, but it is still that same green!

The triangles will end up a big big, and I will trim down so that I have 1/4” seam allowance beyond the corners of my pieced blocks.  I’m planning on a zig zag setting.

Studio_May2014 040

One row laid out and ready to assemble…I really need to vacuum, but I’ll wait until the rows are done to clean up my mess!

I'll work on this quilt from time to time as time allows.  There are many things that need to be sewn "behind the scenes" and not all quilts will be free patterns or even future book quilts, some sewing is just to sew without a pattern having to be written for it.

We are still planning on Quilt-Cam tomorrow evening at 9pm Eastern – be here, bring a project and come sew with me!  I need MORE machine time!

See ya then!

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  1. I like that ruler to cut setting Triangles. I have used it for outside Triangles before. I hope the giver recognizes herself. You must get a lot of squishy mail. So I will have to wait and see what you're stitching on QuiltCAM tomorrow...

  2. Love that bright green for the setting triangles!! How was your appointment with the hair stylist????

  3. Can't wait to see your new hair do.
    Wish there was a like button on blogs so you would know people are reading even if they don't comment. lol Paula in KY

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  5. This crumb quilt will be a stunner with those setting triangles. Great choice to set off the log blocks. Really pops!

  6. Looking forward to Quilt-Cam tomorrow night!

  7. I love it! You are so creative!

  8. Bonnie, your posts are always so timely - I'm always looking for different ways to set the scrap blocks that I keep making - have been using them for leaders and enders even before I knew your term for it! Waiting for Quiltcam! Carol in Arkansas

  9. Cant wait to sew along with your tomarrow.... Hum maybe i'll work on my celtic since i'm still not done!!!

  10. You are so clever, so creative and I appreciate how sharing you are. Now if I just had some of your energy.

  11. Just LOVE the bright green! Can't wait to see more of it, when you have time to get back to it. I love going back to projects that I have been away from, or forgotten about, for a time. It feels like a new project.
    Looking forward to Quilt Cam tomorrow. This may be the first time I'm catching you live!

  12. Lots of cute blocks, looking forward to Quilt Cam and seeing your new hair do.

  13. No quilt cam for me tomorrow! Last kiddo graduates from high school..and I will have the other two home as well! YIPPEEE! I will catch up on Quilt Cam when they all go home. ::sniffle::::

  14. What a nice grouping of blocks to send to you! She will know that she made them, and contact you for sure.

    Blocks settings can make such a difference... I like this one! I need to use more variation in my settings...thanks!!!!

    Tend to watch quilt cam during the day in the video archives. Works best. Trouble I have is I do not have a laptop, so I view on our large family computer!!! People in and out of the room, hard to just do anything and watch too...but hey! I LOVE QUILTCAM!!!!!

  15. What a great idea to put four together into a block and brighten up with the lime green solid! You have given me an idea for my next Crumb quilt as I have a box of 4" ones and I keep adding to them all the time. Hope to watch QuiltCam on catch-up.

  16. Love the string pattern on your carpet! Will catch up with Quilt-cam over the weekend, I'm usually tucked in bed when it's 9pm over there

  17. Love the idea of sewing 4 of the crumb squares together and that green really does set the squares off nicely. Please show us your progress as I would like to possibly make one with my scraps since crumb piecing is my favorite! Thanks for helping us to stretch and find our creativity!

  18. Loving it! You know if you ever need proofing, editing or test sewing I am happy to ease your load! :) And I can keep a secret if need be--these lips are sealed, lol!


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